The Universal Health Care Trap (Pssst! It’s not supposed to work)

As American citizens, we need to know when to ask the important questions. We shouldn’t go through this life with blind trust in anyone just because we are a registered member of any particular party. We need to understand basic human nature so that we can have enough common sense to see that no one let alone the government want to give us anything important for free especially if there’s an industry making billions if not trillions of dollars selling the same thing. We must have common sense enough to wonder that there must be some sort of angle to this.


For the purpose of our discussion here, we will simply say that it’s a national program that provides health care coverage for “every” citizen of that particular nation.

In the mind of the designers of this program we can say that their goal is to have only one system (with many health care providers within that system) but they would all operate under that one national program. In its final form, it would not allow any citizen to have their own private healthcare coverage outside of that national program’s coverage. It would also require that each healthcare provider to only receive their payment through a single payer system and that would be from the federal government. The federal government would get the money to pay for it from the tax payers and that would require higher taxes. The government would also require every citizen to have that coverage as it was required under President Obama and anyone who didn’t have medical coverage would be financially penalized.

OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE ADDRESS: Selling it to America

Of course you and I know that not everyone in this country have health insurance. We also know that some coverage’s cover more than others and that there are such issues such as preexisting conditions (illnesses that you have before being covered by insurance) that differs from company to company that can determine even if you are approved for coverage or not. Issues such as how many people are covered under one policy along with their ages, and combination of packages that include medicine, dental and eye wear and if they’re students and who is actually sponsoring the policy also determines the price. In other words, when it comes to health care for Americans there are a lot of moving parts.

Under our current system there are some who simply cannot afford to get or maintain their medical coverage. We also understand the human condition in that we know that there are unforeseen incidents such as accidents, genetics, poor diet and so forth that points our need for medical coverage. Therefore, when people who need it (which are everyone) can get health coverage, generally speaking it is in and of itself a good thing.

However, it is the motivation behind the push for a national governmental health care policy and how it would affect its citizens that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to whether we should support it or not. This is an area where we as Americans need to be very careful. There are some who are talking health care for all (which is basically a good thing), but for the wrong reason.

This expert tells us the truth about Universal Health Care and why it doesn’t work.

The problem with our health care system arguably can’t be fixed the way that the government wants it “fixed” with their involvement. Things historically work better with less government involvement. If you want something screwed up then get the government involved. Former President, Ronald Regan spoke against socialized medicine. It would seem that he believed that among other problems it was a means by which the government could control the people.


This is the exact same conditions that the global Leftist wants to bring to America and force on you. They do not want you to have your own private coverage that you pay for yourself; they want to be able to call the financial shots. If the government who is the single payer decides that you are too sick, or too old (or for any reason) don’t want to pay for your treatment then you will not receive the treatment. The result is that you will suffer and you will die. Moreover, you will have no recourse at all. The videos below are examples of the abuse through this type of system using baby Charlie Gard as the example. Their parents suffered greatly and their dignity was stripped from them because of this type of healthcare system. UK’s National Health care system: Article the Good the bad and the ugly

Yes, folks this was the future of the Affordable Health Care Act (aka) Obamacare that the Obama administration (et al) had in mind for YOU. The globalist believe that there are too many people on this planet and they want to reduce the population and this is a perfect means of reducing the population. What’s more please know that this story of baby Gard is not unusual. Others have died, e.g., in mental health, in senior care, others. Can you imagine watching your loved ones die because the government refuses to pay for their treatment? If you continue to support universal health care then this is what you’re going to get.

There is a huge difference between America’s current health care system and the Canadian government healthcare system. This is the system that the Left wants to bring to YOU here in America. [A MUST WATCH]

Sally Pipes goes into more details about how a government run health care program would affect all Americans just as it does in Canada. It would be devastating to our economy and the health of the people. [A MUST WATCH] Please note: there are a few glitches in this video that may last a few seconds but be patient, don’t touch your computer and let the video continue on.

Steven Crowder of went to Canada and tested out the medical care system first hand with a hidden camera to show what Canadians really experience when there is a medical need. It was unflattering to say the least. Is this typical, we cannot say but this is the feedback that seems to be the most consistent. [A MUST WATCH]

FOR BALANCE: This 2009 video was done by the medical care system representatives themselves and they are defending their system as a “we aren’t as bad as people say we are” message. They are also saying that their system is better than the current American healthcare system. There is an old saying, “every frog praises their own pond,” even if it’s a bad pond. As a viewer you will need to determine for yourself what you believe about this topic.

The Veterans Administration’s medical healthcare system is reportedly the American version of the Canadian national healthcare system. My question is, “how’s that working out for ya?”

What they intend to do with your health care…

What about the cost? The Democratic Left are saying that if they were elected into office that they would expand government healthcare to include the millions of illegal immigrants that come into this country. This is more than just a political question, it’s a question that sheds light on the potential problem of “who is going to pay for it and how much would it cost, let alone if it’s the right thing to do to the American people?” If you say that everyone (even illegal aliens) have a right to healthcare then you’d have to look at 1) the America people would have to have their taxes raised exponentially and 2) even with that it would raise the national debt trillions of dollars more when America is already on the cusp of potential bankruptcy. Is that being fiscally responsible just because you want to garner the votes of those who may even vote for you illegally? Isn’t there a concern that the Social Security system and its current Medicare program is projecting that unless something is done that they will be in a financial crisis within the next few years? Yes, this is a problem!

Proof of Intent…

Dr. Perry Stone a bible scholar/prophecy preacher and someone who is well connected with government officials both in America and abroad shares some key reports from those government insiders that said that former president Barack Obama wanted to use the universal healthcare system to force people to take a medical chip. If you want to go directly to the subject within the video then please start at the [19:42 minute mark].


Dr. Ben Carson who has worked within the medical healthcare system for his entire professional life and understands it intimately gives his proposal for the replacement of the Obama Care program. The basic gist of it is that everyone would receive their own medical savings account and they could pay for what they need from that account; it would be cheaper and more efficient. Dr. Carson also tells us that this model is working in the country of Singapore.

This video is a full in-depth presentation that Dr. Ben Carson gives on the subject of American medical health care. This link is an article that is of an interview that Dr. Carson had with someone from the New York Times.

CONCLUSION: This issue (aka) battle over universal health care goes back a lot further than President Obama. We can remember the late Sen. Ted Kennedy pushing for it. We can also remember former president Jimmy Carter pushing for universal health care but then Ted Kennedy didn’t support his bid to pass it because of the presidential race. The point being here is that Universal health care has been a tool for a number of years that the Left has been trying to implement to change America.

Does our current health care system need to be improved? Yes, no doubt because at the very least we are arguably spending more money on items that can be made less expensive. Can we make health care more available to Americans so that if they really want it that they can afford it and get it? Yes, in addition to using Dr. Ben Carson’s model and cutting back on needless expensive test, private rooms and semi-private rooms, in other words cut the waste, along with using medical treatment choices that the system knows that work but big pharma won’t touch because they can’t patent it and sell it for top dollar and so forth. Yes, we can do better.

The plan from the very beginning was that Universal Health Care was never designed to work. The Left knew it wasn’t going to work and it wasn’t supposed to. It was going to be too expensive to maintain and therefore, the “solution” would be that the government would have to step in to “save” health care for everyone and that the government would then be the sole payer…that was the plan. Moreover, don’t forget that your taxes would go up to pay for it which also wouldn’t be enough.

Furthermore, there is/was a debate about whether or not congress and their staff would be exempt from the mandatory Obamacare insurance program. On one hand there were reports that said that President Obama made provisions to protect congress from his own healthcare bill by declaring congress a small business so that they could receive subsidies to protect them from Obamacare. If Obamacare wasn’t detrimental to the people then why would congress need the exemption? One article from Forbes also addresses the so called exemption of congress from Obamacare. On the other hand there was that said these claims are a myth. There are other articles from other various sources that the reader can go and check them out yourself, however, it is important that you know what to look for.

Our concern is that the motivation of those on the Left that want to use the Universal Health Care system to 1) account for everyone by requiring everyone to have it. That also points to why the Left’s insistence on making health care available for the illegal immigrants within this country. In their own surreptitious way, they can extend their control over as many people as they can. Accountability also can be done through having a National ID that would require everyone to have one in order to gain access to health care and anything else. There are a number of countries that have already required its citizens to have a National ID. 2) Require everyone to take a medical implanted chip within their bodies for any reason that can be exploited for other political purposes, 3) to deny medical access to those whom they want to die because they either cannot contribute to society, are your political enemies, or even if you want to reduce the population because you believe that there aren’t enough resources on the earth to sustain the numbers in the near future; we believe that no government has the right to play God and to manipulate the people that they have sworn to protect.

President Donald Trump is apparently aware of this movement from the Left and has used his position to stop the unfair manipulation of the health care system to control its people by trying to repeal and replace Obamacare. You and I can easily identify those who are on the Left that want to implement the plan against America and those who are for the independence of Americans by watching those who push for Obamacare (Universal Healthcare) verses those who want to replace it with something that gives you freedom of choice.

If we are not careful, we will end up like what happened in Nazi Germany when the emphasis was initially promoted to be on care for the people but it resulted in their deaths. Please don’t let our own greed and ignorance be our downfall.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please write yours below…

DISCLAIMER: This posting is not meant to be copious but to provide an outline that introduces the subject with a hope that you will continue your own research and will contribute to the conversation.