Photo Editor

An Adobe/ FileZilla and Shutter Stock Contributor; Contributes site photos to Google Maps; Member IFPO- International Freelance Photographers Organization; Independent Photo Journalism and Essay Photography are my interest and passion. I am also proud to be one of the site Affiliates and Curators for Viewbug.

Also a “Life” Tog and Freelance Photo-Journalist. I focus on what goes on in the streets around us, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I show the character of the place where we are. I have coined the phrase “Life Tog” to reflect more accurately what I do as a photographer. As a Life Tog, I show how we’ve adapted or have failed to adapt to the life that is around us. How we respond to where we are and to the memorial of events that we’ve established to reflect the life that was lived. Life Togs in one photo may show the “event” itself, but then whenever possible will show the people who are in the event and how they’ve expressed themselves within that event.

Please Note: In my work as a journalist, my photos will at times will show the work of another photographer or artist. My intention is to show and support (whenever possible) the photographers/artist and their work. My request to you is that you do not breach the trust of those artist that have worked so hard to share their talents with us. Please respect their intellectual integrity and do not unlawfully copy their work. Instead, please contact them and get their permission and support them.

Moreover, I do not sell any photographs that contain the work of another photographer or artist. I do not as a general rule sell my work. However, if there is any work sold then it is unquestionably my own.