Biden Is The New Dewey: It Ain’t Over

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On November 3rd, 1948, the Chicago Daily Tribune prematurely published their announcement, “Dewey Defeats Truman,” and they were wrong. Here we are seventy-two years later almost to the day and we see that the major television networks, newspapers, and internet postings are doing it again. They have announced former Vice-president Joe Biden as the next president of the United States…and they’re still wrong.

Why are they wrong? Unlike the Chicago paper that honestly believed that Dewey would win, the national media outlets are filled with vitriol against President Trump. They are owned and controlled by wealthy elites that are so ultra-liberal that they would likely not keep any employee who would publicly say anything nice about President Trump. In fact, they are obviously told what to say because they say exactly the same things word for word each day.

During the evening of the election, the media outlets were quickly calling state victories for Joe Biden and were slowly and reluctantly calling states for Donald Trump. Even in those states that were clearly too early to call, the media called them for Joe Biden as though it would make it official…but it does not. Now they think that by calling Biden the winner and “President elect” that it makes it official…no it still does not. They think that the general public is so naïve that by making a public celebration that this will somehow make this narrative true…it does not. What does it do? It will make them look foolish when the processes are completed and the final decisions are officially made.


During the 2016 election season and afterward, the Democrats screamed that there was election tampering by the Russians for Donald Trump. In fact, they commissioned the “Mueller” probe to get to the bottom of it, and when it all said and done, it became clear that any election tampering and spying was done by the Democrats against Candidate Donald Trump.

Now, during this 2020 election season we’ve noticed something interesting. The Democrats were saying and asking President Trump repeatedly would he leave the White House peacefully after the election or would he need to be removed by force? That was a consistent narrative that didn’t quite make sense since historically it is very difficult for a challenger to unseat an incumbent president running for re-election. They apparently knew something that everyone else didn’t.

Then with Joe Biden showing signs of dementia, the Speaker of the House of Representatives was planning to introduce a bill that would easily remove a president that clearly demonstrated the inability to mentally perform his or her duties. In other words, their plans were to get Joe Biden into the White House and then remove him and replace him with Kamala Harris. What makes this interesting is they were so certain that this would be the scenario even before the election. Again, they apparently knew something that everyone else didn’t.

Illegal And Problematic Activities…

An apparently well prepared and well planned system wide scheme of voter fraud was implemented across the nation. First of all the Covid-19 virus and it’s timing during an election year was either too much of a coincidence to be believed or too perfect of a crisis to pass up. It provided the perfect cover for the Democrats to use to scare the public that they couldn’t leave their homes and vote in person or they might catch it and die. This crisis had to extend at least until the election. That way they could develop enough fake ballots that could be used for their candidates, and not just for Joe Biden, but for those candidates running for congress.

The president suspects that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of questionably illegal ballots were brought into counting sites seemingly after hours in the cover of darkness and they all were for Joe Biden. The election officials (who apparently were Democrats) and responsible for managing the voting and counting processes refused to separate the late and untimely ballots from those that were there on time. They refused to allow partisan Republican monitors that were legally certified to observe the counting to either come into the facility while they were counting the ballots, or would require them to be so far away that they could not see clearly what was going on.

In some states windows were illegally covered up so that the counting could not be observed. In some cases counters were reportedly told to “complete” ballots on the spot. Some Republican voters stated that they were told to use a specific marker to complete their ballots resulting in their ballots not registering their votes within the system. There were numerous reports of people that voted when they had moved out of that state, and cases where a dead man registered to vote on the day that he was buried. In some states it was discovered that the software used to process the votes automatically switched thousands of votes for President Trump to Candidate Biden. Do you see a theme here? These irregularities were just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Now we know what the Democrats knew that no one else seemed to know…that the election was rigged to favor Joe Biden.


The President’s team has filed a number of lawsuits with the courts and they have more than enough evidence with witnesses that will make a difference in determining the true outcome of this election. It is difficult and not likely that the courts would order another election but not impossible. However, there are interim steps that the court would likely take. At the very least, don’t be surprised if there is an audit of the ballot votes that could make a significant difference in this election.

MY BOLD PREDICTION: “Trump Wins 2020 Election in Recount!”

No this election is not over, but when someone is telling you what they are (liars, Cheaters, thieves and Criminals) then you best believe them. The Democrats have been telling us what they are for years and we’ve looked the other way. They’ve conspired with the mainline media to focus our attention on their “hate Trump” narrative so much that it worked, and it took the people’s attention from actually seeing the issues so that we would vote against a personality.

The Democrats hate you the American people so much and have absolutely no respect for your rights that they manipulated the election process to get the results that they wanted. Keep in mind that tampering in a federal election is a federal crime, whether you’re the brains behind it all, the one driving the truck with the boxes of illegal ballots or the person completing or changing the information on the ballots when no one was looking. You have committed a felony and you will be investigated, arrested, tried and convicted.

The election process is a right that the US Constitution guarantees its citizens and it is done so with the spirit of intending that each citizen’s legal vote is to be protected and not mocked by anyone or anything who wants to manipulate the vote you’ve cast or the process through which it is cast. When the Democrats violate this process it actually violates not only the Constitution but the legal rights of each individual citizen. All Americans should be outraged by what happened and insist that this travesty of justice be rectified and secured for future elections.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

Disclaimer: There is without a doubt more information regarding this subject than can be placed within this post. Nevertheless, it is written with the intent to have each of us to think more deeply about maintaining the sanctity of the election process, and sharing your thoughts in this discussion about how we can make it better.