Rebranding Socialism to a New Generation: An Historical View

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Don’t be fooled, history does matter. Moreover, true and correct history matters. That is why those on the Democratic Left want to erase American history from the younger generation in the name of “removing racist figures” as well as introducing a revisionist account of what did and didn’t happen e.g., arguably the 1619 Project. It is an attempt to change who you are and to make it easier to mold you into what they (the Left) want you to become, which is a victim of socialist and communist dictatorship.

Below are videos of full interviews with historical scholars that share their expert knowledge of  applied socialist ideologies. Please take you time and view them.


A MUST WATCH: Joseph Stalin had developed what can be considered a living example for implementing the Marxist – Leninist brand of socialism onto a people. Those who are advocates of socialism and communism around the world and within America have surely taken notes for themselves on what to do and not to do when utilizing these principles on their own people and we see some of these principles being promoted here America.

Please note, in Stalin’s experience, Socialism was failing and so he went to a limited form of capitalism to rescue their economy. Also note, as a result of THE GREAT TERROR, those who were apart of Stalin’s elite eventually learned that there is indeed no honor among thieves and are killed by Stalin. The point being is that those who are pushing to join the socialistic elite in a New World Order may also find themselves in the same way.

A continuation of the interview.


This presentation gives us a brief thumbnail sketch of the history and nature of socialism and those who promoted it. You will notice some of the same principles being promoted today by those on the Left as Democratic Socialist. You MUST WATCH this video. There are some who fall on both sides of the socialist/communist ledger and will either agree or disagree with the accuracy of their account. It is vitally important to present the issue. Nevertheless, it is vitally important to be cognizant of the issue.


SOCIALISTIC VISION vs. CONSTITUTIONAL VISION? This is a very significant interview that addresses (without actually calling them out by name) the principles of socialism vs. capitalism or socialism/communism vs. the Constitutionalism/freedom.

Interesting observations, Socialist want to spread other people’s wealth around but not their own wealth. When it comes to helping others, Conservatives give far more than Liberals. Barack Obama is an ultra-Leftist and hasn’t done anything (for the people) other advance his own career through rhetoric.

Are Our Freedoms Slowly being Eroded Right Before Us?

This is an excellent article by John W. Whitehead of and he addresses the slow erosion of our freedoms that are right before us. Please click on the link.


A list of nations that are self-declared socialist states. Take a closer look at the socialist states and how they are doing and how they are treating their citizens. Then ask yourself, how do you think the people feel about being under a socialist state and would they rather be a part of America’s system?


Americans take for granted their rights given to them under the Constitution. They can choose their party’s candidates and voice their issues and decisions through the ballet box. What’s frightening is when Liberals want to be like the Europeans (EU) in terms of the style of government it is dangerous and if you talk to a European (EU) they will tell you that they envy America’s style of government. “Don’t copy Europe.” Please watch for more details and pay particular attention to the last segment of the video.

[Note: Please keep in mind that when any political party takes it upon themselves to implement such illegal means as to manipulate the balloting process, and use the media to either leave out, contort or completely misrepresent the facts to the public then they are deliberately violating the law and circumventing the Constitutional rights of every American citizen.]


There is obviously more to the history of socialism than Joseph Stalin and what we’ve posted here. The general purpose behind this is to give the public “some” historical insight into the subject and to make some sense regarding its public narratives to a naive America.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be copious but to introduce the subject to you with the hope that it would spark your desire to do further research on your own and then come back and contribute to the discussion.