The Florence Effect

AC Florence 7

As hurricane Florence was slowly approaching the Mid-Atlantic coastline, its effects were surely felt at least some 1,200 miles away up the coast on the shores of New Jersey. I had an opportunity to go there to monitor this monster storm and to see how it would affect this city and its beaches. We were there for a week and we could see the gigantic clouds that covered the entire area that were no doubt a part of the hurricane Florence effect. The winds were strong and waters were uncharacteristically choppy. There were strong rip currents in the water where one could plainly see signs of its presence. The beach patrol and the local police were urging people to stay out of the water for their own safety. Photos don’t do this hurricane justice because the waters appeared to be deceptively more calm than it actually were.

Please note: These photos were set in the normal color settings there were no filters used in presenting a special effect. This reflects the true dreariness of the weather.

AC Florence 9

Two of the major local Philadelphia television stations provided coverage of the conditions which gives credence to the potential effects of this storm on our local area.

AC Florence 10

No we didn’t see a tsunami or twenty foot waves crashing against the shoreline, however, the wind was very strong and the waves were vicious as they moved about.

AC Florence 6

Fishermen often stand on these rocks in calmer waters, however, no one dares to do so now under these conditions. Some tried but the shore patrol and the police chased them away.

AC Florence 2

There were reports of water rescues along the Jersey coast line. Here we see in the next few photos how some of America’s finest (the US Coast Guard) have placed their own lives on the line to secure the safety of others.

AC Florence 4

The danger is real…very real!

AC Florence 5

The United States Coast Guard, we owe them a debt of thanks and gratitude. Amen!!!

AC Florence 8

Until the waters are safe again…