“I’m Goin-a-Fishin”

Fishing is an industry all to itself. There are pros that go out every morning with their nets because their catch will end up in the supermarkets and fish markets.

Then there are the rest of us. We get our rods and reels and we go out and see what we can do to supplement our tables…

…some of us use this as an opportunity for serious alone time with cell phone and beer in hand and lounge chair… “what a life, it doesn’t get better than this…”

Some of us go out to see what we can do…

Some of us fish from the safety of the peer…

“If I can get one fish I’ll be satisfied…”

“If he takes too long I will finish his drink and eat his lunch…”

“Hey! this is my day off…”

“My rod is in the sand, I don’t see why holding onto your rod will make the fish come sooner…so I am fishing smarter not harder honey!”

Dad:Let me see I think this is the…nope, let me try…nope!”

Daughter: “Okay daddy, gimme that!”

Daughter: “This is how you do it!”

“I wish I had a chair…”

When everyone wants to spend the day alone with peace and quiet…


At the end of the day when everyone is home, “I’m still here.”