Mother’s Day Drive-by

I had always thought that Mother’s day was a day that we all honored our mothers. In fact overall I still do. I remember when the houses of worship would be filled with people who showed up with their moms wearing either red flowers or white flowers if their moms had died knowing that that is where their mothers would insist that they would be on such a day. Most of them would rarely attend their houses of worship the rest of the year but this was special, this was for mom. Now a days things are changing quite a bit because many of us won’t attend worship even for mom.

I recently attended my house of worship and I noticed the same crowd that usually attends with no additional people. After making sure that I made adequate reservations, I took my wife out to dinner just to see that the restaurant was no where near as full as it was in years gone by. I had gone to various stores to purchase my wife (my mother is in heaven now) various gifts for mother’s day along with a nice card. Now I understand that not everyone can do these things for whatever reason but it seems as though the entire spirit of Mother’s day has lost its luster. It’s not about how much you have to spend, it’s about showing your mother how much she means to you. It doesn’t have to be a public display of affection but with the overall population there should at least be some community signs that show the world that you haven’t forgotten what your mom has meant to you.

I for one believe that we should honor and celebrate our mothers 365 days of the year and that one day is not enough. Moreover, with such a strong public sentiment that promotes a “woman’s right to choose,” each and everyone of us who are here today should be thankful and more than willing to let our mothers know just how grateful we are that she chose life for us. Yes, the reason why you are reading my article now is because your mother chose life for you (when maybe she shouldn’t have).

This is my opinion, tell us what do you think!