Things That Make You Go Hmm: “The Military Industrial Complex”


This is the beginning of a series of periodic reports on various topics that are so highly unusual that you have to make up your mind if you can believe it. These are serious reports given by very serious and credible people and they are risking their own credibility by sharing what they know with the public. Even if you decide that you cannot believe anything in any of our reports, the purpose of sharing them is so that you could at least know what the issues are and what could be going on around you.


NOTE: This documentary was posted on Youtube but account was taken down (because of its content). There are some things that the Left do not want you to know what’s going on around you and therefore they deplatform users. If you get a chance please find and watch this movie. This video copy was posted on BitChute. Please watch before it’s taken down.

We’re starting this off with a video that covers several controversial subjects. The video includes the following topics:

  • Gen & Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower locked out MIC
  • Nazi ET Antarctica & project paper clip
  • JFK assassination secret societies
  • The Smithsonian’s
  • Power and control
  • Nobility had elongated skulls
  • US presidents related to nobility all but one.
  • 1% don’t die or get sick they rejuvenate
  • Etc….


Who is really in control over how things are governed and how it got to be this way? Is there some nefarious conspiracy to subjugate the people to serve a demonic power that we have never seen? After watching this video it should be enough to at least make you go hmm…

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

Disclaimer: This video presentation does not belong to this blog or any of its contents. However, it is being re-posted here to support those who have created it and to help bring their message to you to at least be aware that there are alternate views regarding this subject and this is one of them.