Trump: Faith and Freedom Speech

Love him or hate him, you in your heart of hearts can’t deny that there is something about him that makes him attractive to at least half of the Americans in this country. He is not a polished politician like a Bill Clinton or a well prepared candidate that can give a quick witted one liner like a Pete Buttigieg and a few of the other candidates that sounds good on the outside, but with questionable substance on the inside. He doesn’t evade direct questions by giving irrelevant answers like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, et al, but instead sometimes he is painfully honest and some would even venture to say maybe too honest. But nevertheless, when he speaks, the average American hears him, and can follow what he is saying to them, because he speaks their language. That is why so many Americans have learned to trust him. They have heard the campaign promises and unlike his recent predecessors before him he has tried his best to keep them. People like that when, “promises are made, promises are kept.”

Someone would say what about the wall when he said Mexico would pay for it? Maybe that was a whimsical statement that was made in the spirit of a campaign moment, however, the saga of the wall funding is not over yet folks, maybe in an indirect way Mexico just may end of paying for it. However, nevertheless, American’s trust him and quite frankly when the radical left of Democrats are so vehemently attacking him over issues that everyone can see the dynamic being played out right in front of them, it simply makes the comparisons even more clear to them. One side is working to build and rebuild the country while the opposition is bent on impeachment based on non-existent crimes. One side has an active track record of actually addressing issues that affect our everyday lives, while the opposition after two and a half years has no constructive bills or programs to show for it. Americans say, “give us something that we can vote for, impeachment does nothing for our families, our rent, food, clothing, schools, insurance, security and spirituality. But yet, the left ignores our basic needs and spends millions and potentially billions of dollars on hearings and needless investigations.

No, at least half if not exponentially more than half of American’s are smarter than the left winged Democrats think, and they want jobs, security, good sound healthcare that makes sense that they can count on along with a government that they can count on. After eight failed years under George W. Bush and eight of the same years under Barack Obama, Americans get it. They finally get it. They don’t need a slickster in the White House; they need a President that is concerned about protecting and providing the very best for the American people; someone that has promised to do so and actually does it. They see it in President Donald J. Trump, Sr., and they don’t see it with the alternatives. That is why his rallies are packed with standing room only with thousands more being turned away watching from the parking lots on their cell phones live streaming the event. They get it! What’s more other Americans are now starting to wake up and realize that there are some real bad guys on the other side of our US Constitution, Democrats and some Republicans that are not looking out for America’s interest, they are looking out after their own.

The American government is so corrupt that it is and has been known as the Swamp for some time now. President Trump knew it, and in fact the world knew it. There is a reason why so many countries hated America, because America officials behind the scenes have done somethings that weren’t living up to our espoused American values. We were one way in the public eye and very devious when we weren’t in the public eye. When then candidate Trump spoke about running for president and draining the swamp, it caused all of the swamp rats to get nervous because citizen Trump, former playboy Trump, was someone who knew the insidious inner workings of politics and business both foreign and domestic, who the players were and if elected he would be in a position to do something about it. They didn’t want to lose the good thing that they had going on in the swamp. So now, like any animal that is cornered, they are now fighting back and we see the battle being played out all around us.


  • This is the best economy America has every had.
  • We can now say, “Merry Christmas” again.
  • Religious Freedom and Liberty is being protected again.
  • He’s requiring freedom of speech on college campus’
  • He’s fighting for the sanctity of human life for the unborn & newborns
  • The Left is hostel towards Prolife and post birth movement. The Left wants to execute babies even after they are born.
  • President wants to prohibit late term abortions of babies.
  • He wants to end Federal funding of fetal tissue research.
  • He will appoint 145 judges to interpret the US Constitution as written.
  • He inherited 138 empty federal judicial spots to fill.
  • He appointed two new Supreme Court Justices.
  • America is respected again as a nation.
  • There are nearly 9,000 opportunity zones to give churches an opportunity to rebuild destressed communities.
  • He passed Criminal Justice reform “First Step Act.” Former President Bill Clinton did a poor job.
  • Putting six billion dollars in new funding to address the drugs coming from China. He will meet with President Xi about working to stop it.
  • They will present a Health Care Plan that is better than Obama Care and will be less expensive. [When they get the HR back].
  • The southern border wall is being built right now. The wall is working. Drones don’t work, they let you see the illegal immigrants coming but they can’t stop them from illegally crossing. There should be four hundred miles built by the end of next year.
  • Some 4,300 minors have been smuggled across the border.
  • Mexico has 6,000 soldiers now and 1,600 of them are on their Northern border.
  • Democrats are doing nothing to help save human lives. They want open borders. Mostly women are being trafficked.
  • Congress needs to fix loop holes in the asylum laws.
  • Children are being endangered and exploited by the cartels.
  • America was paying (cartels ?) 600 million a year but we stopped it. The Democrats said, “you can’t do that!” They put bad people in caravans.
  • Democrats allow child smugglers. Smugglers will bring kids that aren’t their own and charge the parents for it. Children are being abused. The Obama administrated separated the children from the adults that brought them. Fixing the laws could fix everything. The current laws are incentivizing the brining of kids into this country. Other countries’ laws are tougher than ours.
  • We need 60 Senators , we have 53.
  • Democrats stick together more so than the Republicans, even with bad policies. This is bad for the country.
  • The Democrats want to get rid of ICE who get rid of MS-13 gang members. ICE are great people. We take MS-13 out by the thousands, and they come back because the laws are so screwed up.
  • We are rebuilding our armed forces like never before. We are so strong, we need to keep our freedom.
  • Military: We spent 716 billion dollars last year and 700 billion the year before. Our planes were so old that they had to go to the air plane grave yard in the desert to get parts.
  • Now we have new F-35’s and F-18’s. Made in America.
  • He recognized Israel’s capital of Jerusalem and opened the US embassy in Jerusalem. Every former president said they would do so but didn’t do it.
  • He’s recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan heights.
  • He withdrew America from the Iran deal. Iran is shouting “Death to the USA and Israel.”
  • John Kerry violated the Logan Act by telling Iran to “Wait him out, maybe he’ll lose the election.”
  • He rejects the failed Socialist ideology of global domination.
  • Faith and progress defines the moral character of our country.
  • In America we don’t worship government, we worship God.
  • In 2016 Americans were saying “We got your back.” In 2020 it will be just as important and might be even more important.
  • For America’s future the choices have never been clearer. The radical left offers visions of Socialism, Censorship, high taxes, open borders, and extreme later term abortions.
  • Our movement is about lifting up the American workers, the American Families, and the American dream. With your help our nation will prosper in the fullness of our faith, and the glory of liberty. Our families will be strong, our children will be free, our country will be safe. And America will remain one proud nation under God. Together we gather with the love, prayers and devotions of everyone in this room, and the millions of Patriots all across the land, we will make America Great Again for all American’s than ever before. Thank you and God bless you and God Bless America.

This is how I see it, what do you think? IMHO!!!