Political Correctness: PC’s War on Women

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On the face of it, when we first started to hear of the term Political Correctness (aka) PC, it was ambiguous. It begged the question, does it relate to a political party? Then we soon learned that it was a term that was introduced into society by the radical Socialist Left that became a new social norm that says you can’t say this or that or do this or that because if we don’t like it we will hurt you, in other words, winning through intimidation instead of negotiation. That is an apparent tactic of Socialist and Communist.

Examples of social PC values that we can point to now in our society are, Fat is now Plus size, Spouse is now Partner, keeping your hands to yourself during a disagreement has been replaced by striking someone if you don’t like what they said, Nationalism (love for your country) is now racism, the law is only to be respected if it benefits you, respect for law enforcement is only necessary if you need it, God is only real if you need him, white men are only good if they are starring in a movie, black lives only matter when playing sports, babies lives are only valuable when the mother says so, the Constitution is only relevant under a conservative president with a conservative Supreme Court and Legislature otherwise it’s irrelevant, lying is when you don’t agree with me and so forth. Folks this is the new political correctness in America and it’s very scary.

However, when we really think about it PC has always been around in our society and in many other societies throughout history, it was simply called something else. It was called tradition, norms, mores, folkways or “it’s just how we do things around here,” but no matter what you called it, it was still the spirit of political correctness; and woe to you if you violate our standard of political correctness.

Those who are advocates for political correctness would argue that it is for the betterment of society, i.e., not to offend or marginalize anyone so that everyone can be seen and viewed equally without being threatened. In other words, “we must protect those who are the weakest from being offended,” e.g, “we must protect Blacks from having to have a real ID in order to vote because they aren’t smart enough to know how to obtain one…and if they so happen to vote for us then all the better.” It appears that the purpose of Political Correctness is self-serving and providing external control over those who hunger for approval and inclusion. That means that PC always create victims more of those whom it claims to protect. In this report we want to highlight PC’s attack on women.


That takes us backs historically to the very beginning; God had created Adam and Eve. Both were in the garden of Eden and the serpent instead of tempting Adam it went directly to Eve instead (strike 1), he tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit that would cause the fall of all mankind (strike 2), when they realized that they were naked and God asked Adam what happened, Adam’s response was, “it was the woman that you gave me…” (strike 3). The woman that he was supposed to protect, he threw under the bus instead. Things went downhill from there.

We’ve Seen It in Our History…

The mistreatment of women in our country has been woven in both the social and institutional fabrics of our nation since it was founded. Gender bias is not new however, when we see it through the eyes of Political Correctness then we see PC for what it is a means of control. It identifies the party line making it clear what the line is and it easily identifies those who step out of line, therefore we know who to punish or shun.


The culture that we are in almost always shapes our narrative. It tells us who we are and where we fit within our society. It dictates how we think and live. Our spiritual formation is one the most influential values of our lives. Countries have been built and wars have been fought because of our interpretation of faith. Therefore, it goes without saying that how we view the Creator’s view of us shapes our lives. So the question becomes do we see anything that could be construed as PC even without our faith culture, and if so how might it affect women?

NOTE: We respect the religious tenants of all faiths and the right for those who practice their faith and to embrace its teachings. Moreover, this is not to condemn, condone or to interpret the meaning or intent of their practices but to show what we see in these practices and how they appear to impact women. This is clearly seen in the practice of all three major religions.


There seems to be something going on within this culture that is trying to reshape the narrative of the woman’s role within this faith. This short video addresses that and the New York Times article also attempts to address it.

Women in some cultures can be physically chastised, beaten, and even stoned to death likely because they are arguably viewed as nothing more than property.

One could argue that there are positives aspects to this middle-eastern culture that would draw women to it. As one of the fastest growing religions in the world, apparently there are women who are drawn to it regularly and can reconcile with the projected PC narrative. The Library of Congress has published a report on the subject of women within this culture.


A rabbi explains the different roles of men and women in Judaism.

Rabbis discuss the different roles of men and women in Judaism.

The discussion continues part 2

The role of the woman in Judaism.

Satire: The view of a Jewish Feminist in Judaism.


This is a student debate about the subject of Feminism and Christianity. At the end of the debate the group votes for the team that they feel won the debate. With any argument please keep in mind that each side brings to it their own values and belief systems. The same goes for those who vote. Also keep in mind that our values are shaped by our environmental experiences.

Dr. Paul Maxwell presents his argument on the subject of the incompatibility of Feminism and Christianity. He gives a rational argument for women that call themselves Christian to step away from the PC social norms that actually hurt women.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias, by sharing the insights of how God used women as the very first gender to take the gospel message of the resurrection to the world, which not only showed us how God respects the woman, it also showed in contrast how differently God views women to how society viewed women. In other words men didn’t value the witness of the woman but God entrusted the integrity of the gospel to women.

In many (not all) Christian traditions, women aren’t allowed to be ordained into the ministry. Some aren’t allowed to sit in the pulpit, while others won’t allow women to teach adult men. This is usually a part of their formal teaching. There are women that represent households from every religious tradition in the world that are subject to discriminatory bias, violence and sexual assaults simply because in some form or fashion it is viewed as being politically correct that their gender somehow predisposes them to that status. Therefore, this begs the question, does their faith based tradition actually identifies them as such or is it a matter of social interpretation of the scripture? A critical review of the texts and the tradition could share some light that just may change the narrative.


We don’t think much about this is America but there are women being illegally recruited as maids from poor countries and sent to other foreign countries to work essentially as slaves. Many of them work long hours for little pay to send back to their families. The maids often report that they are neglected and physically abused. One statistic showed that there is about one maid death per week usually through suicide.

Women are sex trafficked all around the world and it’s alive and well right here in America. Women and children both are made to be sex slaves and there are predators that are out there seeking innocent women and children who are too trusting. This young woman was made a victim through social media. The over sexualization of women arguably makes it easy to create a market of both victims and predators.

You would think that one of the safest places for a woman would be in the US military. That is not the case, many women are sexually assaulted by both their comrades and superiors and they feel as though they cannot report their assaults. There are women who feel that their authority could be compromised because of gender bias. When it appears to be informal institutional sexism and little is done to fix the problem because it still exist then that could be viewed as a PC standard.


We call abortion a “right” that women have to make a choice about what they want to do with their own bodies, but no one wants to talk about that abortions, 1) places the life of the mother at risk, 2) provides possible uterine scarring to the point where if and when she decides to want to give birth that she may not be able to and, 3) inform her of the potential emotional damage that she could feel for the rest of her life.


This portion of the subject is one of the more difficult pieces to report on because it touches on one of the sensitivities of “inclusion.” Everyone wants to include and welcome everyone to the table. However, some of the natural born gendered females are expressing discomfort because instead of just adding another seat to the table they feel that they have to share the same seat which presents some logistical problems for them.

It’s only been within the last six to eight years that transgenderism has been “accepted” within our society. Women before that time were fighting socially to be recognized as equals. Now there are those who were born male and have now expressed that they have identified themselves as being females and with the onset of laws on the books to fully accept their decision it has also allowed transgenders to participate in sports in competition with those women who were born female. What we have witnessed is transgendered women (formerly men) in spite of their possibly receiving injections are winning these completions against their smaller and weaker naturally born female competition. The emotional pain is not being wasted on those who are the most affected by it in both sports and society.

This change in their legal status also places transgendered women in a position that are slotted for females in employment and business areas for the purpose of providing gender balance and opportunities.

The point here is that with the proliferation of transgenderism particularly where men becomes recognized as women and are forcefully integrated within the gender ranks, it by its very nature does more harm against the women than it does the men. The same thing goes for those who insist that gender is no longer binary and therefore does not exist are by their very position closing the door on those who are women by birth and still feel the need for social and institutional liberation.

This is not an attack on the transgender community, but simply an attempt to shed some light on how the integration has affected their natural born female sisters. The problem isn’t the onset of transgenderism because the world has apparently welcomed transgenderism as a part of the table; it’s about the right of the transgenders to have their own chairs at the table. Forcing this new group to share the same chair tends to minimize the naturally born and self-identified female who wants her own place at the table. The plain truth is that transgendered females are a category all their own and the same with transgendered males and everyone deserves their own space. The world started with two genders and now we have four and the appearance of the last two should not harm either of the first two let alone the natural born female.


The truth is that not all natural born gendered females are comfortable with their transgendered sisters sharing the “same seat” at the table. Some have experienced predatory men who they believe have used this privilege to abuse them. Julia Beck of the Women’s Liberation Radio platform is a self-described natural born lesbian female and clearly expresses her concerns about this abuse in this and the following videos.

Julia Beck goes into more detail about her concerns as she addresses a group at the Heritage Foundation. What should be of primary concern to all regarding these concerns are how can society welcome their transgendered sisters and still protect their natural born gendered sisters at the same time? Until they answer these questions adequately, what you will likely have is a game of musical chairs where someone loses.

In every club there is usually a requirement for membership. Everyone and I mean everyone who becomes a member has to meet said requirements. If you want to be an American citizen you’d have to either be born in America or be Naturalized which involves being accepted by the government. In order to be a member of the “V-Club” one must be born into this world with a vagina. No amount of legislation, surgery or social pressure can force anyone into membership within said club. You either were born with one or you weren’t. Plus, no legislation, surgery, social pressure or change in personal identification can remove your membership from this club.

There is no denying that with all of the rotten and unfair practices that have subjugated women over what appears to be the entire history of the world that it would want to cause some women to want to get out of this club. Moreover, there are some who identify with the plight of its members so much so that they would want to get into this club, but the truth is that they cannot. And what’s more, there is no other creation in this world that can do what you (its members) can do. And maybe, that is the reason why there are those who is trying to eradicate this club altogether. But, don’t you let them.


You can say, this is not political correctness and that this is simply a case of injustice against women. My response to you would be, this is how political correctness looks like in real time against real people. Therefore, if the spirit of Political Correctness is allowed to linger then it is only a matter of time before it encompasses something that you yourself love and value.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be a copious presentation but simply to show some of the basic items around this issue and we hope that you would be moved to continue your own research and participate in the discussion.