#WalkAway: LBGT Leaves Dems

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Brandon Straka is the founder of the #WalkAway movement and is a self-professed member of the LGBT community. He has organized some #WalkAway town hall meetings for the general populace as well as for specific ethnic communities to specifically address some of the issues they’ve had in dealing with the Democratic Left. These videos are focusing on the LBGT community’s experiences. Please take your time and go through the videos.

The New York City Town Hall meeting.

The Los Angeles Town Hall meeting.

The Chicago Town Hall meeting; this video starts out by showing some of the resistance that they were met with in Chicago.

Brandon Straka Explains Chicago’s Resistance…

This #WalkAway LGBT Town Hall event was faced with the challenge of possible cancellation when apparently the venues’ administration decided not to host the event because of what they allegedly called the organizer’s attempt to disparage the homeless because the event organizers wanted to help clean up some of the trash from the streets of San Francisco. Viewers can understand the event organizer’s frustration.

The San Francisco Town Hall meeting.


Entertainer Ricky Rebel explains his reasoning for leaving the Democratic Party. He said that the party has changed and he is concerned about how the Democrats are trying to change this country for the worst. He said that he was called all sorts of nasty names by the Left and wants others to walk away.

Founder Brandon Straka’s Personal Testimony and Thoughts…

Brandon tells it like it is to Left Winged America and he shares how his movement got started and how the Left tried to discredit his movement with lies. The #WalkAway movement encompasses everyone (and not just the LBGTQIA community) which is something that he wants you to know. He has touched the lives of thousands of everyday people across the nation. It is worth the watch.


It is the Left wing of the political parties that claim the most and holler the loudest that they represent the diverse populations of this nation. However, as we can see it is the Democratic Left that apparently practices the hatred, discrimination, intolerance, xenophobia, and deceitful and violent behaviors against those whose opinion differs from their own narrative. You don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQIA community in order for you to feel the frustration that these organizers must have felt when they were told literally at the last moment that the agreement (even verbal agreement is a legally binding contract) that they had, would not be honored for some questionable reason. However, that is the ethical practices of the Democratic Left.

Keep in mind that if they (the Democratic Left) are allowed to do it to someone else that they are claiming to advocate for, then they will one day do it to YOU.

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