D-day Speeches: Trump – Regan

On June 6, 1944 the American, English and Canadian military forces invaded the shores of Normandy, France to take on the imbedded German forces on what historians call D-Day. This was an effort to liberate Western Europe from the Nazi’s. The History Channel (link) has an article that explains more of the details.

Below we have posted two presidential you tube speeches, one of President Donald J. Trump, Sr. and the other of the late President Ronald W. Regan. Both speeches are exceptionally well done and they give honor to those who served fought and even died to successfully complete their mission.

This celebration is not a celebration as if we had won a Super bowl or a Gold Medal game, no, it’s the reminder of the sobering reality that there were lives that had been lost to pay for the cost of someone’s freedom. Thousands of American lives were given for people that lived on the other side of the ocean, people that many didn’t even know or had ever seen before, but they did it for the sole principle and purpose that the to fight evil anywhere is to fight it everywhere, and that is the place at that time where they needed to be. America unlike any other nation on this earth was formed by the Creator to be the advocate and avenging angel for freedom, and as long as we have a president with a faithful congress then we know that we will continue to live up to our heritage.