DEPOPULATION: The NWO Doesn’t Want To Include YOU

If you’ve seen the movie Schindler’s List or paid attention in your world history class when the teacher covered the topic of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime, then you couldn’t help but pick up on one important key theme…that of annihilation. In Hitler’s case it was genocide against the Jews, but annihilation is still annihilation no matter if it’s called ethnic cleansing or population control, it is still the same thing; targeting the extermination of portions of the human population.

However, we’ve gotten cleverer in our presentation of the subject so as to desensitize the concept to the population so that they won’t pick up on the true nature of its meaning. In fact, in the 21st Century we use the Politically Correct term called Depopulation. That could sound as innocuous as the relocation of personnel…moving people from one part of a city to another because you want to build a plant or gentrify a community. However, Depopulation is far more than that. It basically says that for some reason there are too many people living in this world and we need to lower the numbers by any means necessary.

The New World Order (NWO), also known as Globalist has made it clear that they want a one world government with no independent sovereign nations, and no borders all headed and run by a small network of wealthy elite group of people. Now this is not news to many people who either don’t care or figure it is far into the distant future. However, what is news is that the elite in the NWO believe that there are far too many people in this world. There’s been books published about this subject and intellectual egg heads that meet and discuss this very subject and what they are planning to do (and are doing) about this “problem.” The motive is very clear, get rid of the excess people of the world…but why?

The argument of record would be that this oversized population is devouring the world’s resources. The second and more accurate reason for depopulation is that a smaller number of people are easier to control.

The Depopulation agenda has promoted tools for control that includes, Abortion (women’s right to choose), Gun Control (the government after taking away your guns can come to your home and remove you like the Nazi’s did and exterminate you without fear of serious resistance), pandemic (issuing a government lock down or Marshall law while causing the economy to crash), financial control (implementing the control to buy and sell and own property), real id (controlling travel and financial transactions while maintaining accountability of every person), universal healthcare (requiring that every citizen have the government’s health care single payer plan. The government can reduce the population by denying coverage and care for those who are deathly ill). There are so many other factors that would take us away from the main subject of this post. If you look closer and look beyond the obvious, you can see that each one of these issues can be weaponized in such a way as to directly or indirectly make one vulnerable to death (aka depopulation).

In a previous posting, The NWO: What is it and what do they want? we discussed in part the issue of this struggle. Please take time to go back and view it with an emphasis on the Club of Rome and their book, Limits to Growth.

There are a number of supporters in the NWO and one of them are Bill Gates…

THIS IS A MUST WATCH BEFORE YOUTUBE TAKES IT DOWN: Bill Gates is only one of the many elites that advocates depopulation, however, the plan has been through GMO’s Genetically modified foods which we have now and it sterilizes the people and allegedly contributes to health problems which results in death. You will notice in this video Bill Gates is seen promoting depopulation with the Africans and the dark colored nations of the world. It is likely the most obvious while other poor whites, browns, yellows and red people of the world are likely included in this extermination plan.

RED FLAG: Now with the “pandemic” of Covid19, Gates (according to rumors) wants to force the population to receive the tainted vaccine for this virus which will contribute to the death of the population. He also (according to rumors) reportedly has said that people should have a certificate to verify that they’ve taken the vaccine so they can work or conduct business. Just the thought of this true or not should cause the American people to take a stand against forced vaccines of any kind.

It’s important for us to realize that if there is ANY truth to this issue at all then we must be aware of them and ask the right questions when it comes to those areas that affects our lives, e.g. food, medicine, healthcare, environment, birth control, abortion, …anything and everything. Please don’t be lazy or blasé about this subject because odds are you are not included as one of the elites within the socialist New World Order.

More to Consider…

This video tells us that the pesticide DDT was not banned because it would contribute to the depopulation of the people. Former President Bill Clinton wants to lower the world population down to at least one billion people or at the very least make every non-elitist a peasant. Peter Singer (Princeton University Professor) who is an animal rights activist says that the Judaeo-Christian traditions must be destroyed for the sake of animal rights. He also believes that abortion should be legal even up until 28 days after the baby is born. President Bush wanted the GMO’s sent to the African nations “to combat hunger.” The implication here is that Bush fully understood the effects of GMO’s on the people.

A Must Watch: After completing the topic of the NWO’s control of our food, he quickly focuses more on vaccines that are relevant to you and your children. He gives resources and books to read along with websites such as This will make you think twice about vaccines and the doctors that promote them… as well you should.


We need to talk about this with one another…your family, your friends, everyone…

These are issues that should encourage you to research them on your own so you could come to your own well informed conclusions. It is unlikely that the government elites will tell you the complete truth and what they will tell you may have a “what can you do about it anyway…we control everything about you,” mentality.

However, it is never too late to fight for your freedom and the future of your children and your children’s children. The more you know…

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DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be copious regarding the subject but simply to introduce you to the issue to encourage you to do your own research and to contribute to the conversation.