Funny Stuff

Christmas Bear

“I’m so glad Christmas is over!”

With the commercialization of Christmas, how many of us especially parents go with the buying of the tree, decorating the tree, decorating the house both inside and out. Find ourselves in the huge crowd of last minute shoppers, and we’re purchasing gifts on our credit cards that we cannot afford because you know that either he or she will being showing their family and friends just what you bought them. You’ll spend $50 towards them for every $10 dollars that they spend towards you. Then you’ll  get gifts that you either already have or don’t even want. And when the day has finally come and gone, you’ll find yourself in a corner by yourself with a bottle of something that will help you forget that you’re going to have to do the same thing all over again next year… “hick-up!”

Mr. & Mrs. Right

Mr. Right married Mrs. Always Right. This is my wife exactly since she is always right and I only think that I am right. Even setting up this arrangement my wife was telling me how to set it up. I simply said, “yes dear…anything you say dear.” I was right to listen to her because…she’s Always Right.

Love on a Harley

“Love on a Harley”

Seems like no matter how ugly he is, he can always get a babe to ride on the back of his Harley. Boy, I gotta get me a Harley.

IMG_0257.Love ape and hippo

This creation of the hippo and the ape being in love may initially come across as silly or funny, but nevertheless, as recently as the 20th century (within most of our life time) this symbolism of their expression would have been taboo, however, now in the 21st century this is not the exception but more so the rule. There seems to be a social rebellion against the way our parents and grandparents thought. Time will tell where these newly found values of this 21st century culture take us, but it seems clear that many people can identify with this imagery from the standpoint of people being from two totally different and separate worlds finding a way to find one another.