Covid19: Real or Hoax?

Believe it or not, not everyone is convinced that there is a Covid19 virus or that the virus is as lethal as it is reported to be. In other words, you will find someone that stands on every point of the spectrum on this subject. Real or not, some feel that it is being used as a political tool to take down a president, while others believe that it is most certainly the real deal and that the extreme demands of governments are completely justified. Nevertheless, we are simply trying to present the argument to you.

[Start at the 5:00 minute mark until 14:44] Conservative radio talk show host and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Rush Limbaugh gives his opinion of the legitimacy of the Covid19 virus.

[This video re-posted from previous article] Pains Angels posted that they believe that the virus is real enough but the reaction to it is over hyped and has been weaponized against the president.

Professional Journalist David Icke goes into detail regarding the Coronavirus (Covid19) and how the Global elite (aka the One Percenters) are using the virus to achieve their global control over the world. We can see much of what he is telling us happening now. You need to watch the entire video and listen closely.

In a previous video which was taken down by Youtube, he told us that it is the goal of big pharma to make their profits and it is contributing to the illnesses and deaths of the people through the development of a weakened immune system. The implications are that this virus pandemic plays into the plans of big pharma.


This Chicago ER doctor tells us the influx of sick patients coming into the ER with respiratory conditions are real but he did indicate that because of the inability to wait for the results of a Covid19 test, they are automatically assumed to have the Covid19 virus and they are treated as such. This is vitally significant since it may be possible that some are coming in with other respiratory health conditions and not the Covid19 virus. When someone dies from the flu or pneumonia, infection or whatever respiratory condition that they’ve arrived with they are likely counted as a Covid19 causality. Therefore, the question that has to be asked here is this, how many other hospitals and medical facilities are practicing this same assessment procedure? Moreover, does the official Covid19 test when it is administered, test only for the Covid19 virus and not any other abnormality? This can only place the validity of the Covid19 virus’ data numbers into serious question.

COVID19 Across the Pond…

A physician in the UK posts his view of the misconception that the virus only kills the elderly or those with preexisting conditions. He gives current stats and it does affect the elderly significantly and his data seems to indicate that approximately eighty percent of those who contract the virus will recover. In addition to his sharing that, he tells us that those who are admitted into the ICU in the UK are usually those with the highest percent chance of surviving it; which the average age of those admitted into the ICU is about sixty years of age. Most would consider that to be the threshold age into senior citizenship.

However, he did make a subtle remark that did not escape this listening ear when he indicated or implied that the type of treatment intervention (which could vary) will likely effect the survival disposition of each patient. That would include making a medical decision regarding who gets a respirator and who doesn’t, who gets the proper medications and who doesn’t along with the age of the patient and who gets into the ICU unit and who doesn’t. That should go without saying since this is a new virus and there is no standardized method of treatment and care established as of yet.

Let me say parenthetically that this doctor didn’t indicate how it was determined if the patients in his statistics actually had the Covid19 virus. Was it like the Chicago ER doctor who indicated in his video that it was automatically assumed to be Covid19 virus without the test?

This “alarmist” gives us the numbers that should concern us if they are true numbers of a worst case scenario. Real or not, we do need to treat this virus as though it is real so as to avoid a potential worst case scenario.


The Valley News has an interview with Minnesota Sen. Dr. Jensen who says he received a seven page document from the state department of health instructing him to certify deaths as a result of the Coronavirus whether they’ve died from it or not.


Make no mistake about it, there is a very real virus going around and it is making some people very ill. The question that so many people have is just how bad is it really since some people are very ill and dying while others are showing no symptoms at all. Some report that it is no worse than a common cold while others report that they’ve been brought back from death’s door. So the question is… are these people experiencing the same virus or not? Are some actually experiencing a flu or a cold while others are experiencing a typical respiratory infection that complicates and takes an unfair advantage of their already compromised immune system? Moreover, are we simply calling every sniffle, fever, cough, and so forth the Covid19 virus? The answer to this last question is that is quite possible and likely probable that this is the case.

What is even more disconcerting is the fact that there are people and families suffering that do not have the virus and will likely never have the virus but they have lost their jobs, their businesses, homes, medical coverage and cannot feed their children because of the various states’ stay at home order. There is every reason to believe that there is political factions playing politics with this virus and is using it for their personal and political gain; and they would like for nothing more than to see America’s economy crumble. However, there are ways that the government can work with local businesses and the general public that would allow businesses to still operate in such a manner that could still service the public while maintaining the best safe practices. It is just a matter of the government wanting to do this for their citizens. The American people now see who their real friends are in government.

Please believe this, the American people are very resourceful and they are now experiencing their great awakening. They will see this thing through and the vast majority of them will remember this when the next time they walk into a voting both.


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Disclaimer: This posting is not intended to be copious regarding the subject; however, we are simply trying to introduce the topic to you to encourage you to continue to research it further on your own and to contribute to the conversation.