Don't Panic, Don't Panic…Okay Panic!

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Remember it all started in Wuhan, China. In about November 2019, someone was obviously fatally exposed to the virus, but it seems as though China’s government didn’t want this to get out to the public. According to Fox News host Sean Hannity’s timeline, in December 2019 Ai Fen a director of the Wuhan hospital posted on Wechat but the Chinese government reportedly reprimands her for it. Eight other doctors from China also had posted on WeChat about the dangers of the virus and they are reprimanded. Hannity goes onto tell us that in January 2020 the Wuhan Health reports that there are no new viral cases. Then in January China hosted a large lunar banquet and apparently deliberately (by not saying anything) exposed the participants to the virus…but we weren’t supposed to panic because it wasn’t a big deal and that it was all under control. They let the people leave Wuhan and go to their respective destinations even those going to the United States.

Apparently medical insiders within China tried to warn the public of the dangers of the virus but the Chinese government insisted that this information not get out so they tried to handle things themselves trying to keep the Chinese Whistle blowers quiet.

Then The Virus Got Out And The World Responded…

When America’s state and local governments and mainline media outlets heard the news, what was their reaction? “Looks like I picked the wrong week…” Americans were clearing toilet paper off of the shelves. Antiseptic hand-wipes face masks, hand sanitizers, and bottled water flew off of the shelves. No mention of soap being taken interestingly enough, the very thing that you’d need to keep you safe from most flu’s, bacteria’s and viruses.


Yes, this is very serious. The governor of California has implemented a stay at home order, ordering all California citizens to stay within their home until further notice. Many other states followed suit. We understand the purpose and the intention of the order but is this a panic response?

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the new Chief of Police declared that her police officers will not arrest violators for non-violent crimes. Instead, the alleged perpetrators will be given a summons and told that they are expected to show up in court. Good luck with that. Can you imagine how that could impact the psyche of those who know that they will not be arrested for a crime, and how it has impacted the psyche of the community of millions of law abiding citizens who are now aware that the criminals know they will be free to walk the streets?

In California, Colorado and other parts of the country, gun sales are going through the roof. Some residents are afraid with the panic over the effects of the Coronavirus that food and other important supplies will not be available therefore some people will resort to breaking into the homes of others. So they are purchasing guns to protect themselves and their families. This is an example of the problem that the government itself creates when they make polarizing decisions that are not well thought out…they create panic. Is it intentional?

On the national scene, America has closed down completely (well almost completely), big businesses and small businesses, Sports on all levels throwing especially NCAA athletes into chaos about their future. Parents understandably concerned about how they will pay their mortgages, feed their children, and pay for their medical expenses. The state and local governments are simply saying “close everything down indefinitely” and they are doing it in the name of protecting people from the virus without helping the people and businesses work through solutions that will keep them afloat. If you have the power to shut down the public then you also have a responsibility to maintain the overall welfare of the people.

History has shown us that people are more than willing to make extraordinary sacrifices to protect those that they love. This crisis is no exception. We see Americans doing just that. However, they are doing it as a result of poor and self-centered politically maniacal politicians that do not care about the people that they are sworn to protect. We’d suffer to protect the lives and well-being of those we love, but we’d most certainly make a point to find out why this sacrificial suffering was necessary. Moreover, we’d make a point to try to address the person or cause for which this decision had to be made and we’d try to permanently address it.

This Brings Us Back to China…

Ergo, we come back to China. [Start at the 3:44 minute mark in video until the 6:00 minute mark.] Some of the networks are saying that we cannot trust the reports that are coming out of China. They have lost the little credibility that they had with the world, and certainly with the American public. The conventional wisdom is that if only China was truthful from the very beginning and told us that we could have even assisted them in containing and managing this virus.

However, China didn’t and we can only speculate as to why they wouldn’t inform the world, but this writer speculates that it was because they were developing a biological weapon and they didn’t want the world to know. Moreover, the point that lends to this speculation is the fact that it is very highly contagious. A biological weapon that is not highly contagious is a useless weapon. The initial virus may have been taken from a bat but it was likely engineered to increase its potency while still maintaining its natural characteristics so that it wouldn’t look man made and would be very difficult to trace back to China. Furthermore, it would lend itself to reason that China’s plan was to release the virus into the United States and to cause the panic and chaos much like what we’re experiencing now so that the country’s economy would shut down and that China would finally take over the number one position as the world’s leading economy and replace the American dollar with their own currency. It also would lend itself to reason that China’s has used its money to influence those within the large media markets and those corrupt politicians within America to use their platforms to divert the blame of China’s role in this fiasco from China and place it onto the President. However, the public now clearly sees the truth of this for themselves.


A good segment of people are following the CDC recommended guidelines and they are self-quarantining themselves for at least fourteen days. Many who can afford it are staying from work and those who can’t take the risks. The major TV networks are breaking into regularly scheduled programing with a Coronavirus update and how the municipalities are addressing it. One of my favorite news outlets have taken to posting on a big board almost like what we see on presidential election night with the total number of those contracted with the virus and the total death toll. We are receiving emails from virtually every business that has our email address telling us what they’ve done to safeguard their customers. The Internet’s main story almost on every website has to do with the Coronavirus. If you’re not afraid or gravely concerned after this media overload then you must have been in a coma, a newborn, or stranded on island somewhere. When you receive this much information overload then you’d have to wonder if they are deliberately trying to create a panic.


With all of this media hype (and I do mean hype), it is obviously a subject of discussion with the majority of the people. I am no different. If someone asks me what I think I will tell them. A friend of mine from another location asked me a question, “how’s things with the virus going up there?” Then it dawned on me, I was ready to give him the answer of what I heard and saw on TV but I couldn’t address it personally.

I told my friend that I hear about one case here and there from the local media, but…I don’t know of anyone (and I know a lot of people) who have the virus personally. I don’t even know someone who knows someone who has the virus. I asked him if he knew of anyone and he thought about it and said no. I checked with two cousins in New York and one didn’t know but the other heard third or fourth hand about a strong possibility of a “confirmed” COVID-19 related death. I continued to check with relatives and friends that lived in other parts of the country and no one knew of anyone first hand or second had either. However, with the entire No’s that I received, it is the one yes we should be concerned about. It potentially confirms that the virus is real and it is deadly. However, it still made me wonder.

Now I’ll be the very first one to say that the No’s was and is a blessing. No one wants to have this virus or want to know of anyone who has it. However, with such a rapid spread, or to be specific a pandemic you would think that it would be closer to home for some people within ones circle. Every year during the flu season I know of someone (if not myself) that has had the flu. It usually runs through my household or the household of my family and friends…or within my place of employment and house of worship, but not this virus (thank God). Still, with the numbers reportedly rising exponentially daily, you would think that someone within one’s circle would have come across a firsthand knowledge of the virus.

Does this mean that the government’s intervention is working? I don’t know but I hope so. Does this mean that it won’t eventually happen? No, and again I hope it won’t. Does this mean that we can resume our lives as though it never existed? No, I’d be the first one to say don’t be foolish, and we should be exercising precautions regardless of this virus or any other flu, virus or bacteria. And finally does this mean that this was all a hoax? I don’t know. It’s smarter to treat this as the real thing because it’s always better to be safe than sorry. However, I plan to upload a new post about just this very thing.

Nevertheless, it does make you wonder. Two years ago I had a very bad respiratory infection and if it happened now I am certain someone would have simply called it the Covid19 virus. What am I saying? It may be possible that this is the “flavor of the month” so to speak in diagnosis, in other words, everyone with a sniffle is given the same diagnosis regardless. Why would someone do that? When you consider the highly political climate that is going on currently within this country, you can’t overlook the possibility that someone maybe trying to pad the Covid19 stats for political gain. Other questions to consider, are the test really structured to test for Covid19 only or will it pick up any abnormality especially since the Covid19 virus is a part of a virus family of similar virus’ that includes the common cold? The point here is that it is important to ask the right questions, we can’t afford to be foolish but we can’t afford to jump onto the Group Think band wagon either.


Nevertheless, when we look at this reaction to the declared “Pandemic” it is vitally important to be aware that there is opposing viewpoints about what is going on. Please look at the two links below and view what the alternative viewpoint. This link is about the Left’s looking forward to and planning for this economic downturn.

This link is the direct website and then you would look into various videos that address the globalist’s plan to release this current pandemic onto the public to bring down the economy, defeat President Trump and use this crisis to impose martial law.

This Pains Angels2 video also gives us an alternative view of this pandemic. It doesn’t fit the popular narrative but it does cause us to ask the difficult questions. Please don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.


In the meantime, it’s important to keep in mind that panicking is always counterproductive and counter intuitive to what the experts tell us how to respond to a crisis. When we panic, we not only harm ourselves but likely others who are effected as well.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that those of us who are true patriots and love America must be aware of what is going on behind the scenes and be willing to stand up for maintaining our freedom.

And Finally, to those patriots who are people of faith please consider praying and claiming the promises that are written in Psalm 91 with a special focus on verses 3 and 6 while claiming verses 9-16.

Dr. Tony Evans gives us his spiritual insight into what he believes is the ultimate purpose or reason behind it all. Just like Joseph in the book of Genesis when he explains to his brothers that God who was not the author of the evil that befell him but none the less used it to bring about a greater good for the world, Dr. Evans indicates that yes there are some unseen political forces behind this that are using the virus for their purposes, however, God is also using this occasion for his divine purpose as well. SO DON’T PANIC!

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share your opinion below.

DISCLAIMER: This posting is not comprehensive and is written to introduce you to the subject so that you can research it on your own and to contribute to the conversation.