USS Battleship NJ 62

This is the USS New Jersey 62 one of the greatest battleships in the history of the US Navy. It is now a floating museum with staff stationed at strategic locations to help visitors with information, directions and history of the ship along with explaining the function of their portion of the ship. I had an opportunity to visit this outstanding battleship with my son who is an active Navy man and we perused though the ship as we imagined how those brave sailors must have felt as they went out to sea. This is indeed a storied ship that has seen battle and survived. I will post a number of photos taken throughout the ship. Please enjoy.

USS NJ Starboard Side

Starboard Side

USS NJ On Board Chopper 2

Chopper on board

Wood floor

Notice the wood on the deck. It was to help mitigate the heat and to help insulate on the inside and the top of the deck.

Walk this way...

Walk this way…

Admiral's Quarters (1)

Captain’s Stateroom: the staff informed us that this was the Captain’s quarters…

USS NJ Captain and Fleet Admiral.2

The Ship’s Captain and the Fleet Admiral have a discussion in the Captain’s quarters.

Communication.Status Board USS NJ 62

Communication Status Board


Communications and Operations Section…

USS NJ Washing Machine

Wash/Laundry room…

USS NJ Dryers


USS NJ Laundry

Looking Razor Sharp…

USS NJ Enlisted Barber Shop

Barber shop…

USS NJ Bake Shop

Well someone’s got to “make the donuts…”

USS NJ Brig 5

This is the Brig (or jail) the place where you go if you don’t make the donuts or if the crew don’t like the donuts that you make…just saying…

USS NJ Library

The ships library…


The truth of the matter is that the business of this and any naval vessel is war, or to put it plainly having to defend our nation and to keep “peace through strength.” No one in their right mind loves or wants war, however, if we are called upon to defend ourselves then we are proud to know that we have the world’s finest that is ready to left up arms to protect us.


This is the unpleasant reality of the business of war…


There is obviously more to war than just being able to blow someone else up, you need the smarts and the technology to stay alive…

Sailors Quarters

Sailor’s Quarters…

Ships Mess Hall

Ship’s Mess Hall…

Most decorated ship

This was the most decorated battleship in the entire US Navy. There is so much more to see than what I am able to show you here. If you get a chance to visit this floating museum of history then go, you will not be disappointed.

Those who are interested in visiting or supporting the USS Battleship NJ please contact:

USS Battleship New Jersey, 100 Clinton St., Camden, NJ. 08103