Walk-Away Movement: Leaving the Democratic Left

It’s not widely publicized by the main stream media, but thousands of people are reportedly leaving the Democratic Left to become either a Republican to follow Donald Trump, or to become an independent voter. They have their own stories as to why but the common denominator is the vitriol of the Left. Moreover, the defectors represent a wide range in age, sex, race and sexual preference. This article is to give you a glimpse of this movement.

Dave Rubin of the “Rubin Report,” shares his thoughts on “Why I left the Left.” The ideals that once in principle would uplift those who needed a voice no longer speak for them. Instead, it appears that a group of radicals have hijacked the Liberal/Progressive Democratic Party. Rubin realized that any government that can force any group to violate their moral beliefs can one day force him to violate his personal beliefs. He also realized that the Left uses Identity Politics and Ideologies to force a narrative that is harmful to all and is in and of itself is racist to its core.

The German Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemoller in 1946, wrote a confessional poem that speaks to the attitude of so many of us today who are so afraid to get involved and to speak up and speak out against those things that we know are wrong and simply are hoping that someone else will do it. It is called “First they came…,” it reads as follows:

“First they came for the Socialist, but I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionist, but I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, but I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.”

I personally believe that certain ideologies and practices are just plain wrong and destructive, however, because I know our US Constitution guarantees each American citizen the right to free speech then I will defend to the death their right to believe and say what they believe. I will also exercise my constitutional right to legally and lawfully oppose their practices and will depend upon due process to resolve the matter. I would expect no less from every other American to do the same.

The following YouTube posts are simply a sample of individual testimonies of those persons who have joined the #Walk Away movement. Please take your time and listen to what they are saying.

He witnessed the Obama administration’s insidious plan to violate American’s 2nd Amendment rights. Plus he witnessed the Obama White House’s disregard for the needs of Middle America.

She saw the corruption of the Democratic Left, then she did her homework and saw the truth of what was going on between both parties and so she left or ehh #Walked Away.

She studied the Constitution and saw the truth. She had experienced the hatred from her own Democratic Party, but was respected by those who were Republican. So she walked away.

The Left has been so divisive and hostel that it makes one afraid to come out against Political Correctness. This gentleman took a chance to speak up because he wants to save his country.

She was called “Uncle Tom” for not voting for Obama. She believes that Donald Trump is correct about the need for a strong border. She spoke to a former drug lord that used to traffic from Mexico and he confirmed that the president is right about what he is doing in trying to fix the problem. She walked away from the Democratic Party.

As a former Independent, she was a victim of Democratic voter fraud. She didn’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton (criminal) or Bernie Sanders (Socialist). Now she will vote for the Republican Party and no longer the individual. Editors’ note: please be careful when you do that , because there are a few wolves in the US Senate who are Republicans that are not supportive of the president’s initiatives to save this country.

Actor Isaiah Washington walked away from the Democratic Party in the face of potential professional suicide. However, he stated that he will not be bullied.

She used to be a Democrat and always voted that way. Then she started to witness the behavior of the Democrats and was turned off. She started to listen to Trump and did her own research and now she’s a full Trump supporter.

He was an Obama voter but he felt brainwashed by CNN. He then did his own homework and became a supporter of Trump who keeps his promises.

She realized that the Democrats had been lying to her, her entire life. She noticed that Trump supporters are smart and they speak about issues. She doesn’t like how the radical Left attacks those who support Trump. She will never vote Democratic again.

She is saying that Black is the new Red (joining the Republican Party). She is tired of being lied to by the Democrats. She learned that Donald Trump fought to desegregate golf courses. She has left the Democratic plantation. This is worth the watch.

Stephen A. Smith believes that blacks should also vote for the GOP and not allow the Democratic Party (or any party) to take the Black vote for granted.

This young man like so many other Blacks like Trump’s policies as opposed to his opposition. He is not in support of identity politics and he can think for himself.

She is a first generation Latina American. She voted for Obama but realized that Obama didn’t keep his promises and things got worse under Obama. She said that it was the Democrats that made her feel un-American. She said that Trump is speaking the truth about illegal immigration. She also realized that the main stream media is in the pockets of the Democratic Party. She has witnessed the Democratic Left physically attack Trump supporters. When Hillary Clinton did not condemn the violence then this young lady left the Democratic Party. She also made a great point that any law maker who allows illegal aliens to come across the border illegally is promoting lawlessness and is not deserving of our votes.

He lives in California and he eventually realized that it was the Democrats that were giving more protections to criminals than to legal law abiding citizens. Democratic practices and policies actually support keeping the poor in poverty.

Brandon Straka, the founder of the #Walkaway campaign interviewed people in the New York City area and many from his own LBGT community. He makes a good point as to why members of this community should start to support the Trump movement, because when you get right down to it, basic human rights and needs are for everyone.

She was initially afraid to come out about her decision to #walkaway because she was concerned about losing family, friends and customers because of it. However, it is more important to take our country back. There are more faithful American Patriots than there are Left winged haters. We will win this.

CONCLUSION: This is a very small sample of the thousands of #Walkaway testimonies of average every day Americans who have had their eyes opened to the truth about what is going on with the Democratic left. Then they researched the Trump movement and they realized that his policies are more inline with their own. When you do your homework, you will also see the violence perpetrated by the Democratic left on anyone who does not agree with them; then couple that with the Democratic failures of the past administrations and the lies perpetrated by the mainstream media and so forth, then it will soon becomes clear to you that honest people will choose and have chosen to leave the Left. This list of testimonies was posted to give you something to consider regarding your own values and hope for your future and the future for your children in this country.

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