Illegal Immigration: A Way to Kill a Nation

We will not try to argue if immigration is a good or a bad thing, it simply is and has always been a part of the fabric of this nation’s history. In fact, it has been a part of the fabric of this planet. If the biblical account is true, then everyone started out within the cradle of the earth when there was arguably one gigantic land mass. Then the Pangea (Continental drift) event happened and mankind was separated and eventually the various ethnic groups developed in response to their location of the planet. With a world population much smaller at the beginning of creation mankind still found a way to move about the world, via land bridges or crudely made sea vessels.

The grass may have always been greener somewhere else, and some groups may have moved on because the food source had moved on. In any case, people moved on, and the point being is that we’ve been moving on ever since because of need or just plain desire.

In more contemporary times virtually every nation has apparently recognized this human propensity to move onto better pastures and as a result every nation has developed borders and laws to regulate who came into their borders and under what circumstances. By doing so each nation is claiming their de facto right to regulate their nation’s borders and citizenship. This point has never been disputed by any nation.


That’s the $10,000 question, because the answer to that question will always reflect the differences as viewed by the political “Left” vs. the “Right.”

THE LEFT’S ARGUMENT is that immigration is a right to all people and that anyone who wants to come into the United States of America should be able to regardless of what’s going on with them and sight unseen.

This video makes it clear that traveling through Mexico is dangerous because of bandits, trafficker and the Cartels. The immigrants are also apparently clear that they are to claim that they are in danger of persecution in their native country. Whether this is true or not we do not know but we can agree that many are coming for what is likely a better quality of life.

This started somewhere. Did thousand upon thousands of people all wake up suddenly and decided that they were all coming to America on the same day at the same time? Not likely, it was apparently a planned, funded and coordinated event. There are a number of speculations pointing to various funding sources but this video will only give one.

This video is just one example of the thousands of people that participate in just one caravan of several separate caravans. Please note that instead of a peaceful interaction with the police and government officials, the caravan members often have clashes. The narrator says that they are fleeing persecution in their countries, but some left loved ones behind to face that same “persecution;” and depending upon the video that you watch the narrator or the participant themselves will say that they are looking for employment and a way to send money back home to their loved ones. They all say that they will claim political asylum when they get to the US when the asylum law is clear that they are to claim asylum in the next country outside of their border.

With all of the caravans filled with thousands of people coming from Latin America and other parts of the world, and doing so because they all know that America has such porous borders and America’s immigration laws are the weakest in the world, with a congress that is completely apathetic to the needs of the American people and the dangers that some illegal immigrants bring to this country, they come. So what do the Democrats on the Left do? They ignore the problem and say that President Trump is manufacturing a crisis. If your politicians (government officials) will openly and blatantly lie to you about what is actually going on at the border and they know that it’s getting out that there is a problem but they will still lie to you; what that says is that they believe that YOU are a fool and will believe anything, or it simply means that they don’t care what you think.

Xenophobia and Racism of The Right?

This video shows a group of illegal immigrants apparently caught at the border and placed in a temporary housing unit, but more specifically this is a group of men standing next to a chain linked fence outside in a yard like area. This panel has determined (without seeing the inside of the unit) that they are living in deplorable conditions, and had determined that they are starving and not being fed more than three tacos a day. They had also determined that the Vice-President was looking at the men as though he was overseeing cattle and did not have any concern for the detainees.


First off since the majority of the Left starts off their talking point by saying things like, “We all know that Trump is a racist,” like it’s a point of fact when most of the American people have not heard President Trump say anything racist. Where they get their information is from the “fake news” that interprets for the populous the notion about President Trump, in other words, the “fake news” is saying, “This is how you’re supposed to think and speak about the president. Most people don’t have the where with all to look into issues themselves. In this video, Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD, responds to the accusation and says very clearly that President Trump is not a racist and gives some reasons why. This is important to get clear because when we look at the issue of immigration, we as Americans need to see the issue for what it is and not Left Winged propaganda.

Looking at the Number?

One survey reveals that there are over 22.1 million illegal immigrants living in America. It is likely that the numbers are much higher than reported. However, the Pew Research Center reports that the overall number shows a decline in illegal immigration.

The Right’s argument is that sometimes we miss the obvious, in spite of the political correctness that has permeated North America, and countries want to uphold their national integrity by enforcing their borders. Those who encourage illegal immigration by sharing false information and making false promises are simply setting those well-meaning immigrants up for failure. This young man brought his family illegally into the US and was rejected then snuck them into Canada and was rejected again. Instead of going back to court as ordered they fled further into the country. They are separated and he is on the run. All because he was apparently mislead by someone or a cartel.

I would imagine that the stress of constant hiding and looking over your shoulder trying not to get caught would be very stressful and detrimental to your overall health. There are those who say that they will help and they may try to assist with the hiding and partially looking out, but in the grand scheme of things even your helpers are limited in what they can do. They have lives to live and if faced with the possibility of being charged with aiding and abetting and obstructing the work of a Federal agency in the course of their duty, the helper would likely not want to deal with that possibility.

MS-13 is described as the most vicious and brutal gang that has ever crossed into America’s borders. They are made up primarily of Latin Americans but are believed to have had its origin within the Los Angeles area. MS-13 has been credited with the brutal rape and murder of many innocent men women and children in America and their own respective countries. In fact, when these gang members are deported back to their countries, their own police and military departments will actively attempt to round them up and get them off of the streets. Some who are sympathetic on the Left may say that they are harmless children that have lost their way, while those on the Right will say that these “children” are victimizing innocent people for sport. By comparison, there is no organized street gang that has been described as being more vicious and heartless than those of MS-13. When these gang members are sent back to their countries their story becomes that they are concerned for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones. The hunters who have caused so much misery and death to innocent people have now become the hunted by law enforcement and other rival gangs. However, the major problem here is with America’s porous southern border and the Democrats not supporting the need to strengthen the border, when they are deported back to their countries, many of them simply return again to the US to continue their activities.

The Mexican government is telling illegal immigrants in the US how to avoid being sent back to Mexico. The conventional wisdom here is that Mexico does not want them back because of criminal backgrounds.

When Obama did it…

Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer all said the exact same thing that President Trump is saying about illegal immigration because they all know the danger of illegal immigration is to this nation, but now since the post 2016 election they are saying the exact opposite. The ONLY thing that has changed is who the current president is. Therefore, if the dangers of illegal immigration have not changed at all since pre-2016 and now the Democrats are Okay with illegal immigration then who is playing the American public for a fool? The more you know…

You can tell that this issue is political and not about helping immigrants or America, it’s about not giving President Donald J. Trump, Sr. any potential victories that could keep him in office.

Here we see photos and a story of the Obama administration’s apparent practice of separating the children from their accompanied adult and sending either the child or both back through repatriation. What we are also reminded of is the weak response of the Republican Party (since they had control of the House and Senate) and they never fixed the weak immigration policy or addressed the porous border wall. In some respects the Republican party back then are likely just as culpable here as the sorry Democratic party.

Jeh Johnson the former DHS Secretary speaks on CNN to try to justify what went on under the Obama administration while he himself was there. Johnson apparently and surgically chose his words in admitting that there were some children separated from their accompanied adult but denied that there was a policy to separate the children from the adults.

Catching Them at the Border May be a Blessing

Whether it was Obama then or Trump now, catching them at the border may be a blessing for the children. Further down there are two YouTube videos that go more into the horrors of the world of child exploitation.

What About DACA?

If there is one group caught in the middle of the dangers and politics of illegal immigration it’s the children, who were sent or brought here by adults or family members. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA), is a program developed under the Obama administration that gave these illegal immigrant children (Dreamers) temporary permission to stay within the country and attend school and their disposition would therefore be deferred until a future date. As long as the program is in place the children’s stay are legal. The issue at least in part is that these children (because they were under the legal age of majority) are growing up within the American culture and then they may start to see themselves as being Americans. The argument could be made that the younger the child the more that child has been oriented into becoming an American citizen as opposed to their own country of origin. This dynamic of confusion and consternation can be contributed to the parent who (may have had good intentions) placed their child within this bind. Nevertheless, no matter what, these children are still illegal and they were brought into this country illegally.

Cost of Maintaining Illegal Immigrants within America

The Washington Times says that it cost Americans $200 Billion dollars annually to address illegal immigration. The Left argues that the illegal aliens contribute to the economy because they are paying back into the system but they can’t be accounted for on the books. However, if the employer is paying someone under the table then odds are they aren’t paying taxes or social security. The issue and incentive with employers paying illegals under the table is that they can get skilled or unskilled labor without paying regular wages or benefits. Moreover, for those illegals that are “working” and paying taxes, the comparative cost of what they pay into the system pales in comparison to the cost of what they receive overall from US Tax payers. Furthermore, the cost for maintaining illegal immigrants can easily point to what the system is paying out from the government towards welfare, and Medicare coverage and emergency hospital visits, and so on, not to mention the billions of dollars that are now needed to address those detained at the border. It is easier to get hard numbers from these areas and it’s likely that this does not cover all of the cost that Americans pay.

One source estimates that to insure all of the illegal immigrants through government paid Medicare would add another $30.6 trillion to the national debt, which is significant because with America’s current approximate $23 trillion dollar debt, this country is on the verge of bankruptcy if her creditors should call in for their money. So why would any of these candidates running for president want to deliberately increase the debt and push America on to the brink of destruction? We will address that in a future article. However, let me say this, look at it this way, either they aren’t smart enough to know better and in that case they (each and every one of them are dangerous) or they are smart enough to know better but because they want your vote they will lie and deceive you (like so many politicians) and then do what they want when they get into office. This makes them even more dangerous. The more you know…

Child Sex Trafficking

Child Sex trafficking through Mexico into the USA is big business and thousands of children are brought into this country every year. If you use your common sense, then you know that they aren’t being brought here for adoption into a loving family or to be educated for a better life, no, they are being smuggled in to become victims of the sex traffic industry. It has been reported by some that the children don’t even know the adults that are bringing them into this country. Quite often there are no actual blood relatives with them and that is why the Trump administration is advocating that these children and their accompanying adult have familial DNA test before they are reunited. It is for the safety of the children. So the question is how far are we as a nation willing to go to protect these children from being a victim in this industry? Odds are, if you’re a Left winged Democrat you will likely not be willing to move at all. The advocacy for open borders and the loud cry to simply give the child back to their accompanied adult pretty much says it all.

Please understand that once a child is brought into the country for trafficking, then they become a part of the industry being bought and sold. As the expert said in the video, just because that child is with an adult does not mean that that adult is their parent. Children are the most vulnerable among us, so we must protect them. How can you trust a political Democratic party that promotes the death of babies in utero through nine months and even after birth, while ignoring the safety of all of the children that are victims of sex trafficking across the Mexican border and then believe that they care what happens to these same young children when they’ve been caught by border patrol agents who don’t know if the person with them are their parents or child smugglers.

Human sex trafficking also includes young girls and they are usually captured south of the border and beaten and tortured into compliance to participate in prostitution. Some of them are smuggled over the US border to be sold into prostitution here in America.

Young adult women are tricked into becoming prostitutes and after working in Mexico for a time then some of them are sold to other buyers to go north into America.


This video gives a different meaning to Human Traffickers; however, the practice is the same. These are immigrants that are in Latin America and they want to enter into America illegally, so they pay a Mexican Cartel thousands of dollars to bring them into this country. Please keep in mind that although this video doesn’t mention it, but the Cartels are the ones that place the immigrants at greater risk because the Cartels rob, rape, beat and murder some of their “customers.”


According to some sources, 80% of the drugs that come into America come from Mexico, via the drug Cartels. The drug that is coming into this country and doing the most damage is Fentanyl. Some experts say that Fentanyl is so dangerous that the amount of your pinky finger nail can kill you. This is what’s coming across the southern border and every politician that is for open borders is responsible for it. They know the danger and just like they know about other trafficking they know about Fentanyl.


The Mexican Cartels are very sophisticated in how they are exploiting the porous southern border to get drugs , weapons, money, women and children for the sex trade, as well as individuals and groups.


We’re so used to viewing the trafficking from Mexico into the United States that sometimes we forget that there are some things that flow the opposite way. That is Guns and Money, and about 95% of these guns come from the United States. The guns that flow into Mexico are used to arm the Mexican Cartels. This video speaks about the city of Juarez but these guns flow all through the country of Mexico to the Cartels and street gangs.

Sanctuary Cities

This video shows Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny celebrating Philadelphia being a Sanctuary City. I guess that is to help the Democratic Party assure itself of continued votes for the near future.

These sanctuary cities become safe-havens for illegal immigrants.

Some California cities want out of the state’s sanctuary cities law because they feel that it makes them less safe.

Violence from Illegal Immigrants to Americans

A 2017 statistic from the US Sentencing Commission reveals that citizens are less likely to commit serious crimes than non-citizens.

More problems with sanctuary cities: A personal story from an actual victim’s family. Some Illegal immigrants from the MS-13 gang had brutally attacked and killed an innocent girl with a machete in New York.

Illegal Immigrants Being Used As Tools for Voter Fraud

The video is of a Democratic Voter Commissioner in New York City and he tells us that the Democrats bus the same voters to different districts and vote repeatedly for the same election. Also the host and guest talk about other forms of voter fraud such as people voting for those who have died because their names weren’t taken off of the rolls. There is no other way to look at this, this is wrong, illegal and an apparent standard practice of the Democratic Party. This is not unique to New York; you can bet that other cities and states are doing it within the democratically involved elections.

There are some illegal immigrants voting in Texas trying to turn a Red State Blue. The Democrats are supportive of illegals voting.

The White House has established a Voter fraud Commission to look into voter fraud across the country. The Left claim this is all about voter suppression when it is was clear that in many districts that there are more people voting than there are registered residents within that district. The goal of this commission is simply to eliminate voter fraud and that only legal citizens that are properly registered should vote. No legal registered citizen voter should have their votes discounted because of a fraudulent vote.

Blacks fought and died for the right to vote. They paid the cost, sometimes even the ultimate price to secure the right to vote. And now the Democratic Left want to make a mockery of the Black vote by giving “undocumented” illegal immigrants casually the same rights when in the face of the law illegal immigrants do not have that right.

Women in America who were themselves already legal American citizens also had to fight for the right to vote. It wasn’t until June 1919, when the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. However, it had to be ratified by the states which it was. The point here is that the right to vote didn’t come cheap, for Blacks or Women.

So Why Does the Democratic Left Want Illegal Immigration?

Duh!!! Because common statistics and knowledge shows that when illegal immigrants vote, they will vote Democratic! Duhhhhh!!!! If the illegal immigrants were likely to vote Republican the Democrats would have put a stop to it years ago. Please keep in mind this one point, that when an unscrupulous politician will lie and not enforce the rule of law right before them just so they can get elected, then odds are they will ignore those who put them into office and then they will develop policies that will likely be detrimental to their own constituency. Look at their track records.


Caesar Chavez was a legal Mexican immigrant that opposed illegal immigration and found against it. So why shouldn’t you?

Brigitte Gabriel gives somewhat of a copious run down on why Legal Immigrants are not in support of Illegal Immigrants. She tells it like it is. Illegal aliens coming into the country after having broken the law may not have the foundation to respect the law and other legal citizens going forward. This is worth the watch.

Dinesh D’Souza tells us that simple basic premise that illegal aliens do not have inherent Constitutional rights in America, that is for American citizens only. We all have basic human rights but not Constitutional rights.

Dinesh D’Souza says that illegals are not immigrants; they are people who want to jump the line. It’s a short video but needless to say that he being a legal immigrant is not in support of illegal immigration.

“No One is Illegal, They are Human!”

I was watching part of an interview from one of the “Fake News” channels where I heard one woman on the Left kept yelling something to the effect of, “No one is illegal, they are human!” In an obvious attempt to reshape the narrative to soften the label from “illegal alien” to “human aliens” completely by passing the “undocumented” title I would imagine. However, interestingly enough no one is arguing about their status as “humans” because they are humans and no one is debating that point. The issue is their status as US Citizens are indeed “illegal.” Why? Because they are in this country and they don’t have a legal status, they are here without government permission. Keep in mind that the government along with every government has a right and a responsibility to know who is in their country and why. The government has a right to decide who can be in their country and under what conditions. Everyone in this country according to the law has to be here legally which means the government has granted them permission to be here. And if they came on a work or some special Visa and that Visa is up or expiring then the government has the right to say, “we can extend your stay for this long” or say “no, you can’t stay any longer, you must leave now.” If the government cannot account for you under these conditions then you are here illegally, and the government has the right and responsibility to remove you.


This video is presented by the Heritage Foundation, and they discuss the legal issues of immigration. It’s about an hour and a half but worth the watch. Also, the American Immigration Council gives a summary on the immigration process. The US Constitution establishes the rule of law on immigration. The Institute on the Constitution briefly explains what authority does the US Constitution gives to the government regarding immigration.


How to report an illegal immigrant: Call the US Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE), or Call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE.

[Start video at the 8:30 mark] Another option is to build the wall yourself. And that is what a number of Patriots are doing just that. This video is the Wall-A-Thon that is sponsoring volunteers to fund the building of the wall. When the government won’t do it then the people, true Patriots will find a way.

Foreman Mike gives an update on the process of the wall and he tells us some of the things that he’s witnessed while building the wall.

Other possible deterrents to the atrocities and the acts against humanity by the Cartel is to apply capital punishment against them. Not only is it a crime against humanity, it is also a crime against America. In fact, it is a war against America, killing American citizens physically, economically and spiritually. And when some US citizens assist the Cartels in this effort either by commission or omission, then they themselves should be tried for treason against America.


The easiest simplest and cheapest fix to this problem would start with fixing the porous immigration law. However, it appears that the Democratic Left aren’t interested in fixing it because, 1) they know that statistically new immigrants mostly vote Democratic, 2) “If” there is money to be made under the table through a criminal pay off, then this would be an incentive to leave it like it is. “If” there would be an audit on how their bank accounts and assets (even overseas) look throughout the years, my guess would be that some have suddenly gotten rich from somewhere.


America as a general practice (for its own reasons) give billions upon billions of US dollars to these countries. It has been a practice over a number of years. The relevant question would be then, “what is the government of these countries doing with all of that money? Why don’t they use that money to help build up their nation, i.e., strengthen their economies, provide sound health care, improve the quality of life for their citizens?” The assumption is that the government is getting the money but it’s not trickling down to the people. Those in power apparently are getting richer but the poor are remaining poor. So the next interrogative question would be, “why won’t our government hold the receiving countries accountable for the money that they are receiving, and if they’re not complying then either America can take the money into these countries and build and provide the services directly or not give them (the government) the money at all. We know that no country is America but if the quality of life for these people are meeting humane conditions, then they would take pride in developing their own homeland.


The truth is that everyone in America either directly or through their ancestry came here from somewhere else, including the Native Americans, who simply apparently got here first. However, because of that reality we should have some sympathy for all who want to come here. There is no doubt that there are some illegal immigrants who came to America because they are truly interested in a better quality of life. And I am also as certain that there are others who are truly escaping persecution or potential danger in their country of origin. However, the reality is that there are laws in place that address those persons who fit into these and other categories. No non-citizen has a right to be a citizen of this country outside of the rule of law. As Shalabh Kumar, (Hindu American Rep. Coalition) stated, “Citizenship is a privilege that is granted to outsiders by those who are citizens of this country.” He goes onto indicate (not a quote) that we are teaching our kids basic human values and if those values are based on corrupt illegal behavior then what can we expect from the children to feel about respecting the rule of law and our Constitution.

Welcome the Stranger: There are a number of churches and religious groups that harbor illegal aliens and provide various levels of support for them because they interpret the Biblical texts that points to God telling Israel to welcome the stranger. However, as laudable as it is that there are people of faith that are willing to live their faith and follow scripture, what they’re missing is the exegetic understanding of the text and the spirit of it’s true message. In other words, the Hebrew interpretation of welcoming the stranger is to allow them to come into your camp and dwell there as long as the stranger is willing to come and learn and assimilate into your existing society and culture. The stranger is expected to come and change and make themselves to fit into what and who you are. Why is this important? Among other things the stranger must agree to keep your norms and laws and not disrupt the society that welcomed them.

When you go back to as recently as pre-2014-16 and look at the video statements of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, and other Democratic leaders, you will see them denounce illegal immigration and advocate for the strengthening of a border barrier because it is detrimental to our country. In fact, Obama deported more illegal immigrants than all of the previous presidents combined. He was dubbed, “the Deporter and Chief.” However, as a result of the 2016 Presidential election, these same politicians have changed their narrative and now they support open borders to let all illegal traffic be permissible to come as they are without checking for potential threats.

Therefore, with a radical Left that’s promoting open borders and encouraging both entry of criminal aliens and terrorist, child and women sex trafficking, the trafficking of drugs in particular Fentanyl and then vowing that all illegal aliens will be given free health care and public welfare that would knowingly overwhelming the system causing the system to crash along with our economy taking America back to the days of the Great Depression then what happens? The short answer, that would be the death of America as a nation. Then who would pick up the pieces? My suspicion is that the Democratic Left would carry the carcass of a dead nation to join with a New World Order under a one world government…but that was their plan all along I guess.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be a comprehensive posting on the subject but just to provide and opportunity to have you do your own research and join the discussion.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, what is your? Comment below.