SPORTS: Harness Racing

My wife and I went to spend the day at a casino, she won some money as she usually does and on the way out we had to go through the lobby of the attached harness race rack. We saw the people and the excitement and we had a few minutes so we step into the stands and took a seat. She was excited seeing the horses and the drivers come out because this was her first time at any sort of a track. I didn’t have my camera so I pulled out my cell phone.

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Just prior to each race, we heard the trumpet sound to announce the coming start of the next race, then saw the horses and drivers come out onto the track together go half way up the track and then turn around.

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There was a pick up truck with a moving gate that rode before them and kept them all behind an invisible line. The bells sounded and the truck pulled away depressed the gate and moved to the side of the track. The announcer spoke with a nasal like tone sounding like the late Howard Cosell announced the progress of each horse and driver.

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After going around the track with what seemed to be about one and a half times, you could feel the excitement amongst the crowd who were there. It because apparent to me that although we were novices at this harness racing thing that most of the crowd were veterans who knew what to expect.

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After watching a few races I was ready to go but my wife wanted to stay until after the last race. I get the feeling that we’ll be back again. If you have a gambling addiction then this or the casino may not be for you, however, for others who are looking for a good time to spend a day or an afternoon you can eat at their restaurants and watch the races and compare your skills to the other patrons. The casino also has sports betting for your enjoyment.

This particular Harness race track belongs to Harrahs located at 777 Harrahs Blvd., Chester, Pa. 19013-4505 1-800-480-8020