Plain Truth for Dummies: Global Warming/Climate Change

The subject of Global Warming aka Climate Change is one of the political hot button issues that has touched pretty much every nation in the world. The follow videos cover just a few of the diverse opinions regarding this subject. When you are done I hope that you will be more inclined to continue your own research and come up with your own conclusions.


Even though America is not the biggest offender when it comes to the environment (China and India are), there are countries around the world that are not happy with America pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. President Trump wants to renegotiate a new deal for America, but France’s President, Emmanuel Macron says that the world is not interested in renegotiating a new deal. Jason Grumet and some of the others say that America didn’t have to withdraw from the accord; America could have simply changed what it wanted to change within its portion of the accord since participation is voluntary and not mandatory.

Dr. Neil De Grasse Tyson trusts the reports of those scientist that claim that there is something to be concerned about when it comes to Global Warming. He admits that this area of the scientific spectrum is not his area of expertise. He takes exception to anyone taking a negative decent against the Global Warming reports. He indicates that those persons who are against the notion of Global Warming use their political, cultural and religious philosophies to cherry pick their research report that debunks it. He pointed to fifty one inches of a flood and a recent hurricane that was large enough to cover at least parts of Florida as proof that Global Warming is real. [Please note: that most if not all hurricanes are large enough to cover the majority of most states including Florida. Moreover, it is not unusual for severe floods to be as high as 10-20 feet high.]

This Oklahoma politician tells us that “we as human beings are contributing to it (Global Warming) in a major way.” He also indicated that President Trump’s Earth Science budget is larger than other previous administrations.

Democratic Socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez tells us that the world will end within twelve years unless we spend trillions upon trillions of dollars to fight it and not worry about how it will affect our economy because this is our WWII. Then Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke indicated that the scientists are all unanimous in agreeing on the dangers of Global Warming. There is a dissenting opinion regarding their statement. This is a must watch.


President Donald Trump announces his decision to withdraw America from the Paris Climate Accord, and he shares the reasons for that decision. He believes that the science regarding Global Warming is not accurate and that our contributions to this problem are minuscule. He believes that the Paris Climate Accord was unfair to the American worker and needed to change it.

Patrick J. Michaels, CATO Institute Center for the Study of Science director is truly a leading expert on the weather and science, and he gives his professional understanding on the truth about Global Warming and Climate Change. He says that the surface temperature of the earth has warmed up only 9/10th of one degree within the last one hundred years which is not a lot. And even with that, only about half of that 9/10th “may” have been caused by greenhouse gases. He says that the most recent cycles of warming was in the early part of the 2oth century and one in the latter half of the 2oth century. Dr. Michaels also tells us that the current prediction of Global Warming have been based upon some thirty one computer models that have been deliberately manipulated to give the results that we get now. In other words that Global Warming has been a man-made crisis. He says that the problems we have with the errors in these results are with the scientist and not the science. He tells us that the most accurate computer weather model is owned and operated by the Russians. There is a lot of good stuff in this interview, this is a must watch.

Joe Bastardi is a leading meteorologist and the director of and he notes that this warming and cooling is cyclical and is normal. He also says that the results that we are seeing over the years until now are definitely not man-made. He also addressed the question of solar sunspot activity affecting the energy on earth, and he states that that energy would be held within the oceans because it is a conductor and it would be released from the oceans contributing to the changes in our climate.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, is a world leading Economist and historian. Even though economy is he bailiwick, his propensity to study history on all levels help him to grasps the facts and trends. He gives his views on Global Warming based on his understanding of historical patterns which debunks the Global Warming hysteria.

Dan Pena gives his opinion on the issue of Global Warming. His view is that with all of the hysteria of Global Warming coming from the Left, those businesses particularly those big bankers on the left are conducting business as usual as though they are aware of the truth about Global Warming and they aren’t preparing for the upcoming “crisis,” as though one might think you would if you’re a responsible financial machine.

Dan Pena confirms with some of the experts that this Climate Change phenomena is cyclical and not man-made. He tells us that this information about how the earth’s surface is harnessing the energy from the sun has been known by the experts for at least the last fifty years. He stated that even the Russians know that Global Warming is a scam. He goes into more details within the interview and gives some of the reasons why it is a scam which is in essence all about the money.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, MIT atmospheric physicist and climatologists, tells us not to worry about what we call Climate Change because what is going on in the ocean is normal. Dr. Lindzen says that when scientist says that “the science is settled” then they have stepped outside of the science, and when so many scientists agree like this then it is a red flag. He says that we are sensitive to what politicians believe.

Fox News reporter John Stossel, gives a report of his research findings regarding climate change. Stossel has always been a reporter that looked for the facts and reported them the way he saw them. He continues to do the same thing here.

The Scholarly Debate On the Subject

There are almost always two sides to every story. This is a full debate between two well versed individuals that are on the opposite sides of this issue. The first is Richard Lindzen, MIT professor, and the other is Hadi Dowlatabadi, University of British Columbia-Vancouver. These are two highly educated and esteemed men on the issue, and this “debate” was more of a discussion and they shared the facts as they both understood them. When you focus solely on the facts and not conjecture you will find common ground on which to agree. This was an eye opening interaction. Nevertheless, when it’s all said and done, then you can make your own conclusions. A must watch for those who are serious about the facts.


Dr. Richard Lindzen, an MIT atmospheric physicist and one of the world’s leading climatologists, gives his observation of those who have responded to the Climate Change narrative.

David Icke is known by many as a conspiracy theorist, which could often find himself making statements that some may find controversial. However, David Icke gives some facts that are spot on and that are not widely known but are known by some who understands the insider truth. He shares some of these facts within this interview. He name names and exposes the plans of those who are really behind this Global Warming Crisis. A must watch.

Christopher C. Horner, Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow tells us that the Green New Deal’s proposal starts out with presenting alarming ideologies. It says that it will fix the social ills of the people but would badly exacerbate them instead, while at the same time killing jobs, energy, and increasing poverty. Plus, there is no mention about how the implementation of this program would affect the environment. Joe Bastardi, Director of Weatherbell.Com addressed what appears to be the Democratic Left weaponizing the Climate Change narrative into a political crisis. He tells us that H.L. Mencken a Democrat once said, “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it.”

Hillary Clinton addresses what appears to be an international group and she confesses that she plans not to let a good serious crisis go to waste. She will make political decisions and do what she could not do otherwise without the “crisis.”


The Left is arguing that Global Warming is destroying our planet and if we’re not careful and do something “now” regardless of the effects of the cost to “fix” it, that the planet will be destroyed in twelve years. However, the facts also point to the truth that the planet has historically been going through warming and cooling cycles according to scientific and historical records most likely ever since the earth was created but at the very least since records have been recording the weather. Moreover, humanity has had little if anything to do with this change.

What the Left has learned is that the term “Global Warming” is not something that they can use to promote their crisis theory that the earth is warming until it is destroyed because the facts don’t bear that out, so now they’ve changed the term to “Climate Change.”

Nevertheless, what we can say is that we can still be better stewards of the earth by reducing pollution and properly recycling our waste and avoid nuclear disasters among other things.

With the various so called “facts” about Global Warming or Climate Change now being covered within the main stream media, my main concern is that the Left is trying to use this issue as a tool for their own political gain. This is an issue in and of itself that should cause every citizen of this planet to be leery of. Don’t let political ideology with its hysteria drive your thinking and blind you to the facts, the most important thing that we can start to do now is to do some personal research on this subject and come to your own conclusion…because the truth that you know will set you free.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please write yours below.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to provide a full coverage of the subject, but only to give you some key points to consider while we discuss and review the subject. Please continue to search out the facts for yourself.