Abortion: Eugenic Effects

Photo by Dazzle Jam on Pexels.com


Margaret Sanger, the founder of the American Birth Control League in 1921, was very open and honest about her objectives regarding the purpose for the establishment of what would eventually morph into a world renowned abortion mill. It didn’t start out as an abortion mill and she died in 1966 prior to the legalization of abortion, but what was started was a birth control clinic that distributed birth control products, materials and counseling. Margaret Sanger wanted to control the birth population of those whom society would deem to be unfit in a number of ways. She became a self appointed gatekeeper of the human race.

In 1942 the American Birth Control League became what we know now as Planned Parenthood. In 1955 Planned Parenthood started to advocate for legalized abortion. In 1973 the US Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decided that the practice of abortion would be legalized and Planned Parenthood became the leader in the new abortion industry. The battle over the spiritual verses the practical efficacy of birth control through contraception as a means of controlling the population of an “undesirable” had now morphed into a full scale war over the right to choose to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The line had been drawn in the sand so to speak between those who supported the right of an unborn baby to live verses the right of the mother to choose whether it lives or dies.

With the potential stigma of being the place of providing abortions, Planned Parenthood apparently needed to rebrand and remarket their purpose to be more suitable for public consumption without changing their original objectives. The term abortion clinic was apparently minimized and instead was replaced with servicing women’s health issues.

Planned Parenthood clinics appear to be strategically placed near or within the communities of the poor and minority populations (the unfit) just as Ms. Sanger had indicated from its inception. Federal funds (tax payer dollars) have been pouring into Planned Parenthood to fund their practices that some arguably believe to be racial and socially genocidal practices, not to mention just spiritually wrong. Whatever the perceived purpose may be, a tree is known by its fruit, and therefore, regardless of its public branding what we see is an organization that has become a giant within the abortion industry. General Motors, Chevy and Ford make cars, that’s what they do and that’s what they’re known for. When you say Planned Parenthood, you don’t think of women’s health care services you think of abortion.

If this is well known by the general public then it is certainly well known by all of the politicians that have openly supported it practices. They defend their support by saying it’s the mother’s right to choose if they wish to have the baby or not because it is her body, or they’ll say that Planned Parenthood provides other health services other than just abortions. Nevertheless, Planned Parenthood can’t seem to get out from under the shadow of their original purpose, and that is to stop undesirables from reproducing. It is quite likely that a higher number of poor and minority unborn babies (undesirables) die thanks to the healthcare services provided to them through Planned Parenthood; that is where the questionable issue of eugenics come in.

Eugenics is the belief and practice of purifying the race through selective breeding. It has been a subject associated with Adolph Hitler and his master race theory although it is likely to have started prior to Hitler. There is no good way to do a bad thing, the means does not justify the end. To try to justify the sterilization of a people under the guise of easing one’s burdens, purifying the race, the right to choose or as a public health service makes the supporter of this practice a traitor to the human race and an offence to the Creator.

Yes, we can and do have babies but in the truest sense “we” cannot and do not create life. How many couples actually try to have a baby doing exactly what other couples do but they’ve been unsuccessful. We can take a life on our own but we given our own devices cannot create life. That is above our spiritual pay grade. No, only God our Creator can create life, and the Creator working with us is the one that actually places that unique life within the womb of the host. Therefore, we do not have the right to destroy it.

Hillary Clinton states how she has greatly admired Margaret Sanger. She also indicates how she is very supportive of the idea that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics should be the “go to” place for the black community. Do you hear the underlying message here for minorities? With countless medical doctors, clinics and hospitals, why should anyone attend an abortion clinic as a “go to” place? That tells me that she is encouraging you to use their abortion services. Hhmm!

Please keep in mind the “health services” that are provided by Planned Parenthood are likely a very small percentage of what they actually provide compared to abortion and that if there are any real health care services being provided then they could likely be better provided at a hospital, medical clinic or doctor’s office? Most people don’t go to their surgeon to get their car engine replaced or their mechanic to get surgery; we’re smarter than that. In other words the main service that is likely provided by Planned Parenthood is abortion. So if Ms. Clinton truly knows Margaret Sanger then she knows and fully understands the position and purpose she had for establishing Planned Parenthood which was to stop undesirables (deplorables) from reproducing. This goes for any politician that has supported Planned Parenthood.

Now in the interest of balance, here is a video of an opposing view on Margaret Sanger’s agenda. The presenter even mentions that noted Black activist W.E.B. Dubois was a proponent of birth control for Blacks. However, what is important to understand with Dr. Dubois is that he was in support of birth control for Blacks 1) only during harsh economic times when Blacks weren’t able to financially support a large family or simply was not ready to start a family. 2) Plus he gave no apparent support for the notion of aborting Black babies. He died in 1963, long before the legalization of abortion. Therefore, it is important to keep this in context.

Moreover, it is quite understandable that the Planned Parenthood abortion industrial complex would try to debunk any notion of genocidal racism and ethnic exterminal cleansing especially during our current socio-political climate. Therefore, at the very least they would likely try to reposition the facts, and revise history. But nevertheless, it is still up to the individual to research the facts and come to their own conclusion. Odds are depending upon which side of the line you’re already on, you are likely to have already made up your mind. IMHO!!!