Power and Control: “It’s the Economy Stupid!

In the 1992 presidential campaign, then candidate Bill Clinton was running against incumbent President George H.W. Bush. Clinton’s campaign strategist Bill Carville wanted to help shape the narrative for the campaign and therefore, came up with what eventually became a popular phrase, “the economy stupid.” We now know it to be “It’s the economy stupid!” This proved to be a good strategy for Bill Clinton, and in fact it also worked for then Candidate Ronald Regan when he asked the nation, “are you better off now than you were four years ago?” The people apparently thought no, and elected Ronald Regan and Bill Clinton respectively as their next president verses their incumbents.

Since we’ve had an economy, it’s always been the issue. People need to live and have a means by which they can get what they need. Therefore, living within a community mankind over the centuries has had to figure it out. Now, that we’ve “figured it out,” for better or worse we have the economy that we have.


Even though the overall economy had its challenges under various previous administrations, there is no doubt that the US economy took a serious nose dive under the George W. Bush administration. This video discusses the views by some experts about the George W. Bush administration’s development and use of his economic policies.

The basic premise that Dr. Thomas Sowell, a world respected and leading governmental Economist and historian is making here is that then President Barack Obama intended to model his economic recovery plan after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. Which on the outside looks and sounds good because of the common belief that, “it helped turn this country around.” However, Dr. Sowell tells us that history doesn’t bear that out. In fact, the more the government got involved with bailing out the nation, the more it didn’t work. President Obama’s FDR imitation packages didn’t work just as it didn’t work for Roosevelt.

Dr. Thomas Sowell (Economist) again points to the fact that Obama’s government intervention into the US economy made things worse for the American people. He also goes into detail about how former President Bill Clinton set up the housing boom in such a manner by lowering the housing standards which made it so unsafe and vulnerable, that it led to the housing bust which we eventually saw. So in essence it was Bill Clinton and his housing policy move which became the epicenter and was ultimately responsible for the economy’s downward spiral.

This is a short video that generally explains how America’s debt Crisis works. It’s fairly simple when you get right down to it.

How would you feel and what would you do if the country went bankrupt, I mean seriously bankrupt, a 1930’s type of bankrupt? Just go home and wait it out? Think about that for a moment…if you had no job, no income, and the money that you had in the bank was either no longer there or worth anything, what would you do? If you still owed on your home and car then what would you do? If you had no way of buying food or sustaining yourself for longer than a month or so then what would you do? What if you had children or elderly parents that depended upon you to care for them but you weren’t able to care for yourself then what would you do? Get the picture? All because the economy defaulted on the national debt, went one dollar more than our creditors would allow or if our government just said “screw it” we’re not paying. Give some serious thought about how it would affect you!

If this is true, then it’s truly scary. The numbers that we hear aren’t really the true numbers and why.


The general question that we’re asking is, “how did America get into this mess in the first place?” The real answer could be somewhat detailed and may require the names of the persons with the smoking gun; however, this will generally point us in the right direction.

If we think that we control our own money then we are sadly mistaken. We need to know who the Central Banks [Federal Reserve] are, who control these banks and who controls the money in this country and the world. It is important to know and how their decisions affect our economy. This “subject” is something of which we should be aware.


Whether we know it or not, there is a secret war on cash. As long as American citizens have access to paper and coined money, we cannot be controlled. We can keep money in our homes, bank accounts etc., and when we need something we can get it and spend it. However, if we were converted to a cashless society and cash was illegal, then the government could control your buying and spending through limiting or cutting off your credit cards, or credit chips that you would use to pay for things. The War on Cash, is a real issue that EVERY American need to know about and speak up and fight for our rights to own cash, silver and gold. It’s not too late.

You need to get into the debate about the Cash Crisis, and seriously familiarize yourself with the issues. This issue has also taken on an obvious international significance. In some cases even cyber attacks are related to the war on cash.

Washington’s demonetizational war on cash is summarized within this article. This video is the “Gun’s and Butter” podcast and the speaker, F.William Engdahl (International political Analyst, Economist and Author) speaks about the War on Cash from a perspective that you need to know. “If you control money then you control the entire world” – Henry Kissinger.

Why can’t you have your own money? Banks have started to give account holders grief about withdrawing their own money. At most banks if you purchase a bank check or money order the bank will tell you that you “must” tell them who the check or money order is to be made out to and they will type it on the check or money order for you. I remember fairly recently I went to my own bank and needed to withdraw cash money to pay to have my car repaired. I needed to have a senior teller approve my withdrawal. It wasn’t about identification, they all knew me and I was depositing my money there literally for years. My point here is that there is indeed something going on with the banking system. As Americans we need to raise our voices against this practice.

The Trade War With China, What Is It All About?

He is showing us in essence what President Trump trying to do in this trade war against China.


There a phrase being batted around called “income equality,” or “disparity” which can mean different things to different people. On one hand, it could mean that both men and women should be making the same amount for doing the same job, and the same goes for the racial divide. However, now it’s being used to describe the difference between the rich and the poor. So why is that the case? Dr. Sowell tells us that we can see such cases in principle in nature. The world has never been a level playing field. It isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault that is just how it is.

Nevertheless, enter in those politicians that want to implement the Robin Hood practice of fixing the “problem,” i.e., stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor. However, does that work, moreover, is that fair? The intrinsic answer is “no” on both counts. This video is an absolute must watch all the way through.

A Church perspective: [Not in video] This “problem” may never be fixed for a number of reasons that we won’t mentioned here, however, Jesus Christ made a statement that was telling when he knew that there was disgust among those disciples about an item being sold so that the money be given to the poor, but Jesus said of the poor, that they will always have with them. In other words, even the church’s plan or attempt to “fix” the problem according to Jesus is futile. It’s not to say that the church shouldn’t address the needs of the poor, it’s just that realistically trying to eradicate poverty according to Jesus will not meet with success.

Should the wealthy be taxed more? It’s a popular notion among the poor that “yes, the rich should be taxed more.” However, we should keep in mind the old adage, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So what would that reaction be? Dr. Thomas Sowell, economist, said that the rich would not end up paying the taxes anyway. They can manage their money to circumvent paying. Moreover, Dr. Sowell also informs us that tax cuts for the rich works better for the economy than raising their taxes.

The Fairtax Solution

One organization called Fairtax is an organization that has come up with a potential solution that may not be totally new to everyone but they are thinking “out of the box,” regarding addressing the nation’s tax issues.

The Living Wage Vs. the Minimum Wage Argument

Are those politicians who are promoting a minimum wage for the citizens actually pulling a fast one on the people? This economic expert thinks so, and he explains the difference. Plus, if you’ve watched all of the attached videos of Dr. Thomas Sowell then you know that he also believes that having a minimum wage is more harmful to employment than help. A must watch.

The Ethical Economy’s Solution

The Ethical Economy (Link) Action Required.

CONCLUSION: With all of the problems and proposed solutions we may in essence not really have a viable solution at all. We depend upon our government to “do the right thing,” however, the problem is that with past government and administrations no one seemingly wanted to do the right thing. Greed has gotten this country into this kind of financial mess. The true solution is not socialism or increased taxes. The medicine may be tougher than the disease. Ronald Regan wanted to get the government out of the pockets and the businesses of the people, because less government helps the country to grow. We need an honest government (an oxymoron I know), that is willing to put the people first and cut spending and waste. However, our lawmakers apparently won’t stand for it, so maybe we need new lawmakers.

In the 1980 Presidential Election campaign, then Candidate Ronald Regan at the conclusion of his debate with then President Jimmy Carter, made his case to the American people. At the end of the debate he asked the people a simple question, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Now here we are forty years later, and we can still ask this question to the American People. Please don’t get selective amnesia, under the George W. Bush Administration the country experienced eight long years a horrible downturn in our economy. Then under the Barack Obama administration America’s fiscal and international relational health experienced such a coronary attack that the body was all but buried. President Obama clearly stated that there was no way that the manufacturing businesses would ever come back to America so don’t expect it to happen which meant that he wasn’t even going to try.

That giant sucking sound of American manufacturers and businesses leaving the country that the late Billionaire and former Presidential Candidate Ross Perot spoke about got even louder. It appears that it was the plan that Hillary Clinton was to be elected president and she had the shovel to finish burying this nation. I don’t believe that she had any more intention to bring this country back to prominence than Russia or China would have about helping to bring America back economically.

But then something happened, the American people decided to get out and vote. The American people (not the illegal immigrants that were illegally voting) put Donald J. Trump, Sr. into the White House with a clear mandate. That mandate was to Make America Great Again. That included but was not limited to, bringing our economy back which he did in less than two years. To bring our manufacturing business back and that he did with more still coming. To make America the number one economic power in the world, and that he did and the economy is getting stronger with America being the largest exporter of energy in the world. To make America the number one military power in the world, and that he did and America is getting stronger. To secure our borders, and he is in the process of doing that and the border is more secure now than it ever was under previous administrations. To stop illegal immigration, which is a work in progress because of a weak congress it is still a fight. To be respected again by other nations around the world (which doesn’t necessarily mean being liked by others but respected), America is now seen as a strong nation that will no longer be pushed around as it was under the previous administrations. To drain the Swamp in Washington and other related positions (also known as the “Deep State”) and he is in the process of doing just that, because that is why the Democratic Left is fighting so hard to remove him from office. The rats are protecting their territory, but the Drain cleaner is on the way.

So to answer the original question that was asked by President Ronald Regan, “Yes!” America is in far better shape than it was four years ago, and as long as the Democratic Left doesn’t have the final say so, then the healing of America will continue.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please write yours in the comment section below.

DISCLAIMER: This posting is not meant to be totally comprehensive but to give you some thoughts for your consumption to research and develop your own opinions.