Politics: Why not Trump?

America’s flag should never be bound.


When I was walking and searching for my next subject to photograph, I looked up and saw this American flag. It was waving through a heavy breeze. It was partially rolled up and it bothered me because our flag which represents a proud nation should always be lose and free. Every part of me wanted someone to “fix” it. Someone who had the authority and ability should notice, climb up there and fix our flag. However, I knew that until someone does, it would only continue to be partially bound.


When I finally opened my eyes and looked around this country I saw a nation that was bound and needed to be “fixed.” Every president that ran for election and won, ran on a promise (their integrity as a person) that they would fix this nation. However, what happened was just the opposite. They’ve only made things worse. Now we see Donald J. Trump, a man who also noticed a nation that needed to be fixed, pledged to do his best to fix it. At first I thought he was just another candidate, a rich man who only wanted to get in so he could make himself richer and the poor poorer just like his predecessors. However, what I’ve noticed it seems is that he is the one who is actually trying to fix this nation, keeping his campaign promises when the last four presidents before him never intended to keep their promises to the American people. I have also notices, the more President Trump is trying to fix a broken nation, the more opposition he’s running into from the same people who created the problems and are still contributing to the problems. It made me wonder about those who had taken the sacred office before him, if they were really trying to help or hurt the United States of America. As of now, I can only say, may God bless Donald J. Trump, and may God bless America.

Note: The following are post from various media sources that point to concerns that this writer has regarding what’s going on in this country and sometimes the world. You may not agree with any or all of them. It isn’t intended to be offensive, but I am sure some will make it a point to take offense. Please watch and give your response in the comment section below.

#Trumptheestablishment Berikiande Mangfald Oct. 24, 2016

I saw this You tube post and it was from Donald Trump’s speech where he lays it all out there. He tells us that he sees a very corrupt political establishment and that “our movement” is to remove and replace it, to give power and authority back to the people of the United States. When I heard this I was moved to do my own research around these subjects because they are usually a matter of public record. It’s okay to hear something interesting but we should always reserve judgement until we research a matter ourselves. That is what I did and I learned that Candidate Trump was correct, there is corruption in every level and every form of our government. When you hear what he is trying to do you would think that any red blooded American would be for supporting him trying to clean up our government, but no, the government, media, educational, entertainment, corporate, and political machines are closing ranks and are trying to stop and remove him; the one who is trying to fix our corrupt and broken system. This helps us to know who the good and bad guys really are.

The View

This is Dr. Ben Carson on “the View” and he defended his endorsement of then Candidate Donald Trump. His primary point was that he and Candidate Trump were both concerned about the direction this nation was heading and that wealthy political types were untrustworthy and the powers that be were not happy with any candidate that was not beholding to them. We know that Donald Trump has his own money and he doesn’t have to depend upon anyone else’s financial support. He also knows the nefarious players and how they operate. That in essence makes him dangerous to the power brokers that really call the shots. That is why (in my opinion) they are trying to undermine him and get him removed from office.

ABC News July 19, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson, one of the most brilliant minds in on earth, shares with the world why he supported then Candidate Donald J. Trump, Sr. He speaks against Political Correctness because it’s antithetical to the founding principles of this country and the Progressive Left uses it to tells us to sit down and shut up while they change everything. You have to wonder why would the two non-political Washington outsiders like Dr. Ben Carson who could have a very comfortable life after his retirement or Billionaire Donald Trump who could have almost anything that he wanted in this world, why would these men put that aside and run for the nations (and the world’s) highest office? Why would they become willing targets for the media and others who want to see America lose her sovereignty and power just to become a part of a global one world government?

The answer is because they see where this country is headed and they know that most American’s don’t have a clue about what’s going on behind the business and political scenes. Other politicians know enough to lie to the people and then do something else. They know that once a candidate gets into office, that it’s too late and the damage would be done. They understand that the 2016 election was the crossroads for America, and if Hillary Clinton was elected, many Americans would lose their freedoms, and their religious freedoms would be banished forever. Listen to what these men say and read between the lines. When you know someone that knows what’s going on behind the Curtain then you’d better listen.

Here is Stephen Harper the former Prime Minister of Canada (2006-15). He understands politics as well as anyone. He’s also kept an eye on what’s been going on in America and he shares his opinion on why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s apparent that the four former presidents and their administrations were not listening to the people, and that their political agendas were something altogether different than what the American people wanted. It also shows that the former administrations were completely out of touch with the people. They were in a class by themselves, a of class of personal interests that didn’t include the American people. However, there are more of us (regular people) than it is of them (the elite), and now that the American people are waking up, we are making a difference and we are fighting back. The people want to be heard and not disrespected and called deplorables (as Hillary Clinton has called the average American). The great awakening of Americans are prompting them to view the mainstream media AKA Fake News with a jaundiced eye and instead communicate with each other through citizen operated media. Americans are not falling for the traditional lies that Left Wing politicians are spewing. Things are changing an American want their country back.

The Rubin Report

Brigitte Gabriel, Christian, Author, Speaker and Activist speaks on the Rubin Report and shares her view of Donald Trump and immigration. She is also the founder of Act for America. Here is a link to her website.

So this is my opinion, but what do you think? Write your comments in the comment section below.