China’s: “Act Of War” On Americans

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First Russia hacks into America’s government and corporate computer infrastructure…

Secondly, China hacks into America’s government and corporate computer infrastructure…

Now they are going after YOU!

So What Is Considered an Act of War?

I guess in the early days of mankind an act of war could have been throwing a stone at your enemy or hitting him with a stick, maybe even stealing his woman or child while he was away hunting. Then over time it became more sophisticated with the age of metal swords, cannon balls, bullets, and bombs; then missiles came with nuclear warheads capable of destroying all life on this planet, and it became clear that its use would be an act of war.

Now we have a plethora of super sophisticated weapons that are so advanced that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you about them, but needless to say that the use of any of these weapons against another nation would be justifiably considered an act of war.

Mankind has certainly mastered the ability to destroy himself in many different ways, however, today mankind has found a new way to fight with a new capability of inflicting all sorts of damage to people where it hurts the most, in your mind, spirit, and your finances; the weapon of choice? It’s your computer. All you have to do is hook it up to the internet and a skillful hacker can break into an unsuspecting person, company or government agency’s data base and you can access all sort of important sensitive information and accounts, all the while making your victims miserable.

The ease of use in having internet access for ourselves allows us the speed and convenience to access our financial, medical, educational, weather, entertainment, government, … in other words our entire world, and it can most certainly be a blessing but at the same time  experience has proven that it can also be a curse. All it takes is for someone to take the time to learn how these systems work (and there are people who, that’s all they do is hack into unsuspecting computer systems) then voila! They have all of your important information. Then you are in a panic mitigating and implementing damage control.  Most of us wouldn’t normally think so, but when one nation does this to another, especially in sensitive areas such as national security then it becomes an act of war.

Today, it looks like countries such as China, Russia, North Korea, etc., have developed an alliance to attack the United States, but not with bullets or bombs (not yet), but through Cyber warfare. They have reportedly developed entire military units of personnel that do nothing more than find government U.S and corporate targets, look for vulnerabilities and to attack those cyber targets. Some of those targets include businesses and organizations that contain your personal data. You will often learn of these attacks usually months afterward, after the company has done all it could to develop as much legal protection for themselves while your information is in the possession of the hackers.

You can say to yourself, “Well that doesn’t constitute war or an attack against this nation or any nation,” well, you would be wrong. These attacks cost companies millions and billions of dollars and it adds another significant hit to our already frail economy. A poor economy affects you and your family. Furthermore, the nature of these attacks is based upon an old and well known Chinese philosophy, “The Art of War,” by Sun Tzu. We will not go into the details here, but you can either purchase the book from a seller or click the link and review the book here.  

However, foreign hackers from other countries such as China, Russia, etc., also have a vested interest in who’s in office, because it doesn’t matter which level of government it is, they need to know who can be bribed and who can’t be manipulated? These corrupt nations want access to those politicians in office to make policy decisions that are friendly and will be beneficial to their countries (China, Russia, etc.) and not necessarily in the interest of America and her citizens. That is why they have an interest in tampering in America’s elections. So how does it work? Well in part, these countries need to hack into our voting machines through the internet. That would require Americans that are willing to betray their country and there’s usually a price they are willing to take to do that.

China for example is known for paying off elected officials to make China friendly decisions, and they do the same with the mainline media so that there’s no bad press that speaks out on China’s actions regardless of what they do. Case in point, no one in the media is trying to hold China accountable for their part in the world getting this Covid19 virus and in spite of the fact that the majority of former virus’ and flu have been identified by the source that it comes from, China has made a significant push through the media that anyone who calls this virus the Wuhan virus or the China virus is called a Xenophobe.

So again, what is an Act of War? Pretty much everything that we can see China doing. There is an old joke and it goes like this: “Woman #1: How can you tell when a man is lying? Woman #2: His lips are moving!” Our point being that it’s gotten to the point where anything that China is doing whether overtly or covertly is somehow related to being an Act of War.


China infiltrates American companies and government agencies. That includes the businesses that you deal with and the government officials that are supposed to represent YOU even up to the highest offices in the land.

China Has Placed Their Spies That Has – CORRUPTED AMERICANS IN HIGH PLACES

China’s Di Dongsheng addresses a group and brags about how China has historically “fixed” problems when there were issues between US and China and he indicated that it was because China has their own people embedded in America in high places. You can start to here this confession at the (3:00 min. mark). This confirms what many have suspected all along when you see the Biden family and a number of members of congress make certain decisions that went against America’s interest or seemingly completely ignored how China’s policies would have a negative effect on their own constituency. China has apparently financially bribed Americans depending on American greed…which apparently is working. The Americans involved are obviously traitors to America.

China Sends Over Their Bedroom Beauties to Seduce for Information…

China (and Russia) are depending on American men (and some women) to have a zipper problem. Meaning that it’s all about the sex. All you have to do is to have one of these sex spies on your staff and now you have access to all of the “booty” that you want. Keep in mind that there are also men who service both men and women in high places. The Americans that had given up vital information that compromises America’s security and national interest are traitors. One US Congressman (Eric Swalwell) was reportedly involved with one such sex spy but the fake news media (most likely influenced by Chinese money) doesn’t want you to know about it.

Communist China Buys 130K in Texas Next To US Military Bases…

The Independent Sentinal website posted an article with details regarding the purchases of 130K acres of land that was by “coincidence” next to various military bases in Texas. This was likely done in stealth with non-Chinese persons being used as a front to make the purchases. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these purchases were done for the sole purpose of spying on the United States Military. (Please click the link to read the article)

China Expert Admits To COVID Attack On Americans

When you deliberately send a biological weapon (Covid-19) to an unsuspecting country with the intention of harming, killing and destroying its economy then what you have done is a provocative act of war against that nation. What China has apparently done in the face of all of the reported evidence (China’s own experts) is equivalent to throwing a rock and hiding their hand and saying, “it wasn’t me.” Here the reporter Nancy Morgan-Hart from “Headlines with a Voice,” narrates the video of Chen Ping, a senior researcher at the China Institute of the Fudong University (a think tank), and in this reported video she states that Ping admits to using a biological weapon to bring America down to her place.

China Attacks America’s 2020 Presidential Election…

Mike Lindell has on more than one occasion shared his documented evidence (confirmed by experts) regarding the election interference in our 2020 Presidential election by multiple nations. We’ve heard a number of pundits in the media make comments and laugh at Lindell’s personal presentation and history, however, they will not comment on the content of the issues that he presents. That is an old tactic that is designed to distract the public from the issue by attacking the person. Only weak minded persons fall into that trap.

In closing, President Donald Trump, Sr., reportedly signed an Executive Order that made any foreign interference of an American election a (National Emergency which in this case is paramount to) an ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE USA, which would result in various sanctions against that nation. That would clearly mean that any nation that participated in influencing the election has officially ATTACKED the United States of America and that America would provide a deliberate and measured response. Moreover, any American that participated in this election fraud in any way would also be considered a traitor to America and will be summarily processed for their Act of Treason against America, her citizens and the US Constitution. [Editor’s Interpretation]

The Chinese Invasion …and They Are Trying to Replace YOU! (THIS IS REAL)

Have you noticed that within the last few years that there are Asians (probably persons of Chinese descent) appearing on almost every television show, almost every commercial, almost every internet commercial, and almost every movie? I found that odd considering that whites outnumber other races in America but when you look at the media platforms Asians seem to be rivaling that group, and potentially outnumbering the Black and Hispanic representation. Currently, America according to the most recent US Census has 331,883,986 people living in this country, while as of a 2016 census report that approximately 5,081,682 Chinese live in America. That is approximately 1.5%… maybe? And from that same census, there are approximately 21 million Asians living in America. That’s approximately 9.5%… maybe? These numbers are general approximations but please understand this, this is not about being anti-Asian in any way.

This developmental phenomenon has become so obvious over recent years that it’s almost impossible to miss. It catches your attention, just as knowing the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, or the first African-American President being elected, not only does it make us proud but it catches our attention and so we cannot and should not ignore it. Why? Because when it’s done organically, it indicates that we as a nation are growing up.

But is it being done organically? Are we as a nation truly growing up? What opened my eyes to this question and the eyes of a number of people was when reports and videos like the one above that showed how China was buying up businesses, media and entertainment resources and then they were replacing non-Asians with Asians (for example see the 7:30 minute mark). Adding Asians into the mix is a lot different than replacing non-Asians with Asians. Many Americans don’t mind adding another place at the welcome table because Americans truly love Asians, all Asians; however, knowing China’s desire to destroy America and her interest has made many Americans suspicious of China’s activities inside America.

The point is that as good and as positive as it is to have a healthy Asian representation in all phases of American society (and we should encourage it), it is important to make sure that China is not doing anything in anyway by weaponizing our Asian brothers and sisters that would bring the Asian population into a negative light by any surreptitious actions that are aimed at harming a nation and its people. China by virtue of its conduct with other nations over the years has given reason to be suspicious of all of their actions. Therefore, from now on regarding China we must pay attention because the CCP are not our friends.

More China’s Acts Against the World and America –

For more information please click the link and read the previous article The World’s Book on China.” It also presents other issues regarding China’s aggressive behavior towards the U.S.


Where did China (the CCP) gets it’s ruthless and heartlessness from? Read the story below:

“Whenever there is a separation between values and practice, things break down. In ancient China, the people desired security from the barbaric, invading hordes to the north. To get this protection, they built the Great Wall of China. It’s 30 feet high, 18 feet thick, and more than 1,500 miles long!

The Chinese goal was to build an absolutely impenetrable defense—too high to climb over, too thick to break down, and too long to go around. But during the first hundred years of the wall’s existence China was successfully invaded three times.

It wasn’t the wall’s fault. During all three invasions, the barbaric hordes never climbed over the wall, broke it down, or went around it; they simply bribed a gatekeeper and then marched right in through an open door. The purpose of the wall failed because of a breakdown in values.”

  • Citation: James Emery White, (Nashville: Word, 2000)

China had learned firsthand that the strength of one’s nation is only as secure as the personal integrity of those guarding it. When a former president (B.H.O.) can claim to be a Christian while being a Muslim so that he can move the nation that he is sworn to protect from its Constitutional foundation and try to move it into a globalist state; or when congresspersons can entertain Chinese and Russian spies for sexual satisfaction and financial gain, when governors, mayors, state legislatures, justices, judges, media moguls and famous personalities can sell their souls for just the right price, that they aren’t just selling out the public that has entrusted them with our rights and freedoms, they are selling their own souls to pure evil.

When one is involved in war, you may expect your unethical enemy to periodically cross the line, but when your enemy is also from within, someone in whom you’ve placed your life and trust, then it becomes clear that your internal enemy has found a depth of soullessness to where they would even eat their own.


Nigel Farage indicates that because of China’s aspirations of global domination, that sooner or later, there will be a war with China. Some experts believe that that war will be between the USA and China with some nations such as the United Kingdom being collateral damage because of their location and likely relationship with the US.

…We Must Stand Up to China…

Former US Ambassador Nikki Haley, in this video shares with us the importance of treating China as the foe that it is. She tells us that Communist China is the biggest challenge that America has on the world stage, and it’s been ignored (by many key Americans in government office) for far too long. The China CCP has become the most aggressive both home and abroad than ever before. China seeks to strengthen itself while weakening America. Regarding Trade: America should severely limit her trading with China. We have given our important items (like medical supplies) to China who has threatened to use this need against us. China has manipulated supply chains (often illegally) to their advantage. China ethnically cleans their minorities (often placing them in concentration camps plus they monitor their own citizens. They have removed freedom from Hong Kong, and they are threatening to invade Taiwan. They’ve placed their spies in American college campuses and classrooms. China has stolen intellectual property, and China has dominated the United Nations and the World Health Organizations. America MUST stand up to China.

Well What About Russia?…

Russia has been publicly playing it smart unlike China who has been very boisterous and a bully making a presence that only bullies do, Russia is still involved but more like the predator hiding in the tall grass waiting for prey to come closer before they pounce. You won’t know they are there before it’s too late. Between the two, Vladimir Putin has always been the smarter one in the room. Through his experiences, he knows how to handle difficult political conflicts and can play nicely with others. They apparently and unfortunately have an unholy (on again-off again) alliance with China against the U.S., while knowing that one day China will turn on them, because they’ve broken up before, and  because, “there is no honor amongst thieves.” The once very powerful Russia has now taken a back seat to China, but rest assured that Russia is still involved and that the intelligence networks are also watching.

The Dangerous And Sinister Plan Against the USA…

Consider this thought, the single most powerful component that bothers the enemies of the United States (outside of God, guns, and the Patriots), is the U.S. Constitution. It stands in the way of the Left getting away with murder against the American people. As much as the Left wants to remove our freedom of speech and our right to bear arms, they can’t legally and justifiably do so because of our Constitution. No amount of Executive orders can legitimize what they are wanting and trying to do. So what do they want? They want to remove the Constitution! So how can they do that? Their plan was simple, first to try to pack the US Supreme Court with enough Liberal Left Justices where the Constitution would be ineffective.

If that didn’t work they would move to plan “B.” That would be to cooperatively cause enough bluster with America’s enemies (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc.) while giving important secret (nuclear) military and security codes to our enemies, Biden or whoever would be the Left Winged President would provoke a full scale military war with them. With our enemies having our military codes, they could control our weaponry and make them ineffective. Without our weapons America would lose the war and would be under the control of our enemies. That would mean that the victor (our enemies) would discard our Constitution and place America under their communist rule. Those on the Left would believe that because of their participation in America’s defeat, that they would be rewarded by becoming one of the Global Elite, while the rest of the nations would be the working class. The completion of their plan would be to reduce the world population to a manageable number which means worldwide executions (those who haven’t already died from the war, pestilence, hunger or through poisonous inoculations).


China has never been shy about making it clear that they want to supplant the United States as the number one power militarily and economically. It is also clear to the entire world that there are no moral or ethical standards that they have that will stop them from attaining their goals. This makes them very dangerous not only to the US but to the entire world. No nation and no people are safe because it is a nation that is run by a megalomaniacal regime. It’s similar to trusting a one year old child with a loaded weapon. What makes this so sad is that the Chinese people themselves are a very beautiful people. It is the CCP that has proven itself to be ugly.

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