The New World Order: What is it and What Do They Want

There was a time not too long ago when the average American could honestly say that they’ve never even heard of the New World Order. In fact, when you’d try to look it up you’d come across something that would usually say that “it’s a conspiracy theory about people who are trying to take over the world” with an implication that there is no truth or facts to support it. Now many people can say that they’ve heard of it but they may not know what it is or what it is all about. The NWO is not yet one particular person or one particular group that we can point to and say here it is, but it is real and it lives and breathes and moves around us; and like most predators if you’re not careful it will strike. This article is an attempt to introduce to the average American some of the basic concepts about what the New World Order (aka) NWO is and what it’s all about. This concept is multifaceted and should be looked at from a number of different perspectives such as spiritual, political, and economical among others.

When you speak about the NWO one thing that you will notice with regularity is a combination of power and money, in fact I would go so far as to call it powerful money. Money that is powerful enough to do almost anything that they want and pretty much get away with it. Money so powerful that a hundred million dollars is no money at all to them but it’s enough to get the average person to sell their soul.


There is a saying that “Birds of a feather flock together.” In other words, it’s not unusual for you to associate freely with others within your own social and economic group. If you are poor, then you will spend your time with other poor friends and associates, the same with the middle class where more likely than not, your friends and associates will usually fall within the same general income range. So would it make sense for the rich and the super-rich to do exactly the same thing? Royals hang out with other royals. Multi-billionaires hang out with other multi-billionaires and so forth. Why? Because you’d have more in common with those in your group than without. Can you imagine a billionaire being thrilled with setting in a Left field bleacher seat enjoying a hot dog and a beer when he or she was used to having their own luxury boxes eating and drinking the finest food and drink that money can buy? Neither can they and that is why they don’t nor why you can’t. Their culture is different, their tastes are different and their thinking is different.

So this leads me to my next question, what do the super-rich who have both money and power really want? The answer that I have heard repeatedly was more money and power.

Moreover, if that is true, then with that in mind the super-rich aren’t working in a vacuum, they network when they need to and it’s for the purpose of securing more money and power. Therefore, when they get together on a project, could it be construed as being a means of securing and enhancing their money and power? These projects (even though you may not know it) would most likely shape laws, media practices, politics, education, corporations, entertainment, family values, and religion. Therefore, when they get together…watch out.

The hypothesis here is that there are some members of the super-rich that have networked together to create what we understand to be the New World Order network, and that this network has a history that goes back even hundreds of years.


One way to describe the NWO is that it is a matrix of various groups with members that come together that meet to support particular interests that serve the overall matrix. Think of it as a player on an athletic team, and each player has his or her own position and is responsible for executing their own assignment that contributes to the overall goal of the game which is to win. There are reportedly a number of groups (and we can’t cover them all here) that make up this matrix but we will start with a couple of the most notable.

When you look into the New World Order (NWO) one name that keeps coming up with relative consistency is that of the Bilderberg Group. Some resources are quick to point out that any allegation of a plot to take over the world or the development of a one world government is purely a conspiracy theory.

This video is less formal and authoritative but it points to a few facts that are interesting to take note. The Bilderberg group was highly supportive of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and didn’t want Trump to win (most likely because the Clinton’s are supportive of a one world government and Trump is an American Nationalist wanting a strong sovereign America). This group wants the USA, Canada and Mexico to merge to become one nation, which would point to why they want open borders. When you look at the Democratic Left’s candidates running for president and you hear their support for illegal immigration, this helps to identify those “Deep Staters” who are likely apart of the NWO fabric.

The Club of Rome is one of those groups that is suspected as being philanthropic on the outside but very suspect on the inside regarding its true goals.

The Club of Rome is likely best known for its report called the “Limits to Growth” (see also videos below). Their proposed concern is that there are simply too many people in the world and that the world’s resources are limited. When you watch the various videos about this subject think about what the implied solution could be to this problem. Then think about how could government reduce the population “problem” and what tools could they use to do it? A major hint, think “Obamacare,” and the single payer system. Think about mandatory immunization and so forth. We plan to post an article in more detail about just that.

The Club of Rome is a group of Scientist, humanist, educators and businessmen. If you want to reduce the population of the world, then one would start by introducing a crisis of world wide proportions. You would need to say that there are more people than there are resources to sustain them. If that is true, then reason would suggest that if they won’t do it voluntarily reduce our consumption then the government would implement involuntarily controls.

Also, please keep in mind with humanist involved in the defining of this problem and the structuring of the solution; it is likely that the final plan no matter how barbaric would reflect that the end results (a smaller well-controlled population) would justify the means. What makes it work or palatable is how you present or define the problem, i.e., “too much pollution, the Ozone is being destroyed, too many straws in the oceans and seas that are being destroyed; and so forth. If we don’t do something now to curtail it then we’re in trouble;” concepts that would normally enlist the sympathetic understanding of the average person.

This video attempts to “explain” or “clarify in today’s language” the message of this book Limits to Growth. It goes chapter by chapter summarizing what each chapter is saying. What you want to pay particular attention to is Chapter #4 which, (starts at 8:07 on the video) which covers “Overshoot Can be avoided through forward looking Global Policy.” Please note when it mentions the need to “stabilize the population.” That strongly implies governmental intervention to control and reduce the population numbers.

In the following chapter it admits that according to their statistics that the world has already overshot it’s resources starting in the 1980’s. So how will the world’s governments plan to correct and control an “over populated” planet? Look about you, encouraged abortion, destabilizing marriage and family, government controlled single payer health insurance that will not cover everyone’s illnesses, new diseases coming out of nowhere, governmental contamination of the environment, manipulation of the food and its quality, the inculcation of very dangerous and illegal drugs, subliminal encouragement of violence, and so much more. People this is scary.

The next group of NWO participants is the Committee of 300. If you read the introduction within the attached link, you will see that the author identifies this group as one of those that were organized for the purpose of controlling global governments, economies and governmental militaries. Moreover, when you watch the video please note some of the individual members of this group; you will recognize them I’m sure.

This video goes into details that cover so many areas all in one place that you won’t find in many other videos. Yes, it’s a longer video but it’s worth the watch.

America is under attack by her enemies both foreign and domestic. Not everyone that is running for office, who holds the office of mayor’s office, a governor’s office, sits as a judge or justice, who is in congress, or any public office that is to serve the people are working to protect and serve as well as defend the American Constitution. In fact, many are in office for the sole purpose of trying to destroy America. You need to know this and you need to figure out who they are. The Left has demonized President Donald Trump but the truth is he is trying to save this country’s integrity while his enemies are trying to destroy this country. Just open your mind for a moment and look at what he’s doing and what his opponents are saying and doing and see exactly who is working for you and who is working against you. You need to know who your real friends are.

Dr. John Coleman is well versed on the subject of the 300 along with a number of the other “secret societies” that make up our NWO matrix. This link is a copy of his book on the subject “The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.” I also encourage you to view the very last page of his book which gives a diagram of the relationships of these organizations.


David Chikvaidze, Chief-of-Cabinet, Director General of the United Nations in Geneva, Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science gives his take on the NWO in the 21st Century. He doesn’t speak in terms of the traditional conspiracy theory ideology but instead addresses the subject in terms of global world relations.

The Chicago Humanities Festival presents Stephen Walt and Steve Edwards to share their Liberal Humanistic views about how President Trump’s presidency is and will shape the New World Order via foreign relations.

The NWO from a Christian perspective and explained well by Dr. Perry Stone. He sums it up pretty well based upon facts.

The NWO from another Christian perspective is explained here, (specifically starting at 13:00) how the events going on within this world are reflected within the Christian Bible, and more specifically you as Americans.

This presenter gives a perspective that could have come from an insider’s understanding of this issue. He covers quickly a number of things that are useful for you to know.


First off, if you’re going to have a one world government, then you need to have a platform where the nations of the world can meet, discuss and decide the governmental business of the world; enter the United Nations. This short video is an absolute MUST WATCH!!!

Secondly, after you have your United Nations platform, then you would need a worldwide judicial system and that is where the International Court of Justice comes in. This video gives some of the history, purpose and insider perspectives on this international court.

There is a saying that money makes the world go around, and in order to get to where the global economy need to be on a global level then the globalist need to have a currency system that they can completely control. The American dollar is called by many a fiat currency but it doesn’t give the NWO the control it seeks. They want to have something in place more like the Euro, but even with the Euro they want to have more control than what the Euro can provide. That would likely be something closer to Bitcoin, moving completely from a cashless system.

However, if and until they can reach that point, there needs to be some mechanism in place to stabilize and control the economic systems that are already in place. That is where the International Monetary Funds and the World Bank, come in. There is a lot more to this economic story than what you will see here, however, this video is more like a promotional brochure that is simply to introduce you to the two major economic institutions on a global scale.

The United Nations have International Peacekeeping Forces (that’s military personnel made available to the UN by various nations from around the world. In spite of the presentation that these Peacekeepers are “Keepers of the Peace” please keep in mind that they are still the military and they will do what the military are often called to do. The bottom line is that the UN has its own international world military (such as it is).

It’s no small matter when the world decided that it needed its own police department that it has been given the “authority” to go across international borders. Currently, its power is “limited,” and it works with local law enforcement agencies, but the key point here is that the structure is currently in place for the one world government to further develop it as it deems necessary. The name of this police force? International Criminal Police Organization aka INTERPOL

Symbolism in Plain Sight

There is a statue that embodies the globalist vision for the world. It is called the Sphere within Sphere, by Pomodoro in the Cortile della Pigna , Vatican Rome. To the untrained and unknowing eye it’s simply an unusual peace of art. However, to those who know its true meaning it shows a new world coming out of an existing world. This statue is located at several places two of which is the Vatican in Rome and the other outside of the United Nations.


This New World Order and the globalist agenda is truly a vast multifaceted subject that in all fairness cannot be fully covered here. However, there are some who may think that there was some sort of shift in time that sped up the globalist agenda when Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika (restructuring) movement proved to be more than just for the Soviet Union, but for the world and that the dismantling of the Berlin Wall was simply one of the logical steps to bringing the nations closer to a New World Order.

On some level everything that happens and every decision that is made within the governments of this world has at least in part something to do with acting or reacting to the pull of a one world government.

If you’ve been paying attention through this series of videos then you would have recognized some names and faces of just a handful of the usual suspects when it comes to being proponents of the New World Order; names such as George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, George Soros, Pope Francis, and so many more. If this is true (and I believe it is) then you now have a better understanding of the goal of the NWO plus, you now have through hind sight an explanation of their political and policy decisions. If you’re in doubt then you can add that to your next homework assignment. Up until now, these “clandestine” groups were shrouded in secrecy along with their purpose and goals so as to not to bring attention to themselves. Their plan was to have Hillary Clinton to win the presidency and to fulfill their purpose through her and then by that time it wouldn’t have mattered who knows because their plan would have been in motion.


President Donald J. Trump, Sr. is an anomaly, meaning that he doesn’t fit the apparent profile of those who are super-rich that we’ve mentioned above. Initially I thought that he might be just like the others however, now that he’s in power, he is doing everything that he can to stabilize this country and that is giving the globalist fits. We can see this play out all around us. He is making promises and keeping them. It has become clear to me that he was placed in this office by the Creator for a time such as this.

You can and should continue with your study of this subject yourself as I hope that you would, then you will see other groups and individual players that are contributing to the chaos that is going on within the world and how it effects you as an American.

What makes this particular posting more significant is that it lays the foundation for other related posting that are coming soon and therefore it was necessary for you to understand this concept first.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please write yours below.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to cover the subject completely. It is to present to you an introductory level of the subject so that it would encourage and concern you enough to research this on your own.