Dooms Day Use of Artificial Intelligence

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From the dawn of mankind we have been able to rely on our own wit and effort to get to where we needed to go and to do those things that needed to get done. Then the computer was created and it made our jobs a lot easier. Now, there are some that are using advanced technology to do things that we know makes our lives easier but can be used against us if we’re not careful. Are we creating another version of Frankenstein’s monster? It does appear so. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (aka) AI, then this is a truth that we both can no longer afford to ignore.


Basically the precept of Artificial Intelligence appeared to be harmless and altruistic, something that everyone for the most part could get on board about. This video gives some basic insights about those precepts. The ultimate goal is to have AI be able to self improve, and to be creative with randomness of thought and action.

This video (done by the same producer) is the natural progression from the previous video. We see how AI has seriously progressed to operate in an intuitive mode, which means that can learn to think for themselves. Just like babies and toddlers learn from their own mistakes and then grow into mastery, they can now learn to do the same thing and do it at an unbelievable rate, like hours instead of years.


When we think of AI sometimes we think of robots, which is only a part of the AI technology field. AI is also a part of the technology that we carry and bring home everyday. Every time we turn something on and hook up to the internet it is a part of the AI technical network.

There is a conspiracy to control humanity. The information that you receive controls your reality. A few manipulate so many by controlling this information. You have become addicted to your technology, you carry what you can with you and you become anxious if you leave it home feeling naked if you’re not with it. Those who are controlling the information that you receive are the gatekeepers of your reality. Now, they are targeting the younger generation even more so because those who are old enough to have experienced society before AI can tell the difference, however, the younger generation is learning to get all of their information from AI and those who control its information. [A MUST MUST MUST WATCH!!!]

AI’S Affect On US: Don’t be fooled, you are a part of and are influenced by the AI technology that is all around you and you don’t even know it. Families are seen going to restaurants and sitting around the table all watching their devices and not speaking to one another. Ninety-two percent (92%) of infants now are playing video games before they can talk, and this is being used as a baby sitting tool.

Artificial Intelligence is currently being used to automatically be making decisions about you and your access to your life and society. If they make a mistake it is difficult to correct. If they confuse you with someone else it is also difficult to correct. All of this is just for starters.

Important things to keep in mind are: AI is attached through the internet, there is no off switch to the internet. We are attached to our smart phones and are rarely more than four feet from them at any time. AI has moved to self driving cars and in the near future it will be cheaper for an insurance company to insure one than people who drive their own cars. Although this technology is here, there was an incident where a car turned into another vehicle and killed everyone on board. It happened to have misinterpreted the color of the vehicle next to it, point being that it is difficult to identify all of the potential problems with the technology.

On the positive side of the technology there is a program called Watson that is able to read all of the new articles and data on medical conditions and that a physician can turn to Watson and get the latest information on a medical diagnosis and suggestive treatment based on a paper published the day before written in another language.

With AI there is a difference between training a program to do something verses coding the program. You can train the program to make pancakes but you are never sure exactly what it actually learned and how it will respond in the future. There is a concern about all of these self improvement and intuitive learning AI programs because of Singularity. That is that they can now teach and learn themselves and we may not know exactly what they’ve learned or how they will use the information.

Sophia is an Artificial Intelligence that is currently considered the most advanced independently thinking robot in the world. It is important to note that this robot has the ability to learn from its experiences and has the ability to respond based upon new information. It is also important to note her (or its) thinking when it comes to humans. Its responses are no longer cute and have some people very concerned.


Start around 15:00 to go specifically to the technology portion of this conversation. The subject is the Mark of the Beast in the book of Revelation. He does mention that the image of the beast could likely be that of an AI intelligence within a “thing” (may be computer) which is a part of the world financial system. It will speak in a language (possible computer code) that is not understood by the people speaking back to the financial system. Those who aren’t a part of the New World Order system would not be able to buy or sell unless they are a part of that system.

Steve Quayle, the author of Terminated: The End of Man Is Here, shares in this video so many things about what’s going on with AI technology right now. He said he spoke with a general and was told that what we think we know about AI technology is 10,000 years behind the truth of what they are doing now. Quayle says that AI is taking over the world and with the demonic influences behind its manipulation the ultimate goal is the death of all humans and the total destruction of God’s creation. He also mentions the subject of killer robots and ray guns that are operational now and available to be used on the battlefield. In other words, everything that thought were science fiction and way beyond our lifetimes, he is saying is here today.

He mentions such things as the creation of “smart dust” that can be spread on everything to catalogue every items in existence, the use of social media that can tract everything about you, smart televisions that are on the market now that can watch you and that maybe you should put a sheet in front of your own TV set.

Quayle also mentions the subject of Transhumanism which is a field that encompasses a few things but he is speaking specifically about people being able to “live forever” because they can have their consciousness in essence downloaded into a robot type of body.

The late Dr. Chuck Missler was a certified genius. He was a graduate of the Naval Academy and had a high security governmental clearance and therefore had access to unclassified information that was not available to the average person. He was a scientific and biblical scholar and when he shares something with you it is something that you’re going to want to hear and remember. Here in this video he introduces the subject of Transhumanism. You are going to want to watch the entire video.

From a Christian perspective there is a concern that the image of the beast mentioned in the book of Revelation will be that of artificial intelligence. Will this image of the beast have the ability to determine the future of humans and making life and death decisions? Without a soul it will not be possible to sympathize and understand the plight and the needs of those with souls.


The universal concern by those who are concerned is that those robots that are programed to think on their own and respond on their own, if given a weapon will use it to target innocent defenseless people. The military and may be the police department may be using them in the future in the name of “saving lives.”


This is a podcast with Fox Analyst Maria Bartiromo and she touches on a few of the areas including the “ethics” of this AI era. AI isn’t coming it’s already here particularly in business and we need to know how it is currently effecting our lives and how it will affect our future.

There are good things that come from AI that can clearly benefit our lives in a way that we never could have done as easily without it. This CBS news report touches on the medical benefits of AI.

There are Microsoft commercials out now that feature the Hollywood actor “Common” that are promoting the virtues of AI. These are just a few of the great things that help the cause and the argument for Artificial Intelligence.

This brief thirty second Microsoft AI commercial asks the relevant question; with the power and potential virtues of AI since it’s “just a tool” what would you do with it? That is the question. We can argue about guns but guns have never killed anyone, it’s the person using the gun. It’s the same thing with AI; it could be good, bad or even ugly all depending upon the one using it. So what will we do to assure that it is never abused while maintaining its benefits?


For years we’ve imagined having a robot that can do almost anything that we could do as humans while being completely under our own control. Robots are getting smarter, faster and stronger and now we can program them to think for themselves.

This major concern of many detractors is that of robots that can and will think for themselves while being able to destroy humans. We hear the argument that they are being created for the sole purpose of making life better for the human race, but now with human natures propensity to be greedy selfish and self-destructive it is surely quite probable that the AI level of superior assistance will inevitably be used to try to exploit and oppress one another.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be a copious presentation on the subject but simply to give us a general outline of the issues. There are some issues that we simply need to know about and have an opinion on. We encourage the reader to continue to research the subject and to contribute to the discussion.