The Global Civil War: With Countries and World Divided

What we are seeing going on in America and in parts of the world is not your imagination, it is the 21st Centuries version of a civil war. It’s not the North against the South, it’s the Globalist aka New World Order verses the Nationalist aka Patriot; in other words, those who want every country every nation of the world to give up her sovereignty as an independent nation and become a part of a one world government also known as the New World Order. That would mean that for the world, there would be one person making decisions for you and your country from the other side of the world. S/he may not even know anything about you or your country’s needs, but the decisions that would be made would be based upon his or her desires and those decisions would be final with no reciprocity.

This post is an attempt to introduce to you in a short and simple fashion the conflict that is going on around us. You know that something is gravely wrong and you feel the tension even more daily and when you watch the news but you can’t quite put your finger on it as to why it is happening. I will attempt to answer that question for you. It is almost too bizarre to be true, but it is.

SO WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? (A Pro-Globalist View)

If you haven’t reviewed our last post “The New World Order: What is it and What do they want?” then you’re going to want to do that before you complete reviewing this post, because things will make more sense to you if you do. For those of us who have reviewed that post, then you have an idea where we’re going in this one.

In this video, historian Yuval Noah Harari who is pro-globalist, gives his views on the differences between Nationalism vs. Globalism. He believes that the world has global problems and that it can only be solved through global solutions. He believes that the world was moving forward globally and that now in 2016 with the election of President Trump that it has taken a step backward.

The Globalist Push

The globalist behind the NWO movement has made it clear that (in the name of peace and order) that there will be a NWO which is a one world government. They say that this will happen whether we like it or not, and that we will succumb to this movement either voluntarily or by force. Please understand the gravity of that statement when they say that they are willing to use force if necessary. That means unrestricted warfare whether fair or not or if they have to be deceptive or not, just as long as their objectives are met. Their targets are every sovereign and independent nation of the world which includes the United States of America.

As incredible as it may sound, there’s a relatively small group of the wealthy elite that owns and controls in one form or another the over whelming majority of the world and what goes on within it. It isn’t enough that they control and influence what they do have; they want to own and control the entire world. However, in order to do that they would need every country to give up their governmental sovereignty. Why is that important, because if you can control the government of that country then you can control the people within that country?

First of all in order for something like this to work, that you would need to have as many cooperating nations working together agreeing to a binding constitution as a foundation onto which to build. Enter in the United Nations, they have proposed a plan to divide the world into ten regions. Here is a link to another blog that gives more details.

The Nationalist/Patriotist Push Back

It’s important to keep in mind that the term “Nationalist” does not mean “White Nationalist.” In fact, the term Nationalist or Nationalism was historically always used to identify a patriotic perspective. When we use the term “Chinese Nationalist” or “African Nationalist” everyone knows exactly what we mean, i.e., a person born or a citizen of those countries who considers themselves patriots of those countries. Moreover, when you read about Chinese Nationalist Chiang Kai-sheck you learn that in spite of his methods, he was for putting China first. It is unfortunate that a racist group has hijacked “Nationalist” as a part of their identity; however, it still doesn’t diminish the root meaning of Patriotism for those who want to see and have a strong sovereign America. The Democratic Left in America has weaponized the term against anyone who wants to espouse patriotic principles.

Nationalist (Nationalism) in America believe that America is the greatest country in the world. Yes, we have our issue, which includes poverty, racism, sexism, crime, taxes, lying politicians, and a number of other problems that you could actually find in other countries, but in spite of it all America is still the greatest nation. There are those who could make a sound argument to the contrary but when you compare apples with apples there is no doubt that America is the greatest. In fact, even with all of their criticisms those same critics would not choose to live anywhere else in the world.

Nationalist believe in borders, and sense of self-identity. They believe in capitalism and hard work. They believe in right and wrong, and they don’t call good bad and bad good. They believe that the government should be looking out for the interest and welfare of its citizens and not trying to deceive them. Nationalist believe in God and the freedom to worship that God along with the freedom to express your faith without penalty. Nationalist believe that except for the cause of birth defects and severe handicaps that if you don’t work you don’t eat, and being paid an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. Nationalist believe in the willingness to defend your family, community and your country even till death. Nationalist believe in saluting the flag and reciting the National Anthem because living in this country is a privilege and not a right. They believe in a strong military because they believe that the stronger the military the more likely it will keep the peace. Nationalist believe in the freedom of speech and the right to agree to disagree and will defend your right to say that very thing that even they themselves disagree with; and last but not least Nationalist believe in the US Constitution and the Rule of Law and expect that every public official to be bound to uphold it for the sake of liberty and the posterity of all Americans.

In short, the Nationalist embrace their freedoms and their sovereignty and they are not ready or willing to give that up.

The American Branch of the NWO Cabal at work

Enter in the globalist who are fully aware of this premise and has infiltrated throughout the government’s structure through hook or crook on every level in an attempt to change the foundation of our government, i.e., by ignoring the Constitution, changing legal and social normative rules and creating various crisis’s in such a way that they can force this nation to move into the NWO system.

We can look around and see that the globalist have moved into the driver’s seat in a number of the other countries and within the administration of the United Nations with the goal of dissolving the sovereignty of the independent nations. It apparently was working particularly with the nations that make up the European Union.

However, there is one problem; the elephant in the room is the United States of America. America is a nation that was founded on freedom, they have fought wars for their freedom, and even the minority groups have protested and shed blood to purchase their freedom. It was founded as a Christian nation (which doesn’t mean that everyone in it is Christian just that the Constitutional principles were based upon Christian principles) which promotes freedom. In other words, freedom and independence has been woven within its very fabric and is a part of its DNA and the people will not easily give that up without a fight. Moreover, Americans have guns, lots and lots of guns. So if you want to take away their freedom then you have to also take away their guns, destroy religious freedoms and destroy their economy.

Enter in (among others) key players such as Richard M. Nixon, Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The policies that they’ve embraced and how they’ve managed this nation’s economy, defense systems, and foreign relations should make one obviously suspicious as to their motives about the welfare and direction into which they were guiding this nation.

In this video, leading historian and economist Dr. Thomas Sowell gives his views on the actions of President Barack Obama and the Left in this regard.

The Cabal’s “Plan A” Doesn’t Work, Trump is Elected President

The Left had a plan, and it was working right on schedule. Hillary Clinton would win and take a weakened America into the NWO. Then enter Donald J. Trump, Sr., someone who doesn’t share your political views and aspirations. When someone announces that he is going to enter the race for president against you and he knows all of the players and all of the tricks and where all of the bodies you have buried are and he’s not owned by any group because he has his own money, then you are now very concerned and you have to find a means of discrediting him before he exposes you.

Look at this video and look at it very carefully. It was masterfully constructed to give a message within a message. Look at the timing of each person and subject that comes up corresponding to the president’s subject matter. It tells us that the establishment includes the Obama’s and the Clinton’s et al, and they are out for themselves and don’t have your interest at heart. It tells us the Trump campaign is a “true existential threat.” That means that Trump is outside of their establishment and cannot be controlled as the other candidates and those within the establishment. It tells us that this election (2016) was a crossroads in the history of our nation, because the globalist was only one step away from bringing America to her knees and burying her as a sovereign nation.

Moreover, the same group that is trying to stop the Trump campaign is the exact same ones that are responsible for the problems that we are experiencing in this nation such as massive illegal immigration, the poor economic and foreign policies that have bled America dry. Other nations of the world know this and although they are benefiting from the betrayal of the Bush, Clinton et al, leadership they had also grown to disrespect America because most American’s are willfully blind to the truth that is right before them while allowing their political loyalties to continue to kill this nation. As much as these countries like China and Russia hate America, they have gained far more respect for America because it is now fighting back under President Trump.

This same group of treacherous leaders is also a part of the same group that is contributing to the world’s problems. This group is complicit in the factories and jobs leaving this country and going to other countries which were in turn responsible in part for America’s economic downturn. There were people making money but it wasn’t the average American citizen because the globalists were trying to eradicate the middle class and they almost succeeded.

The Cabal’s “Plan B” Plots to Unseat a Duly Elected President

We’ve seen a glimpse of the Cabal and how the elites worked through a few former US presidents who seemingly want to guide America into such a state of desperation that it would be vulnerable to giving up her sovereignty and becoming a part of the global government.

First off, what is a Cabal? It’s important to know. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is the contrived schemes of a group of persons secretly united in a plot (as to overturn a government) also: a group engaged in such schemes.

Why is this important? Because to create this much of a monumental shift in our government would be no accident. It would take 1) people in key positions within America to go along with this plot, and not just a few. It would take decision makers along with power brokers, i.e., people who can influence the public. 2) It would take money, lots and lots of money; the super-rich that can buy off those who are the gatekeepers of America. Have you ever wondered how people in a public office such as Congress and state and local governments with a posted limited salary can after a few years all of a sudden be worth millions of dollars? Keep that question in mind. 3) Then it would likely take a promise that those same inside individuals would receive a promise that they would maintain a safe and prominent position within the new order.

There was without a doubt a “Plan B” to bring down the duly elected president and it would include paying for phony documents that would lie against the new president, and an attempt to circumvent our current laws by involving international contacts. It would also include lying under oath to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) based upon a bogus Steel Dossier. Then in order to give their plan sufficient weight, they would inundate this fraud to the mainstream media that would report it daily as truth. A naive, weak minded unsuspecting public would believe it and give them their support.

And they almost got away with it…

Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump was supposed to have won the election, because according to suspicion the fix was in such as there were extra votes boxed away in various counties and illegal voters who would vote in multiple counties in various states. That was the plan of the Democratic Left, however, something happened. Donald J. Trump, Sr. was elected the 45th President of the United Stated anyway in spite of their efforts.

So the Cabal planned on having him removed from office through impeachment. They needed to charge him with election violations and have him discredited within the legal process and the media. In this video, Dan Bongino (author and political commentary) gives his version of the illegal activity undertaken by the Globalist Democratic Left.

Another brilliant tactic of this war was that the Left appointed a Special Council headed by Democrat Robert Mueller to investigate the alleged collusion with the Russians by the Republican Trump team. The interesting thing about this Special Council was that it was filled with all anti-Trump Democrats and not one person from the Republican Party was even considered. What’s more is that there were members of this probe that were on the Hillary Clinton team.

…but they got caught in their own trap!

Here in this video we see the beginning of a public disclosure of the breakdown from the local cabal plot against the President Elect with the beginnings centered around the work of Hillary Clinton. No one expected President Trump to win the election and no one expected that plans would be necessary to try to remove him from office because as it stood then and now, President elect Trump was a Patriot and he wanted a strong and sovereign America and not to be a part of the one world government that the Bush’s, the Clinton’s and the Obama’s planned for. Therefore, with that being the case, there needed to be plans developed to remove him from office.

That is why they weaponized the government offices of the FBI, the CIA, the D.O.J. to try to discredit him and to charge him falsely.

There is more documentation that prove that the Hillary Clinton campaign was involved in the illegal spying on the Trump campaign, moreover, there is documented evidence that prove the Obama’s DOJ has provided immunity to Hillary Clinton for her participation in her illegal activity. This is just the suspected tip of the iceberg regarding the cover-up of the cabal’s activity to unseat a duly elected president.


Moreover, because of the ownership of the major news outlets, it was possible to give the news media daily talking points that would get Americans (and the world) to consistently hear and then believe that President Trump was a racist and bad for America. They would get the people to believe that he was put into office through the help of the Russians, when in fact it was likely the Clinton campaign that sought the help of the Russians to help her to win the election.

When the War is Fought In Plain Sight

The most powerful weapon that the globalist Left has is that of the media. When you control “everything” that people see, hear and read then you can strongly influence what they think. No doubt what you believe about our present government has everything to do with your constant contact with the media that you patronize.

When you take a closer look at the various media outlets you can see a clear media bias against the Conservative Right. There is an old idiom, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” A small group of powerful individuals and corporations own about 90% of the major media market. Groups like ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and FOX News which are owned and or controlled by the globalist, and they reportedly give their news outlets their daily talking points. You can also see this in that they will say the exact same thing each and every day.

So again, if the one who pays the piper calls the tune, then what are the tunes that are being paid for by the pipers? It is anti-Trump and anti-conservative rhetoric that demonizes everything that is said and done by President Donald Trump and his administrations. Facts, aren’t important, it is only important to them that they inundate the public with their talking points and they know that if they continuously pound the public that it will become their truths as well.

This editor believes that within the last few months, President Trump may have tweeted his understanding that the mainline media (aka) Fake News, all receive their daily “Talking Points,” at 4:00 AM each morning. If this is true, then this would allow them to develop those talking points, bring on their guest speakers and speak with one voice. The American public would be hearing their talking points in stereo, and for those Americans that don’t know any better, it would continue to feed into their Anti-Trump and Anti-American ideology. [Parenthetically, as an aside most Americans that are seeking truth in the media are looking to the private citizen media that they hope they can trust.]

Less we miss the point and think a number of these social normative morph-isms are merely distractions, we could miss that these are battle fronts at which the Left is trying to gain ground in the name of increased social and legal control. Those on the Left do represent the NWO’s globalist perspectives and the characteristics that we see of that side is reflected in the areas such as:

Same-Sex marriage, Political Correctness, Transgenderism, Trans humanism, Anti-Judaeo-Christian ethics, Open Borders, Antisemitism, Healthcare for all with a single government payer system, Anti-American rhetoric, Always Claiming those who disagree with you are Racist Sexist/Homophobic/Islamophobic, Anti-Police, Pro-Socialist, Anti-Trump, Anti-God, Pro-Abortion, and so forth.

There’s a common theme and thread running through all of these issues and that is that they are all tentacles connected to the Left wing and they are all a part of the globalist agenda. The general strategy with this is a typical military strategy in that its purpose is to divide your forces and conquer them. The average American is caught up in simply trying to deal with the tsunamic onslaught of these legal and social normative demands so that they can keep their job, pass their classes, and not be an outcast by those who are now in control, that they’re too busy to focus on what is really going on behind the scenes with the Deep-State.

Furthermore, these issues (some more subtle than others) are all designed to take away our Constitutional Liberties. The battle is intensifying and we see that it has gotten to the point where people are being physically assaulted, and taken to court because their Constitutional rights are being assaulted even by the government.

The war continues as we see how the globalist Left uses tactics to intimidate those who express their dissent against their opinions. This short video is an excellent example of how this works. We’ve recently seen Joaquin Castro weaponized the list of names of Trump donors in an attempt to identify and hurt those businesses that gave to a related campaign.

A Biblical perspective

Dr. Perry Stone gives his Biblical interpretation along with the developments past and current events and how it comes together to fulfill Biblical Prophecy for the future.

This link will take you to a document with an audio link that gives one Biblical perspective on a believed coming of a one world government or NWO. Tomorrow’s World article: the Coming one world government.

THE MUELLER REPORT (Special Council’s) Report is Completed

After approximately two years and millions of tax payer dollars was used to pay towards an investigation that the President’s team claims the Left new was a scam from the very beginning, the official conclusion… no collusion and no (tangible evidence of) obstruction. There was a backlash from the Democratic Left that tried to say that there was implied obstruction because the president talked to someone on his staff and wanted to fire Mueller but changed his mind, but in the end there was no evidence to pursue.

The Left was depending on the Mueller Report to provide something onto which they could hang their hats on, but instead they received an exculpatory report. Their ace in the hole was “trumped” by their own teammate’s report. However, nevertheless, the Left decreed that they were not giving up. They were going to find something…they had to find something because now they themselves were in deep (“do-do”) trouble.

What Attorney General William Barr is indicating now when he addressed the committee is that now that the Special Council’s work is done, he wants to investigate the investigators; to look into the genesis of this “Spy-gate” saga and who started it. He believes that there is enough evidence to suggest that there was spying on the Donald Trump campaign and that there was improper use of official government agencies and resources to do just that. If what the Attorney General is saying is true, then some people could be looking at some serious jail time in a federal prison.

One of the sickest feelings in the world has got to be when two men are dueling with pistols and the first person aims fires and misses and then he watches the second man take his time and properly aim to return fire. This no doubt is how the Left is feeling now. They’ve taken their best shot, fired and missed their target, so now; it’s the Conservative Right’s turn to return fire.

In this short video, Senator Lindsey Graham asks then Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh questions about the law as it pertains to those who collaborate with the enemy of this country and how they are treated. The essence is that they would be treated as traitors to America and are likely subject to military law and proceedings. This is a dog whistle if there ever was one. That means that everyone who is and has been working to undermine the Constitution of the United States and to unseat a duly elected president runs the real risk of being arrested, tried and convicted as a traitor to this country. The results are usually life in military prison or execution. This is why the global Left is fighting so hard to find something, anything to impeach President Trump. They have to get him before he gets them. This is why they have used the media to bombard the public with disinformation (and misinformation). The Left is literally fighting for their very lives, and their problems are that now there is so much documentation and witnesses of their illicit collaborations with foreign entities that they see the consequences as a reality.

However, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano, (who appears to be a Left winged supporter) states that the President of the United States (from the time of Jimmy Carter until the present) could legally order a wire tap of anyone without going through the FISA court. It is in the FISA statutes and would not be considered illegal. President Obama could have ordered surveillance of the Trump campaign and it may have been immoral according to this judge but it would not have been illegal. Judge Napolitano concludes that if Hillary Clinton was in trouble in her run for the White House President Obama could have ordered the legal surveillance of the Trump team to benefit her. It would have been immoral but it would have been legal.

However, Gregg Jarrett, Legal Analyst (who apparently is a Right Winged supporter) stated [see at 3:00 in video] that if Obama did it (for political purposes) then he was wrong and had committed a crime, it is called the “Abuse of Power, deprivation of rights under color of law.” Obama could not deprive Candidate Trump of his Constitutional Rights to privacy and his 4th Amendment rights.” And so we see that this war continues on.

Nevertheless, the fraudulent FISA applications submitted for those four warrants used by the Left to promote this investigation was apparently a violation of federal law and is the predicate that is the basis for the DOJ’s counter investigation.


As it stands at present, the Department of Justice under attorney William Barr is investigating everyone and everything having to do with this cabal. One of the nation’s top prosecutors John Durham from Connecticut has been assigned to investigate the original Russia probe investigation. He is good, very good and many believe he will get to the bottom of this. Those of us who yearn for truth and justice should be satisfied to finally know the truth and pray that the swamp’s draining will begin.

With all of this being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of a sudden a number of congressmen and government officials, judges and corporate heads and leaders all decided that this was a good time to take a long one way vacation out of the country.

Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said:

“At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? — Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never! — All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

In other words, America is strong enough to withstand the attacks of any foe, and no one can do anything to us that would or could destroy us as a nation, however, the danger of our destruction could only be because of the enemy from within. It is only those whom we have placed within a position of power and trust to service and protect our people and our constitution that could betray us and be the cause of our destruction.

Yes, this is a war and there is no middle ground standing between the two ideologies. Either you are for maintaining your identity and your uniqueness although flawed but still with the ability to strive to improve yourself and your surrounding even through trial and error; or you are for giving up and surrendering who and what you are, to become a part of something that is more important than you ever were or your needs. They want to do this in the name of peace, but what they are doing is grabbing for absolute power, and according to the words of Lord Acton, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

So Can This Political Corruption of the DC Swamp be Drained?

Kimberly Strassel, of the Wall Street Journal is the speaker at Hillsdale College, and she attempts to answer the indigenous question that the average Red Blooded America asks themselves and hopes to have their America back again.

Our Challenge to YOU!!!

You are called to take a side and make a stand, and if you do not then the globalist Left will be happy to make your decision for you. Pretending as though it doesn’t exist and that it doesn’t involve you will not work. If given the opportunity they will find you and your life as you know it will end. Therefore, you are called to be a Patriot in this 21st Century, a modern day Minute Man that is quick to listen, react and take up your resources to defend yourself, God and country even until the ultimate price is paid.

If We’re Not Careful and Diligent in Defending our Freedoms then…

A FINAL REMINDER: The globalist Left want to erase everything that is good about this country and take away the reminders of the bad so that we’re more likely to repeat them. They want to take away our identity as a nation as though America and you never existed. Moreover, they will do it, if we let them.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please write yours below.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be a copious covering of the subject but just an attempt to present some of the key points for your consideration to research and contribute to the discussion.