The True Cost of Riots

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There is more to the cost of destructive rioting than the loss of brick and mortar, there are real people with real families who loved them and needed them but they were struck down needlessly by a riotous mob. To most people, we don’t think twice about the statistics when we hear of the numbers, however, when we see a face with a name that’s when we realize that the losses were real. This video shows some of the names and faces that were struck down, not with a virus but by hateful rioters whose purpose was simply to steal, kill and destroy…for money.

This video gives us at least two major revelations, 1) that the rioters had intentionally started a fire to an occupied residence where there was a child still inside and the perpetrators blocked the routes with their vehicles so that the fire trucks could not get to the dwelling in time to save the child (start video at the 3:15 minute mark), and 2) the city’s administration got word that there was a group of rioters going across the country that were coming to start the riots.

It’s important to understand that there is a big difference between peaceful protesters that are trying to make their voices heard and rioters who only want to steal, kill and destroy. Unfortunately these rioters look to find their way into the midst of the peaceful protesters to make it look as though it is the protesters causing the damage while hiding themselves amongst.


The late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter Dr. Bernice A. King makes a point to denounce the misuse of the quote that her father made regarding “a riot is the language of the unheard.” She said he was simply explaining where the riots are coming from. There are some who are using his quote to justify their use of violence which is not what he stood for. In the video below, Dr. MLK makes his quote but it is clear that he never endorsed riotous violent behavior and doesn’t encourage it.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made it very clear that 1) if every other Negro in America decided to use violence then he would still be the only one to remain non-violent. 2) Riots are both self-defeating and socially destructive.

Violence is not only dangerous for the participants but it does not cause reconciliation but instead creates and widens the divide. Those of us who understand human nature know that violence is usually counterproductive. As the leader of the Civil Rights movement with millions of black Americans waiting to be directed regarding their next move, it is clear in hindsight that not only did Dr. King believe in the effectiveness of non-violence, but that he also realized that he was personally responsible for each decision that he made, every word that he spoke that effected the health and welfare of those whom he led.


History doesn’t speak much about the Elaine, Arkansas massacre. In fact, one could argue that it really wasn’t a rebellion at all. Simply blacks who were attacked and some fought back and because of it they were massacred. This video gives an historical summary of this account but it’s important to note that while this was going on in Elaine, Arkansas there were blacks being killed in other states throughout the nation because it was believed that they were in violent rebellion.

Dr. MLK I’m sure understood the principle behind the dangers of black violence and rebellion. Most older blacks over the age of sixty have heard of the Nat Turner Rebellion, an (1861) slave rebellion that ended up with so many slaves being slaughtered and terrorized. In fact, if you follow the link you will also see a listing of the North American Slave Revolts in the margin which also shows in a word the results of these revolts which usually ended up poorly for the slaves that revolted.

Why is it important to be mindful of this? Because blacks are the ones who will likely be a significant loser in the end of a violent conflict. That is what Chaziel Sunz (formerly of Black Lives Matter) was trying to tell the black people who would consider violence as their alternative. That is what I believe Dr. King was also alluding to when he said that it was impractical. Violence doesn’t solve the problem of equality it only results in more violence and self-destruction. Furthermore, it feeds the fire of the racial divide.


It goes without saying that in a riot there is a significant amount of destruction of brick and mortar damage. We all know that the brick and mortar can be ultimately replaced; however, lives and the damage that is done to the human spirit cannot be replaced. A significant number of businesses and properties that were destroyed belonged to minority owners. It’s almost as if it was planned to be that way, the people who could afford it the least were hurt the most by this riot. People who made significant sacrifices that took years and cost them their blood sweat and tears to get up and operating were destroyed in a matter of hours. Many of these owners aren’t able to replace or rebuild… they have lost everything.

Why? Because ANTIFA and BLM want to start a race war and blame it on Trump? Because those on the Left wants to cripple the minorities’ economy so much that they are looking to find some way to blame the president hoping to destroy his minority base? What? You thought all of this was about George Floyd? No, this is a crisis that the Left has decided not to let go to waste. That is why ANTIFA and BLM are involved. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned.

The next four (short) videos will show us just a sampling of the pain that these rioters have caused when they attacked the people places and things that were of the black community that had nothing to do with the reason why the reasonable people were protesting. These people like so many others like them were targeted by radical groups with a radical agenda. Please don’t justify the evil that was done to them by saying that people needed to get out their frustration…wrong is wrong.


The rioters were a different group from the protesters. These rioters are coming into town from all across the country. The message of the rioters are totally different from the protesters. Please also note that the rioters shot police officers that were not shooting at them. If the other police officers standing by had shot the perpetrator that shot the officers the public outcry would have been that the officers were in the wrong. When are we going to stop calling good evil and evil good?


This particular video documents that a significant amount of the damage was done by whites in the name of black people saying, “We’re doing this for you.” In fact, the white taggers (spray painters) were writing the BLM sign on property while the blacks were imploring them not to do it because the blame would be pointed against blacks. Do they (the white rioters) belong to BLM or ANTIFA maybe both? Most likely yes to both organizations, but what seems to be consistent is that the rioters are usually a separate group from those black and white protesters who were peacefully protesting but the rioters come into these cities from out of town and cause massive destruction.

The rioters aren’t likely coming at their own expense; they are obviously being financed by someone with a lot of money that is paying for their transportation, their food, their lodging, and their bail as they go from city to city.

The Hidden Cost…

One of the goals of this type of destructive action is to mock the legitimate issues of the masses. Yes, it was wrong for that crooked cop to kill George Floyd and yes, it is important to bring the issue of how police officers in the future need to be accountable for how they manage not only black suspects but any and all suspects of a crime and to do so without malice of forethought. However, when these rioters who themselves have a crooked political agenda enmesh their evil twisted destructive actions within a legitimate movement then the rioters take the attention away from the protester’s issues and pervert it. In other words, the cost of rioters in this movement is that it de-legitimizes the message of the protesters. The focus becomes the rioting, looting, maiming, killing and wanton destruction and not on police reform and justice. It is up to those in the movement to police themselves and call out those outsiders who are using them and drowning out their message.


IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

DISCLAIMER: This point is not meant to be comprehensive, but only to introduce the readers to the issues in an attempt to encourage you to do your own research and then contribute to the discussion.