“Let Us Never Forget…”

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Let me ask you one serious question, if someone came to your home and they tied you up, physically and sexually assaulted you and your family, took all of your valuables and then left you for dead, but before they left they said that they did this to you because of your race, gender or color what would your response be?

You would likely do everything that you could to comfort your family and rebuild your household and you would put in place a means of security so that if they decided to return that they would not do to you what they did before. Moreover, you would make sure that everyone in your family, your children and your children’s children would know about it and to make sure that this would never happen again.

You would make sure that this experience would not paralyze them from moving forward but you would find a way to burn it into their consciousness, to think about it every day in such a way that this would be a part of their very being. Your household would know that there are people who would do horrible things to them because of who or what they are, and because of that they would choose to victimize them again. Why would you do this? Because it is vitally important for their survival. Edmund Burke once said, “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Our Jewish brothers and sisters understood this truth probably better than most people and cultures on the planet. After being victims of the Holocaust they’ve made certain that their people and their children and every subsequent generation is aware of what happened to them during this horrific time in their history. This turned out to be ingenious because now there is a movement around the world to deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Evil forces are trying to erase it from human history, but fortunately for the Jewish people, that no matter what the rest of the world say, they know what happened and they will stand and work together to make sure that the holocaust is never repeated.

So what did our Jewish brethren do? In addition to an oral tradition of passing it on to their children, they have the Holocaust museum that documents the horrors of their past. Yes, it must be difficult to see their ancestors in death camps and photos of thousands of them with emaciated bodies because they were over worked and under fed. It must have been difficult to see the gas showers and ovens used to kill and cremate them, but as horrible as it was then, their descendants needed to know now and future generations also will need to know…so that it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

THE RELEVANT QUESTION: What does this have to do with us?

Our Jewish brethren got it right, as painful as it is to consider the evil at that time that same spirit has not died. We need to be reminded and therefore we need the memorials. Today, rioters are taking it upon themselves to remove, deface and destroy statues of those persons that they have deemed to be of a racist past. The Democratic Left is also moving to rename those places and things that were also named after confederate war heroes or a perceived racist. They are saying that they are too offended to look upon these memorials because of their racist implications. However, we cannot afford not to be offended because we cannot afford to forget. The Republican’s response to the Left… “We understand but you are trying to erase America’s history, and if we don’t agree with your changing of our history then you call us racist and say that we want to reinstate slavery which is not true.”

The south had lost the war and there were those who wanted to preserve the honor of their confederacy and so they wanted to reestablish the narrative of the war. Therefore a movement to place monuments throughout the south was undertaken. Some viewed the monuments as symbols which were meant to say that “The south will rise again…slavery will return…and blacks will not enjoy civil rights.” Nevertheless, regardless of one’s interpretation, these monuments are not for the rest of us as much as it was for boosting the morale of those who were sympathizers of the confederate cause. However, we can use these monuments to make sure that we never forget the true narrative of our past.

Black Memorials…

Memorials can be more than just statues and plaques; it can be pictures and stories and heart wrenching experiences that can turn the hearts and minds of an entire generation. Most Americans over the age of sixty years old know about the story of Emmett Till, the young black boy that was viciously tortured and murdered down in the south because he allegedly whistled at a white woman. Emmett Till’s mother Mrs. Mamie Till insisted on having an open casket viewing of her son’s body so that the world can see what they did to her son. Every year when Black history month comes around the story of Emmett Till is told and the pictures are shown as a monument to the brutality of his people. It was important for the world to know that this type of brutality should never happen to another person.


Keep in mind that these statues and all of the paraphernalia that is currently under fire are symbols and these symbols in and of themselves are nothing at all. What makes them significant if at all is the fact that they represent something that has a meaning to someone else. They represent what is in the hearts and minds of those that established them. To remove them strikes a blow to what it represents, yes, but it doesn’t change what’s in their hearts. In other words, it doesn’t make the meaning (racism) go away. In fact, if anything it stokes the fire even greater.

What is really behind this movement to remove all of the monuments that are symbolizing America’s Confederate history or those components of America’s dark past? Could it be in and of itself a racist and political move, a coordinated effort to further divide the nation and contribute to (dare I say) a race war? Millions of people have walked by these monuments over the decades and never gave them a second thought until now. Now all of a sudden under our current president for whom the Left has created the narrative of being racist, the great enlightenment happened. Now they have to be removed, and not just removed but to be removed violently and publicly destroyed poking the bear of white racism in the name of a black revolt.

There was no petitioning to city hall and no government hearings to discuss possible plans to relocate them; no the mob just wanted them publicly destroyed and the narrative is that it is being done for and by the nation’s blacks. Do you get where I’m going with this? So who would benefit the most from a race war? The Democratic Left…just think about it for a moment. This country’s social and political fabric would be imploded and out of control, and then the United Nations and the international community would have to come in and help settle things down. Furthermore, while we’re at it, let’s change the manner of government here from a Constitutional Republic to a socialistic government because we’ve proven that we couldn’t govern our own affairs.

These symbols were removed knowing that if you removed them that this would possibly result in an emotionally charged racial backlash towards blacks. Moreover, removing the symbols would be tantamount to removing the history of slavery and the civil rights struggle thereby causing the minority communities to eventually forget what happened to them and what it took to achieve their freedoms and Civil Rights.

Please keep in mind that there is kind of a symbiotic relationship between slavery and freedom just as there is between up and down, rich and poor, good and evil. When blacks see the statues or the Jim Crow signs, or photo of Rosa Parks sitting on a bus then being handcuffed, it places them in a juxtaposition and reminds them that they could have been enslaved or persecuted. It also reminds them that their freedom and rights that they now enjoy came at a cost paid by those who have gone on before them and sacrificed for them. Therefore, when they see bondage they automatically will be reminded of their freedom and liberty.

For those who have a global socialist agenda, anything that reinforces the ideology of freedom and liberty must be removed. This is needed to prepare the future generations from expecting to embrace these values if they expect to implement a socialist government. Keep in mind that all of these things appear to be coordinated to prepare for a future America that will see less freedom and to be subject to the restrictions of a New World Order (NWO) which is the globalist’s ultimate objective.

So What Do We do Now?…

To reiterate my point…that memorials are constructed so that we will never forget our history, the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore, we should keep the statues, the monuments, the Confederate flags, and the detailed historical accounts in our schools history books and so forth so that our children and their children will never forget, lest history repeats itself. However, in some cases it is too late, the damage has been done and the memorials have been removed. Therefore, minorities would now have to make a concerted effort to teach their children about their past in order to protect their future.

Meanwhile the most effective course of action for both sides of the issue would be for them to get together and have a “Difficult Conversation,” about what’s in their hearts and then develop a plan to help both sides get to a place where they both can have peace.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to present every possible view of the subject, but is to encourage you to continue your own research of the issues and then contribute to the discussion.