Politically Culpable Aggression

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At what point do we hold those in political office with enormous influence over a large portion of the populous responsible for the action of those who respond to their directions to go out and harm and harass others? The following are some examples of this very thing in action.


Maxine Waters tell her constituents to physically confront members of President Trump’s cabinet which means to violate their personal space to harass them. Protesters confronted Sarah Sanders and her family while eating in a restaurant and they (not the harassers) are asked to leave that restaurant.

Maxine Waters tell a crowd of listeners that she feels like “taking Trump out tonight.” The crowd goes wild as they are encouraged at her words which appear to be obviously threatening of the president’s life. However, in this CNN interview she brushes the comment off as “nobody takes that seriously…I am a 79 year old grandmother, etc.” Obviously someone has said to her that it is illegal to threaten the life and health of the president. She realizes that she has to clean it up and therefore, makes light of it.

The truth is that everyone knows the vitriol and hatred that she has for the president and she is a wealthy person and has the means to take out almost anyone if she wanted to. Age has nothing to do with it. Many don’t have the money and connections that she has to follow through with her threats. Furthermore, we can see the influence that she has had on many of her constituency whom she encouraged to get in the faces of those cabinet members, and how it has spilled over into the harassment of other senators and white house personnel. Yes, she does have the power and influence to take someone out.

This USA Today article link quotes, Sen. Cory Booker who states that he wants to punch Donald Trump in the face. Then “The Cut” website also mentions Sen. Booker’s desire to get physical with the president again.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson’s family home was surrounded by protesters when his wife and children were there alone. This video also shows Sen. Ted Cruiz being harassed in a public restaurant.

Protestors surrounded Sen. Mitch McConnel’s home and shouted death threats. One protestor in the video suggests that someone should “stab the MF’er in the heart.” He was harassed while eating at a public restaurant. We also see Sen. Cory Booker encouraging his constituents to get in the face of his opponents to harass them.


Actor Johnny Depp makes a statement that is interpreted as wanting to assassinate the POTUS. This can cause a legal firestorm because it is illegal to threaten the POTUS regardless of how you may feel about him.

Hollywood actress Kathy Griffin apparently decided to jump on the political anti-Trump bandwagon and tried to “one up” the others in Hollywood by holding up a likeness of the severed head of the POTUS. It was not a smart thing to do. There were legal repercussions as a result. In this trailer she is seemingly trying to make lemonade out of it and now trying to blame the POTUS for said repercussive consequences, but the truth is that you don’t go around making even implied threats of any president in any country without facing legal and restrictive consequences. As bad as verbal threats are, this was even more over the top.

Hollywood actress Madonna, tells a crowd of admirers that she has thought about violence against the WH.

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro says he’d like to punch the POTUS in the face. These actors have a great deal of influence over the young impressionable minds that look up to them. They need to be more responsible with how they use their influence.


Andy Ngo, a journalist was attacked by Antifa members. On another occasion a senior citizen was also attacked by Antifa members.

In this video, we see Antifa members attacking not only journalist but other defenseless people that they apparently view as conservatives. Near the end we see what appear to be attempts to intimidate Jews in another country.

Approximately two years ago, a gunman went to a baseball field to target the GOP members because of his hatred of Republican conservatives; no doubt he must have thought that he had the support of the Left Winged Politicians and those significant Hollywood stars with his actions. Sen. Steve Scalise was one of those who were shot.


It appears that the Left usually points to the remark made by then Candidate Trump as being the statement that had started this rhetoric on violence and therefore, makes what they’ve said to encourage violence permissible. However, when you take a closer look at what Trump said in context you will see that he isn’t encouraging violence at all. Instead, what he’s saying is that his supporters are so loyal to him that even if he shot someone that he would not lose any voters. Therefore, anyone that uses this statement out of context is simply trying to dupe the public.


I would imagine that as long as there have been humans and animals upon this planet that there has been violence between the humans. However, it has always been in the heart of the Creator that we learn to live together without violence. Somehow, as a species we never got the memo or if we did, we simply didn’t want to read it.

In our attempts to develop a civilized society we’ve developed laws and elected or appointed officials to oversee the operations of our society in a hope to make our society run better while we go on with our lives. However, a large part of the problem is that we’ve abdicated our part of our responsibility of the relationship. You see, when we place leaders in office we cannot look away and believe that they shouldn’t have to be held accountable to us. We must make sure that each and every one of them follow the rule of law, and if they refuse then we are to vote them out of office.

Somewhere along the line, our appointed and elected officials knew that we weren’t looking or at the very least didn’t care enough to pay close enough attention to what they were saying or doing. We took what they said at face value. We became loyal to political parties and not the truth. Moreover, we didn’t hold our media sources accountable to fair and accurate reporting, we didn’t scrutinize the media to make sure that what we’re getting from them is truthful and reliable. You see, when politicians can say and do whatever it wants and the media does not or will not report truthfully and we don’t hold either accountable then you get politicians telling their constituents (among other atrocities) to violate the personal spaces of your peers. Moreover, because I would assume that the overall IQ of the average American citizen is probably not as high as your average peach pit, then those citizens like ANTIFA would take what you’ve said and parlay their actions into needless wanton violence.

Then instead of accepting the responsibility for what they themselves have said and done to contribute to it, they’ve jumped onto the bandwagon and tossed the blame on someone else or their victims. We have as a result a nationwide case of “group think,” with their marching orders from the Left to maim and destroy all that disagree with them. Violence against others simply because they disagree with your political views are just plain wrong.

If the Left wants to continue to encourage needless violence then what is likely to happen if given enough time is that the Right will then respond in kind. People when pressed will eventually defend themselves. The best thing to do before that happens is put this needless violence aside and to sit down and talk and have a difficult conversation. I would imagine that you would find yourselves meeting somewhere in the middle.

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