#WalkAway: Hispanics Leave Dems

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This is a Town Hall meeting of Hispanic Americans and they share their experiences, values and ideas about politics and being Spanish speaking people in America. One important point to note is that Hispanics are more naturally conservative than liberal because of their values thereby making them more at home with the Republican Right Wing Conservatives than they would have been being a Democrat.

Mexican-Americans say that they are proud to be an American and they support the border wall to keep out the drugs, illegals, sex traffickers and criminals out of their country.

The Hispanic community is naturally conservative and when they have done their homework they realize that they have nothing in common with the Democratic Party then they #Walkaway. More and more Hispanics are walking away from the Democratic Party.

This Mexican-American gentleman said he is a first generation Mexican born in America but was taught to be a Democrat and learned not to like President Trump. His friend turned him on to conservative speakers Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens and others and his eyes were open. He loves America and one day carried an American flag to a Trump rally and the folks on the Left called him a racist, Uncle Tom, and a sellout. He went to be with the conservatives and noticed that they were calm and respectful to him while not responding to the leftist taunting. After seeing how the protesters (rioters) were behaving badly and saw what the Left is all about he decided to become conservative. As someone who lives just a few miles from the border, he has seen the Mexican cartels and their illegal activities and knows why the border wall is necessary.

This Hispanic gentleman realized that he used to only vote for what his family voted for without thinking about it, however, now he sees a clear difference between the two parties  and how the Left was brainwashing him to hate Trump and the Republicans. Furthermore, when he looked at both sides he realized that the Left was trying to destroy this country and Trump was trying to protect us, so now he has become a Conservative.


This presenter is from Guatemala and she speaks about some of the issues that many of their citizens have had to live under which was poverty and government corruption. Her message to all immigrants that come from countries with similar experiences is why would you want to support and vote for a corrupt political party and candidate that is obviously trying to make America into the same type of corrupt poverty stricken country that they had left? THIS IS A MUST WATCH.

Don’t vote for Democrats or anyone that supports Socialism.


Hispanics in America are naturally conservative because of their values which overall is their belief in God (Christian), family, and hard work. They are very intelligent and value education. Are there bad apples in that group? Of course because there are bad apples in EVERY ethnic group but overall their values are American values that have made this country great.

The Democratic Left has pushed for open borders with the belief that if they ignore the illegal entry into the country (from all nationalities) and promise them Free Stuff that they would automatically receive their votes from those who are legally and illegally voting in their elections.

However, what the Left doesn’t realize is that the Hispanic communities are smart enough to see the hypocrisy of the Left and that when given the opportunity to vote for corruption or righteousness that they will more often vote for righteousness. Why? Because they are basically good people and they are smart enough to realize that they don’t want to recreate the same conditions from which they’ve left. They want America to live up to her creed and they want to have the life of promise for their children and their children’s children. That is why many of them are Walking Away.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

DISCLAIMER: The subject of this post is not comprehensive however, it is to present to you and important issue with a hope that the reader will do their own research and contribute to the discussion. Thank you.