Black Lives Matter Organizer: BLM Movement has been Hi-Jacked by Leftist Democrats

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Youtube took Chaziel Sunz’s post down because he was exposing the truth about the Democratic Left. Twitter had taken down the evidence that the rioters were being paid to destroy cities (it may be up again). We are blessed to be able to recapture the original Sunz post for you. You must know the truth. This young man is putting himself on the line to save you. Please listen.

MUST WATCH: Former BLM Organizer Chaziel Sunz speaks out.

Sunz tells us that the Black Lives Matter movement that he organized was infiltrated starting approximately 2015-16. They were being told things that they never heard before to stoke their fears and to promote racial hatred. Sunz states that it is the Black Leaders that are leading the Black people to their demise. He states that the Black Leaders are getting them to do their dirty work. They are recruiting all anti-Trump people to start a real Civil War on American turf. He said the RBG and the BLM movements have been compromised. He tells us that these movements have been endorsed by George Soros and the Clinton’s and he says that it’s clear and common knowledge that they don’t care anything at all about Blacks and that they are exploiting the Black plight to make money for themselves.

He calls Soros, the Clinton’s (and the like) evil demonic people and they are weaponizing these movements to fight against the Right. He says that there are the powers that be that are controlling the narrative (through the media) to control the minds of the Black population. Sunz repeatedly warns us that the Left is planning a Civil War pitting the Left against the Right. He warns the Black community not to get slaughtered. He tells us that the Left is funding ANTIFA which he calls a militant group and says that they are being funded by the younger Rothschilds, Soros and the Clinton’s. Sunz tells us that the media is not telling the people about ANTIFA knowing that the Left is trying to get as many people as possible to join their side.

Sunz also explains the strategy of the Left’s movement is to take away the guns from the Right and weaken their defenses in this war. He tells us that the Las Vegas shootings were an action of the Left against what they believed to be a group from the Right. He makes it clear that the issue is not between Black and White but between the politics of the Left and the Right. He encourages people to do their homework and study the issues for themselves. He also tells us that he will not support the Left. He says that the people on the Right are at least straight forward while the Left is lying to you.

He also concludes that the Left is destructively going after the Blacks, White and Hispanics (presumably on the Right) and that you should be ready to protect yourselves.

For those who insist on believing that what Conservatives report about these issues as “Conspiracy theories” are simply trying to distract the unawares, those who are asleep from seeing and knowing the truth until it is too late. Here is a young man who is an insider and has seen, heard and spoken to those of power and influence on the Left and he knows the plans and the mindset of those who are trying to take your freedoms away. People, these threats are real.


The original poster apparently accused President Trump of not having evidence that these groups are Anarchist. First off, the definition of Anarchist is one who promotes rebellion in a violent manner (see link) and when you watch the re-posted videos you will see just that.

The spirit of evil has never changed over the years. People are technically smarter but we have become lazy and willing to believe that what’s going on around us is not as it seem. We see the Nazi’s riot in 1920 and we say “that is history but not now” and now as I write this I hear the expositions of the rioters going off in the streets. Who will be willing to stand up and say “no more” to those who seek to destroy and oppress you?


IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to introduce you to the issues around the very important and sensitive subject. We hope that you will continue to research this topic for yourself and contribute to the discussion.