Rebranding Socialism to a New Generation: Capitalism vs. Socialism

This is a continuation of the series “Rebranding Socialism to New Generation.”


Many young people are buying into the Leftist hype that socialism is for the benefit of the people while capitalism is for the elite. That is totally untrue and is the complete opposite. The presenter goes into detail with examples of what it is and he discusses other countries that have experienced socialism and capitalism. You will be surprised.

A Town Hall Discussion Debating Socialism vs. Capitalism…

(One discussion presented in four parts)

The value of a town hall discussion is that it can allow for those who represent opposing views to share and defend those views while participating in a dialogue with their audience and in some cases those who hold opposing views. It allows the observer to determine for him or herself who is right or wrong in their own eyes. This is the case in these short videos.


When Ya Call The Government…

An absolute must watch: When the government gets involved to “help” the masses with a program it does more harm than good. That is why when President Ronald Regan and President Donald Trump deregulated (got the government out and let the industries operate freely) various industries the businesses did better and the economy improved. When governments make a point to place harsh regulations and restrictions on industries, we have to wonder what the motives of those doing so are .

Editor: With capitalism the people are self-determinate, they choose their own paths and the strongest will grow faster and higher than the others but yet more people will be blessed by it because the capitalist will be serving the needs of the people, i.e., products and services will be provided, and jobs for those to support their families, plus they will contribute to a “reasonable” tax base that contributes to the public welfare of their community (police, fire, education, military, sanitation, etc.). The capitalist is motivated and because of that motivation they are willing to take higher risks to reap the higher rewards. However, with socialism the government owns everything even going so far as to confiscate the property from the people giving ownership to the state; and thereby doing so there is no motivation for the people because there are no rewards and as a result sooner or later the people’s needs will not be met.


This writer believes that there should be the least amount of government regulations and restrictions as possible on industries. It should be similar to the officials at a football game. The less you notice the officials the better the officiating and the better the game. We don’t attend games to watch the officials. It’s the exact same thing with government involvement. The federal government as a general rule shouldn’t be involved in determining national abortion laws, it’s a state’s issue, or national health care, it’s a state’s issue, or marriage laws, it’s a state’s issue, or driver’s licensing laws, it’s a state’s issue, or minimum wage laws, it’s a state’s issue, or educational laws, it’s a state’s issue. Do you see where we’re going here?

Even if you disagree about a specific example listed here, I hope you will agree with my premise. Many of these issues are already (or should be) state managed issues however; those who have a political and social agenda have improperly perverted some of these areas causing the federal government to intervene and interpret the issue taking it from the states jurisdiction to the federal government’s jurisdiction when it shouldn’t have.

And I’ll tell you something else that you probably haven’t thought about. A socialistic federal government is more powerful when the determinate power of law making and decisions are federalized and not on the states level. In other words, those who are pro-socialism are not for the states having self-governing authority; they’d want the federal level to have as much of that power as possible. Therefore, if you’re for freedom then you’d want to be more of an advocate of state’s rights.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please write yours below.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be copious but to introduce the subject to you with the hope that it would spark your desire to do further research on your own and then come back and contribute to the discussion.