Fraud or No: You decide!!!


It appears that Joe Biden in his ever decreasing mental state of possible dementia, forgot who he was talking to and had a slip of the tongue (let the cat out of the bag), we’re looking at a true confession here and he admits to not only benefiting from election fraud but that the Obama administration also benefited from this same fraud. Just listen to the video:

“We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for the Obama administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” This is the smoking gun folks, just like his personal confession of his quid pro quo statement about his threatening not to give Ukraine the billions of dollars unless the authorities fired the prosecutor that was investigating his son Hunter Biden, we also have his confession captured here on video. The problem however, is that those on the Democratic Left, the media and congress will completely ignore his confession. This confessional statement alone should be enough to call for a full audit of every federal, state and city election going back at least to the Obama administration while simultaneously being the subject of a full independent investigation.


Tucker Carlson reads some of the Tweets from Darryl Cooper regarding his thoughts on the 2020 election process, the corruption in politics and how it favors the Democrats and has a strong anti-Trump bias in both government and media outlets. There’s also a mention about how the Trump supporters felt undermined and not protected even while under the Constitution. And there is a whole lot more. You should watch this, because everything is RIGHT ON TARGET!


Timothy Smith (an election worker) shares a blatant example of voter fraud in his state (Michigan). He suggests that we look into other key cities such as Milwaukee, Wi., Philadelphia, Pa., Atlanta, Ga., and other places. He makes a point that it is important that our votes be counted and that we should not be disenfranchised by fraudulent votes being used with the names of the dead and by other means. Mr. Smith then used the Michigan Secretary of State’s website to demonstrate his example of voter fraud by showing an actual case of a deceased person by the name of William Bradley who was born in 1902, and died in 1984 (verified by the Social Security Death Index) but this same William Brandley was sent a voter’s ballot and it was returned in his name and counted as a vote.


We see that there is an unusual switching in the number of votes that were received by the candidates. President Trump believed that there was a series of mid-night ballot dumping that would cause votes for Biden to surge. Here we see Trump actually lose twenty thousand votes, while Biden simultaneously gained twenty thousand votes, which was more likely as a result of the voting machines being connected to the internet, soft wear programing or manipulated by a worker).


What we see here are actual election poll workers changing the ballots and creating new ballots and stamping them so that they would be ready for counting. We also see a whistleblower tell us about how his Postal Supervisor told his staff to collect and back date late ballots received past the deadline, presumably for Joe Biden. When the supervisor was contacted by a journalist that wanted to talk with him about what he was being accused of the supervisor continuously hung up the phone. In another scenario there was a postal worker that implied that it was “possible” to get a “handful” of ballots himself presumably to make some money filling them out for Joe Biden. In the next scenario, one worker tells us that there were poll workers that were giving sharpie pens to Republican voters so as to invalidate (presumably for Trump) those ballots which were now unacceptable so that they would not be counted. The goal with the sharpies was that the election workers would throw out the Trump ballots and then complete a blank ballot in the name of candidate Joe Biden using a regulation ball point pen.

We also see that one worker was negotiating the services for workers asking for $55,000 cash for 5,000 top of the ticket votes. Some of the poll workers that were changing votes and creating new fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden were Republicans who worked undercover because they didn’t want to get kicked out of the party. One GOP Consultant tells interviewer that she has judges, senators and state reps in her pocket. We also see near the end of this video, the journalist was looking up the names of some certifiably long dead voters (most of them would have been about 120 years old if they were alive today) in the state of Michigan that according to the state records had recently received their ballots and mailed them back and their votes were counted.


You know, that if this type of activity was going on in Georgia, then it’s going on in other states. You also know that if this system of election fraud went on in the national election, then it’s also going on with the other races such as the U.S. Senate race, the House of Representatives, the Gubernatorial and Mayoral races as well. In other words to quote Joe Biden, “… “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for the Obama administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” and indeed they have.

This video is another smoking gun that points out the active voter fraud activities that went on in Georgia the night and early morning of the election. There is a government official that claims what you are seeing in the video has been repeatedly debunked, however, the video speaks for itself. It reminds me of a three year old standing alone in the kitchen with freshly baked chocolate cake and icing all over her mouth, face and hands, and now mommy’s freshly baked chocolate cake has a large gaping hole in it. Then mommy says “Why did you eat the cake?” and the child says, “I didn’t have any, no I didn’t eat any chocolate cake.” This is what you see here in the video, as if to say, “If I deny it often enough, and passionately enough, then maybe they’ll believe my lie.” If you have a true and fair judiciary then you can trust that the truth will come to light, if not then you get corrupted justice.

Viewer acknowledges the suspicious fact that after the counting had stopped in Georgia (and other states at the same time), the counters miraculously came up with thousands more ballots that came for Biden.


You do not need to be a computer expert to know that if your computer or electronic device is connected to the World Wide Web (Internet), that there are others anywhere in the world that can have access to your computer or electronic device. That is why those states that use election machines have laws that forbid having them connected to the internet. Anyone that has watched Mike Lindell’s presentations of his election interference proof includes expert witnesses who have monitored attacks on those election machines from these foreign nations. The basic premise of the law is very simple; do not have the election machines connected to the internet…period. But what appears to be the issue here? That those election machines were likely connected to the internet allowing for foreign outside interference of our election process and results.

In this video, the speaker is Professor Alfio D’Urso, Legal Counsel/ Supreme Court of Italy and he reads what seems to be an affidavit from an apparent whistleblower who had access to a military means of connecting to these US election machines and was approached and subsequently followed through to have a significant number of votes switched from President Donald Trump to Democratic Candidate Joe Biden. As a result of this whistleblower’s statement and forth coming testimony, he and his family are now in protective custody. (All I can say to that is that I hope they do a better job at protecting him than America did at protecting Jeffrey Epstein).


Note: This is from Youtube and because of this content the video may be taken down. However, it is still important to post it for our viewers/readers.

Gianni Russo was likely best known for playing the character Carlo Rizzi in the original Godfather movie. Russo is considered to be a knowledgeable “insider” in Hollywood, Politics and the Mob. Russo is the author of a book, Hollywood Godfather: My life in Hollywood and the Mob, and he has a podcast, the Hollywood Godfather Podcast. What makes this interview so unique is that Russo tells us about some of the fraud that was involved in the 2020 Presidential election. Please start at the (53:54 minute mark and stay until the 56:00 minute mark). In case the video is taken down the following paragraph is a transcript of that portion of the interview:

“(Rudy Giuliani)…but supposedly, they got enough to turn this election around, it’s gonna happen. (Question: ‘so how are they going to elect Trump after he lost by a landslide?’) “He was already elected. All the mail ins, that’s why Obama and all these guys schooled Joe Biden, because of the Covid, go to mail in votes. You know Skinny Nicky the guy that runs the Philadelphia Mob? They paid him three Million, he’s flipping on them. They delivered him thirty thousand blanks and they paid guys a thousand dollars an hour overnight to fill them out. How stupid they were, that morning they delivered thirty thousand ballots not one of them was for Trump. How do you have thirty thousand mail ins, idiot, at least give him a thousand, two thousand; and they got two other cities. All this evidence is at the Supreme Court, nobody else cause they know that the media ain’t gonna help them.”


This is likely “the” press conference that got the Left changing their collective underwear at the same time. It is vitally important that those Deep Staters on the Left that are in position of power and influence do whatever they need to do to stop this evidence from being presented to court. Because once it is presented in court then 1) there’s no denying it and 2) the world will see the extent of the fraud and those players that perpetrated it. This is a must watch!


The former Mayor of New York, Rudi Giuliani has a serious reputation for taking down the mob in New York. He because President Donald Trump, Sr.’s attorney and with that same dogged determination he went after some of the corrupt politicians that were trying to steal the 2020 election. He was instrumental in gathering countless amount of evidence of reported election fraud and was able to present some of it to various state hearing panels. It has become plain to this writer and to others who are objective and fair that his license to practice law was a result of political wrangling’s seemly to get him out of the way.

This posting doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the evidence of and about those coming forward regarding their experiences and has signed affidavits regarding their sworn testimonies. There are voting machines that should be examined and by law are not allowed to be tampered with until a stipulated amount of days after an election, but yet the administrators who managed these machines are trying to erase their memories, take them apart, or possibly losing them. They have consistently ignored subpoenas defying the law. There must be something so important that they are willing to risk jail time for.

The Arizona audit will be completed soon with the results made public shortly thereafter. There is a suspicion that is going through the Patriot network that the Democratic Left is starting to panic and they have sent their ANTIFA/BLM street soldiers to mask up and be ready for violence and destruction at a moment’s notice. The masks are to protect their identities while they dress up in MAGA gear to make it look like Trump supporters. Patriot Trump supporters are being told to stay home and not to give the Left an excuse to blame you.

Finally, it is important to remind everyone that tampering with a federal election is a federal crime and those violators will be subject prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. That includes everyone from the top of the voter fraud pyramid to the line workers at the bottom. Moreover, to those nations that have interfered in an American Presidential Election, that is considered an Act of War and America will respond.

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