2nd Amendment: It’s True Purpose!!!

Only nineteen years into this 21st Century, one of the most hot button issues of our time has turned out to be that of the 2nd Amendment. In other words, it’s about if we should still have our guns and if so under what conditions. This post is presented in order for us to take a closer look at this issue. So what does the 2nd Amendment says?


“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Sometimes it can be very difficult to get into the mind of those who lived hundreds of years go and we cannot go back and ask them exactly what they meant by what they wrote. However, nevertheless, we can use some tools of critical thinking to help interpret what they meant.

A Plain Look At The Text (aka) Reader’s Rapid Response:

A PrimaFacie look at the text: an armed military styled group or assembly that is properly organized and governed by rule of a government (local, state or federal), for the purpose of maintaining the security of the freedom of its citizens. The citizens themselves shall have and maintain the right to possess and keep their arms of which neither the militia nor the individual citizenry’s right shall be abridged or removed.

Through their Historical experience the Founding Fathers Saw:

This video (although humorous at times) makes a point in that the founding fathers of this country understood through experience why it’s important for the people to be ready and armed to defend themselves against a tyrannical government that tries to overcome them by force. If the American colonies were not prepared to fight back then the history of this country would be entirely different.

I am certain that there are anti-American factions that have considered what it would take to overtake the people from within by force, but have come to the same conclusion…that Americans are the most well armed citizens in the world and therefore any force that would try would be met with considerable resistance. This is what I believe the founding fathers saw and the reason we have the 2nd Amendment. Has human nature changed since then? No, it has not. People are still filled with greed, hate, and a lust for power, and as long as there are those who want to impose their will over others then there needs to be protections in place such as the 2nd Amendment to guard against it. For those who would like to see the Part 2 of this video click here.

This is another video that presents a view of the history and reason for the 2nd Amendment. The premise is basically the same as the previous videos.

This also brings up another interesting point, that if by chance another country or the United Nation’s forces wanted to invade America and was able to somehow bypass our military, then they would also have some 300,000,000 armed citizens to deal with, no small consideration.


A summary of an explanation of the 2nd Amendment

The NRA gives their position on the truth of the 2nd Amendment. FWIW there are those on the Left that are blaming the NRA for their defense of it’s lobbying to protect the gun owners and to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens. When it comes to protecting the established Constitutional rights of Americans I believe that it is vitally important that there be a powerful voice that stands up and takes the lead and speak for those citizens, lest the wheels of progressiveness run over those citizens.

A Debate over the 2nd Amendment…

The National Constitution Center‘s website presents a debate on the subject of the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.


Now let’s be real about this, being shot or losing a loved one by way of a gun death is a terrible tragedy, without question. However, while we are being real here let’s look at the facts. The following videos in this section give us the facts. Some of these facts may be something that you’re not willing to accept, but these are the facts.

Dennis Prager of Prager University gives his fireside chat and discusses what he believes to be the reason for so many mass shootings. [This is A MUST MUST MUST WATCH]

Gun related deaths around the world vary depending upon the particular country. The leading cause of gun deaths in America is not homicide but SUICIDE. That is self-inflected gun deaths and not shootings as a result at the hands of others. This video shares that statistic however; the Leftist media obviously makes an effort not to present this fact to the public.

Now let me be clear, suicide is still a horrific problem regardless of the means by which it had occurred. It points to the need to address the potential causes of this illness and not to use it for political purposes (to include it in the overall gun death statistics). What we can say is that even if guns were removed those who are committed to suicide would likely find another way to carry it through.

John Stossel of Stosseltv provides a balanced (pro vs. con) discussion over the issue. It appears that those who have guns increase the odds of their own safety. Those laws that prohibit gun ownership increase the odds of victimization.

Conspiracy to take away the guns in America…

Reporter John Stossel of Stosseltv and Economist John Lott gives a report that destroys the published findings of Professor Adam Lankford as a myth. It would seem that if Lankford’s reporting is not accurate then it would beg the question, “why did he do this?” Because those who want to take away America’s guns are apparently using his report as facts. Point is, if you’re going to make political decisions that affect the nation shouldn’t it be based upon empirical facts?

Dr. Stone tells us that statistics show those cities that have no weapons because they’ve been removed that the crime rate goes up.

For Matt Bracken’s presentation on government gun control start at 2.16:00 of the video, it is worth the watch.

National Shootings A Conspiracy Movement By Government…

There are some that believe the Left wingers are in cahoots with the Fake News media to orchestrate various events that are staged to simulate the mass shootings that we’ve seen reported on their media. This video shows a glimpse of the debate from both sides of this issue.

Alex Jones of INFOWARS is giving a videotaped deposition regarding his reporting of his opinion of the Sandy Hook shooting. The point here is that there’s a viewpoint that questions the legitimacy of the events and that they believe that certain factions have orchestrated these events in order to produce a public outrage so as to in turn push legislation to take American’s guns away from them.

There is a school of thought that maybe there are those in government who are a part of nefarious plot that identifies, procure, and programs susceptible individuals and then release them into a vulnerable society to commit mass murder. As crazy as this may sound, this maybe an “art imitates life,” scenario that fits the plot similar to the movie the Manchurian Candidate (2004) starring Denzel Washington. As wild as it may sound, it wasn’t until I watched a documentary film Dark Legacy II. (2014), which presents this theory in more detail as it tried to explain the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. Is there any truth to it, who knows but with the advancements in science and medicine, this is a concept that has possibilities.

The point being that people can be per-programmed to perform senseless killings in this day and age may no longer be completely out of the question, especially if the purpose is to get the people to cry out for stricter gun control or even the total removal of their guns then we can see it as plausible possibility.


This goes straight to the heart of the reason to support and defend the 2nd Amendment. It is not those who are law abiding citizens that need to be unarmed because they are the ones that are less likely to commit a crime and less likely to use it on another person. Conversely it is those individuals, i.e., terrorist, mafia, drug gangs, cartels, bank robbers, rapist, murderers, street gangs, burglars, the mentally ill, and basically the entire criminal element that will not be effected by the gun laws, in fact they welcome the stricter gun laws because they know that their victims will be unarmed. Furthermore, this is the group that are the most likely to have not obtained their weapons legally, nor have them registered, with no intention of surrendering their weapons to authorities.

If they knew that the people were unarmed then they would not hesitate to rain down terror and havoc on a defenseless community. Case in point is the terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria. They move from village to village killing and kidnapping knowing that they will meet with no resistance because the people are unarmed.

There is a belief that Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s got the people of Germany to register their weapons, and then afterward forced them to give up their weapons. When that was completed, the Nazi’s were able to victimize the people knowing there would be no resistance. There are however, those who would take issue with that recounting of German history. This video by Rewboss.com gives a self-proclaimed “objective” view of this history which says in essence that 1) German citizens at that time didn’t have very many guns of their own and had to prove their competence and need in order to have a gun, and 2) the Nazi’s determined that all Jews were automatically incompetent by virtue of the fact that they were Jews and therefore weren’t allowed to have guns but the Nazi party members were allowed. 3) The Nazi’s searched the home of the Jews to make sure they had no weapons.

If this report is true, then technically there was a difference however, the premise or spirit of the process was still exactly the same, in other words, disarm the people and them when they are defenseless you overpower them because there is no resistance.

How Easy Would It Be…

This video although structured in humor, makes a great point. It is not as easy as anyone would make it. It would create more problems and violence that it would potentially solve. The video gives a general overall number of guns in America but I would say that these are the estimated guns that they can most likely account for. There are likely even more guns that aren’t accounted for. Americans are likely the most well-armed nation in the world and regardless of the threat to “take them,” there is no way that Americans are willing to give up their guns.

Please understand, that the proponents of gun control is playing to the populace that want to hear the “we will take all of the guns off of the streets” rhetoric but what they aren’t telling you is that there are so many guns out there that there could be more illegal guns than legal guns. In other words, guns that are made by black market shops and privateers that are sticking with the basics. These guns can’t be registered. So my point being here is that when the politicians tell you that they will have everyone register their guns so that they can take them away, then they are playing you for a sucker. They know that they can’t take them all. Even if they decide to legislate severe prison terms or the death penalty, they can’t take them all. Even if they try to regulate the sale of ammunition they can’t stop that because it is easier to make ammo than the guns that shoot them.


They say that governmental Democide could never happen in this country but look at the history that we have to date. There is nothing either historically or currently that guarantees the citizens of this nation that they would be safe from its own government or police force should a corrupt government chose to manifest its true purpose upon the people.

Our country’s fore fathers understood human nature and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We’ve seen repeatedly politicians willfully lie to the people in order to get elected and then do exactly the opposite of what they’ve promised which usually wasn’t in the best interest of its people.

In the age of democratic socialism, bio-metrics, trans-humanism, super artificial intelligence and the development of super soldiers and robo-cops, weather weaponization, biological and biochemical warfare experimentation, UFO technology, plus advanced technologies that we wouldn’t believe until they are revealed, the proliferation of demonism and an anti-God culture, it’s not unreasonable for the citizenry to want, need and to insist on their rights to bear arms to defend themselves against a corrupt government.

Nevertheless, it would appear that history and statistics point to the fact that even when citizens have guns they don’t necessarily hunt down one another. As Dennis Prager stated in his video, the increase in violence statistically coincides with the removal of God from the public square. If that is true, as soon as you reintroduce God back to the people then the senseless deaths by gun should decrease. Let me also say that it would take a person who is completely morally bankrupt who would for no legitimate reason such as hunting, self-defense, law enforcement or war, would take a weapon of any kind and use it to take the life of another human being.

Finally, it would be great to live in a world where not having a gun would be necessary, but because human nature has not changed at all since the creation of mankind and Cain lifted his hand and killed his brother Able not for the reasons mentioned above, it would seem to reason that the need to have the ability to protect oneself, one’s family, community and country will always be needed until the end of time as we know it.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

DISCLAIMER: This posting is not intended to be copious but to present to you a basic view of the argument so that you would be encouraged to continue to research the subject and contribute to the conversation.

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