Couples and Friends

Couples 2

In a world that is so hostile, vicious and dangerous with people who are focused solely on themselves, it is nice to have someone who loves you, likes you and cares enough if you live or die. They will call you (or you them) for no specific reason, they will just drop by just to see you and they’re not concerned about how your place looks or how you’re dressed; they simply want to be in your company. Is there anyone in this world that you can call your friend? Someone that will speak up for you when you need an advocate. Someone that will not mind if you call at odd hours of the day or night and say, “I just needed to talk.” It’s great if you have several people that can fit in these categories but its more important that you have at least one. If you can marry this person and they are one and the same, great, but then again may be they should be two separate people.


With a friend, sometimes it may seem as though it’s only you against the world…

AC Beach Friends (2a)

Young friends, family friends and people you know are Kool but…

AC Friends (2)

… life long friends are the best! And if you’re really blessed sometimes you can meet your friend…


…at the altar.