Big Brother Technology: Coming for YOU!!!

I remember our class back in school having to read George Orwell’s novel 1984. I can also remember reading Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. Both novels were interesting reads at that time but I can also remember thinking “great fiction, but there is no way that something like this can ever be a reality.” Boy was I ever wrong. If we look around us today we can see that Orwell must have known something that the average person didn’t know, and that is that you have to watch out for the type of government that some people are trying to impose on you. If you haven’t read these books maybe you can get them or watch the movie if there’s one. Then you will know what we mean.

China has been testing their new Social Credit Score system. This system has an enhanced facial recognition technology and they can see and hear what you say and do. When you do something that the government does not like you get a low score, and that score can prohibit (blacklist) you from using, doing or buying items and services that are basic human needs. This is more than public shaming; it is a punishment based behavioral conditioning system that is meant to control the people and companies.

Here are some practical examples of the Social Credit Score system in action. Please note, that the citizens are smart enough to say that they like it because if the go on record against it then it would lower their score.

The government determines what is good and bad, which can be different from legal verses illegal behaviors. They can determine what type of parent or person you are by what you purchase. This video shows a journalist who was blacklisted because he was “too close to uncovering corruption within the government.” Can this happen here in America?

Glen Beck goes into more detail about how China’s Social Credit System is used. The concern is that this system to an extent is being used here in America. This is an attack on your First Amendment rights. You are still going to want to watch this one as well.

Not only are they listening, the information may be subpoenaed by the court if needed. Is there is a reasonable expectation of privacy? Can it be used to break into your home or attack you because someone can use that information to find out what your plans are? What’s the difference between what Amazon, Google, etc are doing verses the NSA? You must ask yourself the right questions.


As mentioned above, we know that the technology that we carry and we bring into our homes now have the capacity to record and maintain data of our every action. Someone is keeping this information on YOU. If you are not concerned about socialism and communism or future manipulation then I guess this fast growing trend does not bother you. One day you will likely be recorded doing something that would not go well with you or you may even be mistaken for someone else and it’s possible that you will be fighting a battle to straighten out your name and secure your freedom.

No, as difficult as society is today it does not need to be further complicated by the additional compromising of our freedoms. In spite of what those Chinese citizens said on camera about the positives of this system, you can bet that if given a choice now, then they would choose to live without it. This is a system that Americans must fight starting now before it’s too late.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please write yours below.

Disclaimer: This posting is not meant to be copious in any way. It is to introduce the subject to you in a hope to encourage you to do your own research and participate in the discussion.

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