Butterfly Museum

This is Family fun for both children and adults. My son took his family to the Butterfly museum for the day. My first reaction was “dude, its a butterfly, how exciting could it be?” However, after going and seeing the kids have fun and be captivated by everything they saw, to me it was worth the trip.

The main area was (for lack of knowing the technical name) a large atrium or pavilion with greenery where the butterflies are able to fly around in what appeared to be a natural environment. The children were delighted as some of the butterflies would land on their hands, fingers and leaves.

Some of the butterflies were hidden within the cool of the trees…

…Some on fruit to make it easier for patrons to see them up close and personal.

However, the Butterfly Museum has a lot more than just butterflies. Here we see an Iguana who was nice enough to pose for a side profile shot.

Plus, they have lizards, lizards and more lizards. This must be his best side.

They have snakes, even shy ones.

They have frogs with fingers even albino frogs (see upper left corner) with fingers…

…even Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. In fact, a lot of Cockroaches. We saw all sorts of bugs and insects. There were spiders, Tarantulas, and so much more.

This is a Giant African Millipede.

As an observer I had no doubt that the kids were having a great time. There is a snack shop and yes we overpaid for the food, but it seems like the thing to do at the time. There is a gift shop and yes, with the kids clamoring for over priced trinkets that they would probably forget about a week afterward and yes, mom and dad bought something. I saw elementary schools on a field trip with kids all over the place, one child hid under one of the displays. At the end of the day it was a smart educational trip for the children.

What I learned a few days later, a local broadcasting station reported that someone had stolen most if not all of the bugs, insects and so forth from this fine museum. This proves that there are still some cruel hearted people in this world who will go out of their way to hurt others. That is so unfortunate because even if the museum replaces the stolen items, in the meantime so many other kids will be deprived of this wonderful experience. If you would like to contact and show your support for this Butterfly Museum you can reach them at:

8046 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19136