Fake News: When No “News” Is Not Good News

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When we really think about it, most of us really want to know the truth no matter how much it hurts, except when she walks in and turns around and asks you, “does my butt look big in this dress?” That’s when the truth can hurt you more than her, so you give her the… fake news.

However, the obvious question here is what is Fake new? My simple answer would be information that is presented as truthful when in reality what is presented is deliberately inaccurate with the intention to deceive.

Moreover, for me and for this article I would also have to add that within the genre of fake new it also includes the willful manipulation of any news platform that inhibits the free speech and the free exchange of ideas so as to manage the narrative in the public square.

This short video although not directly in and of itself a news reporting event, it still points to an example of how certain subjects and issues are used to misrepresent the facts so that they can deceive the public. The general purpose of reporting fake news is to deceive the public so that you could more easily manipulate them.

[Video starts at 2:15] This is a must watch. Fake news as we currently understand it started approximately two months before the end of the 2016 election. President Barack Obama appeared to be giving the media their marching orders to review and challenge everything that was said by then candidate Donald Trump. Did it have anything to do with Obama being concerned that Trump and the Right would make a concerted effort to make the public aware of the Deep State, the poor foreign policies, the poor economic and social policies that would undermine their insidious plans to deconstruct America? If not it is certainly a huge coincidence isn’t it?

However, poor reporting, inaccurate reporting and reporting that had various political and social bias’s (aka fake news) was always going on long before this alleged Obama Spy-gate scandal started. Nevertheless, this was different; in hind sight Obama’s call to arms to the fake news media was not aimed at the Conservative Right or at a Republican Party as with Watergate, instead it was specifically aimed and focused against Donald J. Trump. All of the intense vitriol over the past three years was done with one person in mind. And if you’d notice that no matter what President Trump has said or done it is met in the media with a searing venomous retort by the Left. That’s not normal, because even a broken clock is right two times a day.


Sharyl Attkisson tells us that when fake news (like CNN) controls what you see and hear then you know that you can’t trust what you’re getting through that media, it becomes like North Korea and it loses its credibility.

Fake News Has Multiple Means of Lying to You …

Fake news is not just deception by commission, it is also a deception by omission, in other words, lying by intentionally leaving out the pertinent facts in their reporting.

This shows how one reporter left out a significant portion of a video that recorded the heated exchange between two news personalities. This reporting was likely intended to mislead the public to believe that the wrong person was culpable for the exchange. This is characteristic with Fake News.

Fake News Removes Your Voice From the Public Square…

In demonstrating the importance of free speech and the need to protect it along with the protection of a free press, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America reads as follows:

Amendment I

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Now that’s a mouthful for just one amendment, however, as we ferret out those points that relate to the media, we can see that our founding fathers wanted to make sure that every American citizen had their freedom of speech fully protected under the law, along with the press. Moreover, with the freedom of speech being a Constitutional right there should be no question that every institution should be quick to defend any American’s right to speak in the public square. Furthermore, when a free press is no longer free, you can also see the correlation between that loss, and the loss of an individual’s freedom of speech.

The purpose of the press having protection by the Constitution makes sense when you consider that at any time there could be a change in the political climate and then those in power would want the press silenced or manipulated, therefore, it is important not to muzzle or manipulate the free press. People by their very nature, innately believe what the press reports are true because they are the “experts,” and that belief has been a part of our culture since its inception. Therefore, those in journalism have an ethical responsibility to focus on the objective facts and not any form of bias. The public must be able to receive the facts and afterward make up their own minds regarding their positions.

It is no small matter that when people are running for public office that the media is required to give both or all candidates equal time. The press is called to be an entity of integrity that always seeks the truth. When the free press has been tainted then that is a sure sign of a corrupt government. Therefore, when a government is corrupt almost always its people will instinctively know it by observing its press.

The press wasn’t formed for the benefit of big government or corporate conglomerates, it was formed for the sole benefit of the people, the citizens of the country. When the government, private or political interest groups can control and corrupt (influence) what was once the free press then, it becomes like what we find in Russia, China, North Korea and other Socialist and Communist nations where you cannot trust what is reported because it is not working in the best interest of the people. The best news is the truth, the unvarnished truth. That is why our press must be protected, but even more we must insist that our press be honest and truthful with us and not politically biased.

It is because of this media corruption that private citizens have responded and took to develop their own citizen media as a means to communicate the truth. When government and special interest seek to blind and muzzle the people through an untrustworthy press, then the people will somehow find a way to communicate that truth. Mainline media has no legitimate excuse regardless of motivation, there is no excuse for doing the wrong thing for the “right reason,” because in the end it is still the wrong thing. The press is different and should be beyond reproach, those who run the media must be people of honesty and integrity and seekers of the truth even when it hurts.

When any news media platform decides that they will only tell you what they want you to hear, see and know and not the “rest of the story,” and then you are made aware of this fact, that is when you have to decide for yourself if you can continue to place your trust in that particular media platform.

Fake News Uses “Hate Speech” as a Tool for Censorship…

Freedom of speech is a wonderful and powerful freedom to have. We must understand that to have that freedom along with the ability to express our ideas and beliefs as a result of that freedom also comes with responsibilities and natural consequences. There is an idiom that says, “Your freedom extends until it gets to the tip of my nose and no further.” That implies that we do have to manage our own freedoms so that we do not intentionally harm others.

However, with this new 21st Century political correctness that created “hate speech,” it has broadly defined hate speech as anything that the Left winged position disagrees with, which also includes when someone on the Left gets their feelings hurt or becomes offended by you in any way. Political correctness says that if they are offended by you, then you have to do something so that they will feel better (would that be to change their diapers). Back in the day there was a saying that the children had, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names (words) will never hurt me.” Apparently that has changed, people have become a lot more sensitive today than we were years ago. When we slipped and fell we just picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and continued on. Today, men have much lower testosterone levels and women…well, you figure it out.

However, with this move to eliminate anything and everything that could possibly hurt someone on the Left’s feelings, the media platforms that are owned and operated by the Left have been de-platforming all conservative speech, regardless of its context. If you have been identified as a conservative Right Winger then whatever you say is viewed as hate speech and therefore either your content is removed or your account is closed. Therefore, because of that, we have now seen a new battleground develop.

Fake New Social Media Purges Conservative Voices From It’s Platforms…

Facebook has started to de-platform the Conservative voices from its media platform. They do it in the name of anti-hate speech but when you look closer at those whom they’ve removed from their platform and what they’ve said compared to the liberal Left’s venomous speech and conduct then it becomes clear that there is a bias against the Conservative voice. The radical Left has never been de-platformed for even more incendiary speech.

The evidence of selective bias is made even more evident in this video, where this podcast show host was racially slurred and physically threatened for speaking about his benign conservative views; and when he compared them with the racial slurs and threats against his life made from the radical Left… that is when he sadly learned that the Facebook staff would do nothing to address it. So who’s the real racist here? It obviously appears to be the Left.

Alex Jones of INFOWARS is an internet podcaster who was banned from several social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Instagram. They say that he has consistently broken their policies pertaining to speech and therefore, they had to remove him from their platforms. Could it be that his reports are hitting too close to home for the elitist Cabal and now they are very uncomfortable? I grant you that Alex Jones appears to be an assertive boisterous personality and sometimes his reports seems to produce a lot of smoke, but as the saying goes “where there is smoke there is (usually) fire.”

There are former employees of Google who have since become informants against the giant tech company and they all are saying basically the same thing, that Google’s policies and practices are specifically biased against the Conservative voice and they are actively either removing them from their platform or using their algorithmic system to bury them deeper back into their search system while at the same time promoting the Leftist view. Some experts say that this is dangerous because this can heavily influence elections.

Fake News Social Media: Open Platform or Publishers

The overarching argument that You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are making is that they simply provide an open platform that allows others use and they do not control the content of what others are placing on it. Therefore, the understanding is that legally because they have claimed this status the government has exempted them from prosecution for liable.

However, if they were to control and censor what is allowed and presented on their platforms, the argument would be that they’d be considered publishers. Publisher can and do control their platforms and because of that status they are legally liable for what’s on their platform.

The problem is that these social media platforms all want to be open platforms because of the benefits but they want to have the editing and censoring power of a publisher. They shouldn’t have both but they apparently appear to be doing both. Legally that shouldn’t be possible and that is the conundrum that is before us, and moreover, congress needs to make sure this is addressed and clarified immediately.

Fake News Social Media Violating the Constitution…

You Tube like the other social media platforms announced its policy to ban Hate Speech videos. They define it as being, “…alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion based on qualities such as age, gender, race, cast, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.” This is a documentation of You Tube’s decision to blatantly violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Why am I saying this? Because even speech that you disagree with, assuming that it is in and of itself within the law (e.g., not slanderous or liable) is speech that cannot lawfully be suppressed. See “… or abridging the freedom of speech,”

Furthermore, I would also argue that when someone has a channel on You Tube or any of the other social media platforms, that each one individually is maintaining a form of their personal media or in essence their press platform. In other words, they are a platform within that social media platform. They are sharing and marketing to the public both information and commerce, through the larger platforms.

Let me give you an example, it’s like an independent podcaster renting out space in a building owned by a larger radio station. The radio station allows the independent podcaster to operate its own broadcast to the public but eventually the radio station tells the podcaster what they are and aren’t allowed to say on its own podcast because “You’re in my building and I don’t like what you’re saying. Change your message or get out.” The fact that the podcaster is renting space in their building doesn’t diminish the podcaster’s First Amendment rights let alone its rights as a tenant. Therefore, they (those who use social media) are using the subspace as a media within the larger platform, and are protected by the same Constitution as the major media, see, “… or of the press;”

Precis Summary: In short, what the social media platforms have done was allow the general public to become their own media press within their general platform.

Fake New Uses Other Forms of Attacks To Stop Media Personalities…

There are other platforms on which there are attacks of those who have their own Podcasts, Web-blogs and Websites. When a journalist makes a statement or takes a position that is unpopular with the Left then there is unusually some form of an organized push back campaign mentioned through the other media platforms targeting that person or group. The reaction is usually more like what you will see in the video below:

Nancy Rommelmann, is a journalist, author and podcaster of “#MeNeither” out of Portland, Oregon. Her platform was created to encourage dialogue for those who want to discuss sensitive topics that many people feel uncomfortable with. She indicated in her work that she believes that the #MeToo movement has not always been fair to those who were accused of being sexually inappropriate without due process. She was vilified for her position and within forty eight hours she was verbally attacked and both her and her husband’s businesses were in jeopardy. The Left’s attempt to silence her was a violation of her First Amendment rights. Point being that the work of Fake News materializes in various forms but with the same goal… to silence the voice of dissenters particularly those with their own public platforms.

FAKE NEWS Uses Media as a Weapon…

Please note: This block in italics is a reprint from the last article posted “Global Civil War: With Countries and World Divided,” to show its relevance and that the subjects overlap in places.

“The most powerful weapon that the globalist Left has is that of the media. When you control “everything” that people see, hear and read then you can strongly influence what they think. No doubt what you believe about our present government has everything to do with your constant contact with the media that you patronize.”

“When you take a closer look at the various media outlets you can see a clear media bias against the Conservative Right. There is an old idiom, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” A small group of powerful individuals and corporations own about 90% of the major media market. Groups like ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and FOX News which are owned and or controlled by the globalist, and they reportedly give their news outlets their daily talking points. You can also see this in that they will say the exact same thing each and every day. “

“So again, if the one who pays the piper calls the tune, then what are the tunes that are being paid for by the pipers? It is anti-Trump and anti-conservative rhetoric that demonizes everything that is said and done by President Donald Trump and his administrations. Facts, aren’t important, it is only important to them that they inundate the public with their talking points and they know that if they continuously pound the public that it will become their truths as well.”

The point being is that 1) The major social media outlets along with the mainline media (aka Fake News) are all owned and or operated by powerful people with big money. These people are Global Leftist and they can and do determine what position their media outlets take. 2) Because they are the major bulk of the media that you use, then they are controlling what you believe and do, and that is “shut up and like it” and “hate Donald Trump.” and 3) “if you don’t cooperate through passive compliance then you will be removed from our social media platforms and we will get the weak minded public who believes us to shout and shut you down right where you and your family live.”

If you don’t believe me then stop and take a long objective look at the verifiable facts (not the fact checking website). Asks basic and honest questions and review official and government reports and statistics. Then finally trust what you see, hear and feel about what’s going on around you.

When you watch the fake news casts and you see the talking heads interview each of their partisan guests, you will notice that each and every one will do this 99% of the time when they are asked about a subject not even directly involving the president, their response will start off with a personal attack on President Trump. They will say something like, “we all know he’s a racist,” or “Trump is a divider of this country,” or some form of personal attack. That is a major tactic that is being used implant a subliminal imprint upon their listener’s subconscious. Then notice that they are not doing this with any other person or candidate.

Why is this vitally important? It’s important because the Left’s criminal activities are starting to be exposed, and with the people having been inundated with anti-Trump rhetoric to the point where they start to believe that President Trump is “bad,” then when the deep state is fully exposed the public will still blame Trump because they will believe that he deserved everything that happened to him while looking to support the lawbreakers.

Then ask yourself, “is gathering around someone’s home in the middle of the night shouting them down and making threats, scaring their wife and children really the right thing to do?” Following your common sense, do you want others to do that to you? I believe if you do these things then you will see for yourself that you’ve been blinded by fake news.


Sen. Ted Cruz warns of the impeding betrayal of then President Barack Obama who was about to give away essential control of the Internet to an international body, which would be significant. Why? For starters Americans has this Constitutional thing in the First Amendment remember that says we have the right to free speech even if there were Left wing liberals in America or other nations that wanted to filter out American conservative websites and postings. However, if the guts of it, is out of America’s control then America is subject to the entities that control it.

That obviously was a move by President Obama to usurp free speech in America and potentially compromise the security and the privacy of its citizens. In other words, it’s another key step in controlling your media. Please note, that when President Obama did this, it was literally at the end of his administrative term and he didn’t have to publicly deal with the backlash or be held accountable for it.

Politifact.com wanted to dispute Sen. Cruz’s assertions, however, in hind sight the Washington Times tells us that it appears to have been a done deal.


Our liberties are being eroded from right under our noses and we don’t even see it. We are like the simile of the frog that was placed in a pot of water and he slowly boiled to death because he couldn’t tell that the water was slowly heating up, and by the time he figured it out it was too late. And even if you yourself are an average Left winged liberal, what you haven’t taken into consideration is that even your rights are being eroded. In other words, you’ve been had!

When it comes to how Fake News and the Globalist Left is trying to shape your mind by controlling what you think and what you believe, they can control what you see and what you hear which means that they have to control your media. Think about what Edward Snowden said when he was with the NSA, he let us know that they had access to your cell phones, televisions, news programs, magazines, emails, internet, movies, Hollywood, school books, liberal professors, radio broadcasts, i pads, computers, laptops, smart watches, virtually anything that can give you information.

They are working to control what you say by imputing political correctness through these media outlets to the point where when you see someone getting harassed and attacked by the crowds that you would be too afraid for your own safety and for the safety of your loved ones to speak up and speak out against them.

Therefore, if we respond to them in the manner in which they hope that we will then you have indeed “been had, ya been took, ya been hoodwinked, ya been bamboozled!” You’d better WAKE UP people! No news is not good news when the “news” that you receive is not the truth but fake news.

It’s our turn, it’s up to us…to fight for our freedom!

IMHO!!! That’s my opinion, please write yours below.

DISCLAIMER: This posting is not a copious review of the subject, it is intended to present to you a general outline of the subject matter in an attempt to encourage you to further research the subject yourself and to contribute to the discussion.