The Trouble With China: Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus according to the World Health Organization is a part of family of viruses in particular a new strain that had not been previously identified in humans.

It is generally understood, believed and accepted that the Coronavirus was originally started in Wuhan city, China. In fact, some believe that the virus started as being the subject of China’s biological weapons research that has gone wrong. Moreover, would we dare to speculate even further and wonder if there were a sinister motive that someone was actually testing it in a public square to observe its effects in real time, believing that it could be controlled and contained but later realized that it had gotten out of hand? We don’t know and we may never know the answers for sure, but what is important is that we ask the right questions.

What we do know is that before now this particular strain of the virus “didn’t exist” and now all of a sudden it does exits, and it had quickly expanded and is causing the world to scramble trying to keep up and rein it in. What we do know is that there were reports out of China with individuals saying that they were trying to warn the public about it and as a result the Chinese government moved quickly to silence them through coercion. In other words, chances are the government knew that the virus existed and the full effects of the virus long before the public did which leads us to believe that its a government sponsored creation. Chances are that reports of this virus starting with an animal such as a bat are simply a political spin to take the onus off of the Chinese government. Finally, what we do know is that the people of China and the United States fully believe that China has not been telling the truth about this virus and is cautious and skeptical of anything that the Chinese government says about this virus.


It only makes sense for the president to place a moratorium on those who are coming into this country and possibly could be effected with the virus. It is done to protect the citizens of this country and if there is evidence of the virus already having been present then we should make every effort to isolate and quarantine it while trying to find a cure or a means to subdue it.

Moreover, the experts such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are telling us that this virus is not an airborne virus, but that it is passed from person to person. However, it is apparent to this writer that those who had contracted it did not all share personal bodily fluids with another person and therefore it is quite probable that it can be picked up from contaminated surfaces. This is important to note because if that is the case, then Americans must be mindful of all of the products that are being imported from China. That includes most of the everyday items that we have which are now “Made in China.” With this virus this is not a good thing because it increases our vulnerability. What our government should do is to expand the moratorium to include all Chinese imports as well as all items that come from other countries that have parts within them that come from China.


It goes without saying that this suggestion would not go over well with the Chinese government and that it would likely place a significant burden on their economy, but it is imperative that America and every country that trades with China must give this serious consideration. There is no known cure for the common cold that doesn’t do more than make one uncomfortable for a couple of weeks and therefore, most doctors will tell you to let it run its course. Therefore, if we are helpless against a relatively harmless virus then do we really believe that we will quickly develop a “cure” for this deadly virus?


Most people want to know how is this virus different and how does it kill its victims? This video goes into detail and it makes it clear that this is not your average virus. It is a must watch.


We may never know for sure how the virus started but we do see that it may evolve into a worldwide pandemic unless some significant medical breakthroughs occur along with the proper management of public resources.

Our concern and our priorities should be the life, health and safety of the people of the world starting with America and not making exceptions. This virus is too dangerous to allow a loophole for it to spread to unaffected persons. Once it is confirmed that it is totally under control then we can resume rebuilding our nations.


It is very important that we still treat our Asian brothers and sisters with the utmost respect and that we do nothing to detract from their personhood. There is no reason to believe that just because someone is Asian that they have the virus. There is no reason to believe that our Asian businesses in America are carriers of the virus. As Americans we should continue to support our Asian brethren in any way we can, even those oversees.

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