Dems Race To Disband Police Leaving The People Helpless

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We have long suspected the Democratic Left of working surreptitiously to undermine the citizens of the United States of America. Half of America recognized that something was wrong with the Left but there were still the other half of America not believing it because they had difficulty seeing it. Why? Because the Democratic Left would publicly say the right things such as, “We have to protect the Constitution…No one is above the law…We want Transparency, etc.” The people were hearing it, but they never looked closer at what they were doing which was contrary to what they were saying. In other words, the Left wasn’t walking the talk.

The people earnestly sought to hold onto their belief that the Democratic Left was telling them the truth and doing what was right, so they would not see the facts right there in front of them. The people wanted to accept the narrative that” Trump was evil, Trump was racist, Trump was bad for America” and as long as the people were focused on this narrative (that was constantly being fed to them by the fake news) they would be too distracted to notice that the Left was selling them up the river.

That is until now…the people were watching the riots, the looting, the maiming, killing, sexual assaults and destruction being committed in the name of justice, frustration and the expression of “support for the black community.” The people see the burning buildings, the blood, and the bodies and they also see the police departments being stretched beyond what is reasonable trying to control the carnage and mayhem in their jurisdictions, and what is the response of their elected Democratic officials? “We need to close down the police departments.” They made certain that we understood that they did not stutter because they repeated the same narrative over, and over and over again… “We will close down the police department.”

Yes, you heard them correctly, violence is so far out of hand where some police departments basically needed their National Guard forces to come in and to provide needed strategic and tactical support to try to stop or at least reduce the carnage, injury and death, and the Democrats on the Left feels that the answer to this problem is closing down their police forces. (I know some of you don’t know whether to laugh, cry or cough because it sounds so …stupid).

Moreover, the problem with this statement is that it would be better placed at the end of a punch line for a joke, but it’s not a joke. It’s sad, stupid and scary… it is what your Democratic Leftist leadership had pledged to do. Do you know what that really means? It means leaving you and your family and property vulnerable with no protection to the arbitrary whims of any depraved sick person or group to do whatever they wanted to do to you or anyone else, and you’d have no protection.

If they said that they would provide the public with an alternative such as a patrol of private citizens (cough… BLM or ANTIFA?), well, you see how that’s working out now don’t you? Vigilante patrols can only provide vigilante justice which is no justice at all. “Well, what about paid private professional security forces?” The more you peruse this line of thinking the crazier that it gets.

This is Wild…

What does the Democratic Left really have in mind to replace the police departments around the country? The belief being shared among Christian Conservatives is that they (the Left) want the United Nations to come in (and the UN wants to come) and to take over the streets of this nation. I know you’re thinking, “conspiracy theory,” because it sounds too crazy to be true. But when the Left starts to deny and claim certain accusation to be a “conspiracy”…that’s when you need to be the most suspicious; and you should be. This would remove key control of the nation from us Americans and give it to the international community, which would bode well for those who support the globalist agenda. Bringing in the UN would have been a key step towards bringing America into their New World Order (NWO), and to subjugate American citizens to International Marshall Law and control. Does this sound too wild to be true? That is what they are counting on.

Think About This…

During the Obama administration, he signed an executive order giving the International Police (Interpol) authority to operate on US soil. Although claims that this order only gave them the same authority that other international organizations have, still you’d have to wonder if it is a piece that fits into this overall big picture. Former President Barack Obama is a globalist, George Bush (1 & 2) are globalist, Bill and Hillary Clinton are globalist; and when you look closer to into the decisions they have made and things they have done while they were empowered you can see even more clearly how it supports the globalist agenda. In fact, we plan in a future post give more detail about these assertions.

In Fact, This is What We See…

Look at what’s going on around you, and you will see what so many other Americans are seeing. It was the states with Democratic governors and mayors that were the most adamant in keeping the lock down in their jurisdictions for the longest times destroying businesses and the lives of their citizens in the name of protecting them when the true numbers and science revealed that they really didn’t have to do all of that in the first place.

Why would they do all of this? Because it was about weakening America so that she would be vulnerable enough to replace the president and move into the NWO. Think about this, it was the states with the Democratic governors and mayors that did not protect their citizens when they knew far in advance that the BLM and ANTIFA rioters were coming. Why didn’t they give their merchants and property owner’s time to prepare? Answer, because it would have been less property destruction that way.

It was reportedly the Democratic governors and mayors that limited their own police force from using the amount of force necessary with the rioters to bring the situation under control. The police apparently were in essence only allowed to watch. Why? Same reason, because if the police were allowed to subdue the rioters in one city, it would have likely stopped the momentum in other cities. It was the Democratic governors and mayors that were the ones that balked the loudest about not wanting the military in their jurisdictions. Why? It’s the same reason; they apparently didn’t want the crowds controlled. They were the ones that balked the loudest and wanted them out when the president sent them anyway. They (the Left) were the ones that are talking about disbanding and/or de-funding the police departments. This is not a good look for them. Ladies and Gents, I present to you your own Democratic Left.


This video is saying in essence, “you heard me all wrong, we meant…” yatta, yatta, yatta… which boils down to saying, “trust me, and don’t believe your lying eyes and ears.” When the entire nation can see your lips move, they can only interpret what you’re saying as what you meant.

People you have enough evidence to start putting together the pieces to this puzzle yourself and to see the picture forming right before you. It’s what you call Prima Facie evidence, what they’ve said and done is consistent. Moreover, if you’ve been following this blog you have seen other bits and pieces of evidence that are additional parts of this puzzle. So what’s going on? This could be the perfect storm. In addition to the Left’s failed globalism attempts, it is most likely that the US Department of Justice under this Attorney General is conducting a serious investigation on a good number of them for treasonous behavior and will likely be charged with such. Moreover, his investigation is reportedly ready to come out very soon, and because of that they are getting desperate and many of them do not care how they’re coming across to the public. Treason is a serious offense and is punishable by death or imprisonment. Therefore, for the Democratic Left desperate times call for desperate measures.

If the desperate clarion call of the Democratic Left being made to “Dismantle and/or de-fund the police department,” isn’t enough to wake you up to see that something is wrong, then you either have a very low IQ or you don’t have a pulse. There is an old saying in the black community that goes, “If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it walks like a duck…it’s a duck!” People, see the duck. The Democrats are NOT your friends, and they are proving it to you.

THE RELEVANT QUESTION: What can we do about it?

First thing…

I understand that for many of us who either are Democrats or Democratic sympathizers can easily find it difficult to step away from our party. A friend of mine sheepishly told me, “I had been a Democrat all of my life, but in 2016 after seeing what was going on in this country I had to vote for Trump.” The millions of Americans have joined the movements, #Blexit and #Walkaway because they’ve seen the party having been revealed in a way that they didn’t recognize it any longer…so they left. So the first thing to do is to make up your mind to leave the Democratic Party.

Second Thing…

We can contact government officials and let them know that we are registered voters and that we want them to keep the police department and that we would not vote for anyone that insists on removing, de-funding, close down or downsize the police department in any way. They need to hear from us/you via letter, email and or phone call. You can start by reaching your Congressperson or Senator through this link. In fact, you can contact most government elected officials (Federal, State, City) through this link.

Third Thing…

Someone once said, if you can’t depend upon your government to protect you and to look out for your best interest then you need to get another government. That means legally remove them from office. In addition to voting them out of office, we can start a petition to recall them from office. There are organizations such as (and possibly others) that allows you to start a petition to recall your elected official. There are laws governing the recall of an elected official and not all states are the same. Please use this link to start your research. Also keep in mind that you can plan to run for office. Don’t be intimidated because everyone started without knowing everything about the office and there are usually key support systems for most newbie’s. If you’re not interested in running yourself, then you can support the campaign of someone else running.

Forth Thing…

Anytime someone tells you that they would remove your protection (close down, de-fund, and redirect funds from the police department), they are not concerned for your life, health and welfare. Yes, we have one voice one vote, but we should also seek to join ourselves with those who share the same concerns and have organized. Therefore, we should join and support conservative advocacy groups such as Act for America, The Heritage Foundation, the Conservative Caucus, The American Conservative Union, American Family Association, Americans for Prosperity, Citizens United, Eagle Forum, Family Research Council, Freedom Watch, Freedom Works, American Center for Law and Justice, Judicial Watch, Citizens of the American Republic, Young America’s Foundation, just to name a few. Fortunately now, (the Jeannie is out of the bottle), and we now know where our leadership stands on this issue. Moreover, this subject will likely come up again and again in the future. Therefore, this fight continues on for us and with the next and subsequent generations. So please don’t let money or time stop you from joining and supporting one or more of these groups and possibly consider becoming a grass roots activist. Also, please go to and give them your support. Your family, your children and your nation needs you now.


It is important to be clear, that this is not a battle we can afford to lose. We must be strong and take action, we cannot let the Democratic governors, mayors and the city councils dismantle our police force. Since I’ve started to write this post, I have heard countless explosions, and possible gunshots, police sirens, fire trucks, and EMS Ambulances going off in my neighborhood, and this is only one of many neighborhood communities around the nation experiencing the same thing. Can you imagine what things would be like if we had no police or fire department? But yet, our publicly elected Democratic officials are espousing their intent to make us unsafe. George Floyd or no, we still need the police department. Yes, there are issues with the police department that can be improved, but make it better don’t make things worse.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

Disclaimer: This posting is not intended to cover all areas of the subject, it is to introduce the subject to you and hopefully encourage you to do more research on your own and then contribute to the conversation.