When Tomorrow Never Comes…

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As those on the Left play political games when they attack President Trump because he is attempting to develop peaceful and productive relationships between the US and foreign dictators, we should keep in mind that with the proliferation of nuclear weapons by more and more nations that it’s just a matter of time that some of these rouge and hostile nations procure these weapons. We also shouldn’t forget that some of these weapons are portable or similar to dirty bombs that can be used by suicide terrorist. Therefore, any inroads that our government can make to deter any form of nuclear attack are worth the effort.

Daniel Ellsberg, often known for his involvement with the Pentagon Papers,” has authored a new book, “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.” Here he lectures to a group about several issues but you should focus on his views of the subject of a real Doomsday Machine that the US and Russia reportedly has that would annihilate the entire world. The relevant question would be “why would any country want to have a Doomday weapon?” The answer is simple, if by chance you are stupid enough to get into a nuclear war and it becomes clear that you’re not going to win that war then you can make certain that no one else wins the war either, so that everyone dies. Yes, you would die too but you’d have the “satisfaction” of knowing that your enemy will also die. So how close were we to the use of this weapon? According to Ellsberg, we are closer than you think. In fact, it wouldn’t take much for one nation to start a conflict and miscalculate the response of other nations. Please start the video at the 28:00 minute mark and watch until the end, which is when the discussion of the Doomsday Machine starts.



More of What to expect…

Even on a smaller scale if two nations got into a very limited nuclear war and bombed one another the fall out would affect every nation in the world and there would be mass starvation and death. There are no winners in a nuclear war.

Surviving a nuclear attack? What are YOUR odds of survival if the missiles fall…not very good. What about a local nuclear terrorist attack that could still wipe out an entire city? Better but not good if you’re in the city but you’d have to know what to and not to do. This presenter tells us what our vulnerabilities are which increases the probability of something happening.

Unrealistic expectations…

Reportedly, under the Obama administration, America’s militarily was made the weakest it has ever been in its history. The assumed danger of America being viewed as a weak nation can make her and her allies vulnerable to attack by hostile nations. We have seen just this very thing with Russia’s invasion of other foreign nations as well as her participation in the middle east. We have seen Russia’s military prowess surge along with the resurgence of Communist China and its use of bullying tactics, North Korea’s harassment of its neighbors and Iran’s threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US . America pulls out of Syria and Turkey immediately moves in and attack the Kurds. The point being that yes one could argue that if we are all disarmed through mutual disarmament then we would be a safer world, but what’s happening is that America’s arch rivals are not living up to this premise; while America was dropping her rock her enemies kept theirs. Therefore, the notion of peace through strength has proven overall to be the better strategy.

America is in a unique position within this worldwide community. She not only has the responsibility to protect her own citizens within her borders but she is relied upon to be the de facto chief peace keeper for many of the weaker nations of the world. Can you imagine what the world would be like without a strong America? There are predatory nations (and you know them) that look for weaknesses and they pounce at every opportunity. When America was at her weakest we’ve seen them in action. Those who would want to see a New World Order (one world government) would want for nothing more than to see a weak America that could not only no longer defend herself, but who could do nothing more than watch as the predators devoured her allies. There is a saying that when a lion has been weakened by its enemies and it is surrounded, bleeding and its enemies are looking for just the right moment to pounce and to finish it off. They say that all of his enemies know that as long as the lion still has its roar that it is still a very dangerous animal. Although America has been at its weakest, make no mistake about it, her enemies do know that America still has its roar. No one wants to ever use nuclear weapons but America cannot afford to give up her roar.

WAR GAMES: “The Only Winning Move is Not to Play!”


Let’s be real here, it would be great if Nuclear weapons never existed but they do and they will continue because as the saying goes, “the cat is already out of the bag.” Also understand that it is such a devastating weapons system that every nation of the world wants to have one so that they can all be a part of the big boys club, but the problem is that history has shown us that mankind has NEVER produced a weapon that they’ve never used, so if you don’t count America’s use of the bomb on Japan then what we can unfortunately surmise is that it’s only a matter of time.

Let’s continue being real here, that no nation after having obtained or developed this weapons system is willingly going to give theirs up. It is strongly believed that even with the signed nuclear treaty between the US and the Soviet Union/Russia, America believes that the USSR (Russia) has never kept their part of the treaty. There is reason to believe that the treaty with Iran to limit their nuclear weapons develop was never actually kept by the Iranian government. President’s Trumps talks with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in an attempt to secure a nuclear free Korean peninsula appears to be an exercise in futility seemingly that North Korea may have never intended to give up their missiles regardless of their agreements.

My point being that the concept of worldwide denuclearization sounds good and still maybe worth the effort but the reality is that it would never happen; odds are someone would use them first. So if that is the case then what do we do, where do we go from here? It appears that the most pragmatic course of action would be to try to change the hearts and minds of those who have access and control over the weapons. Trying to get them to see and understand that their use will only lead to mutual destruction for all including the innocent. It is so far out of sight that it is likely out of mind especially to the younger generation that is only looking at it as a big bomb. Fanatics can so easily look past a nuclear encounter and believe that they can go to the next stage in their lives. The world needs to be truly educated to the devastating effects of a nuclear encounter because there would be no tomorrow.

Without that hope of this realization, it doesn’t look good to say the least. Besides the fact that we could argue that no one in their right mind would opt for a nuclear holocaust because there would be no winners at all, we know that there are those who live on the planet that are actually seeking to use their nuclear weapons once procured so that they can issue in a new religious regime. They believe that there needs to be some form of catastrophic chaos to usher in this new regime, thereby, prompting them to do whatever they need to in order to make this happen.

Nevertheless, the really sad part about all of this is the notion of survivability. That somehow maybe there is hope that you may survive an attack and be a part of a new world order. The truth is that outside of those chosen few that would be in their untested attack proof bunkers that could fail or flying in the air for days or weeks at a time until the fuel runs out, but for the rest of us who will be unfortunate enough to be on the outside will be like the dinosaurs or those from Sodom and Gomorrah; we’ll be at the very least ashes if not salt or fossil fuel for the vehicles some two thousand years in the improbable future.

If that’s not enough to turn you off from nuclear war then think about it this way, if you are one of those who were unlucky enough to survive a nuclear war on the outside, scientist and other experts tell us that living conditions would be so horrible that you’d wish that you had died in the attack. There is no other way to say it, with a nuclear war there will be no winners.

So not only should President Trump be the emissary for Détente, every public official in America and every nation should be as well.

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