This is Socialism: So How’s it working out for ya?

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. The state and local governments run by Democrats on the Left have been introducing socialistic principles upon its people and the people never even knew it. They are training the people to hear and respond faithfully to the government’s orders and the people don’t even know it. “Stay inside until we tell you to come out…you must wear masks…you have to stay six feet apart…your curfew starts at 6:00 PM and remains in effect until 6:00 AM…you can’t open your businesses or go back to work until we (the Governor) says so, and if you do on your own, you will be fined, lose your business license or will go to jail…if your part of the state is not approved for reopening then you cannot resume business as usual…we are now tracking you through your mobile phone (Google has the technology) and we know if you’ve been compliant or not. We will send trackers out to find you and penalize you for violating the state government’s lock down mandates…etc., etc., etc.

This is just the beginning… don’t let the smooth taste fool ya…it’s what you call Socialism… (fricking socialism) When they tell you that all of this is being done for your own good don’t you believe it. Again, think about the frog in the pot of boiling hot water simile. If they do it to you a little at a time then they are counting on the fact that by the time you wake up and realize your rights have been stripped away from you and that you’re under socialistic rule then it would be too late for you to do anything about it.

There are those on the Left that will tell you that socialism is good and that it’s the entity that gives power to the people…but don’t you believe it. They are very smart people and people that you have trusted over the years that have been talking heads on your TV and they are touting socialistic principles to you knowing that if you trust them then you will trust their message, but now is the time for you to wake up and do your own homework.

If there is a socialistic government, then many of these same people believe that there is something in for them not you. They believe that they will be a part of the socialistic elite while you will be a part of the lower working class. Moreover, there is only so much room at the top, so much power for a few to be shared. Ask the common people of China how they feel about their socialistic government, ask the common people of Russia and the people of North Korea and the people of Venezuela, the people that are actually living through the same mess that the Democratic Left is trying to implement here in America and place upon YOU, ask them how do they feel about socialism and they will tell you that you’d be an Damn fool if you let this happen to you in America.

The Deep State Left has infiltrated all levels of government and the mainline media. Even some judges have been on the take and those who are sworn to up hold the law, to protect and to serve the people for the public good have now (in many instances) have betrayed their oath and the public’s trust. Just take a closer look at some national court cases that have been adjudicated and managed violating the Constitution. If you can’t t rust the court system to be fair and impartial then we as a nation are in deep trouble.


Most of the younger generation that is buying into socialism has never gone to a country that is truly a socialistic government. They believe what their Liberal socialistic professors are teaching them, the one’s with a personal and political agendas of their own. Young people overall want to know the truth and stand for the truth but their zeal for taking a stand is not according to knowledge. The socialistic Left has created an environment for them to be surrounded by a subculture that will penalize anyone that does not believe what they believe. The Left tries to chase away conservative voices away from campuses and away from their environment that would allow a free exchange of ideas. Moreover, the Left is fighting hard to remove God from the public square. This makes it easier for the Socialistic Left to control the people. Yes, it’s about control.


Think about this…the groups that are showing up in these cities are professional rioters. They are being paid to go to these cities and start this chaos. Think about this…don’t you think that the states and their governmental officials knew that they were coming? Of course they did. They had an opportunity to prepare to minimize the damage and they did what amounts to nothing. The Merchants could have prepared, vehicles could have been removed from the key business districts, and the National Guard could have been brought in to make a presence as a support to the local law enforcement agency to minimize the damage. However, what did happen? Police apparently were told to stand down while the rioters attacked the police, the people and destroy property. So why would the Left let these people destroy their own cities, why would these liberal leaders do such a thing? To justify why they should take your rights away from you.

There are people in countries around the world fighting for their own rights but the liberal media won’t report it to you because they are as much a part of the problem as the Left…in fact they are a part of the Left. People socialism is not your friend.

Wake up and join the movement of patriots that are fighting for your freedom and the freedom for your children and your children’s children. What are you going to tell your grandchildren when they hear the oral stories about how America used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave and they ask you, “What did you do to try to stop the people who were trying to take it away?” Will you tell them the truth, will you tell them that you were listening to the fake news media that fought against and blamed the one president (Trump) that was trying to fight for them? Will you tell them that you were a part of the problem because you did nothing?

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below and answer the question in survey.

Disclaimer: This post is not comprehensive but it presents a perspective that is meant to encourage you to further research the subject on your own and to contribute to the conversation.