Justice 4 All: “There’s Something Really Wrong Here!

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In the 1979 movie, “And justice for all,” starring Al Pacino, there is a courtroom scene in it where the lead character addresses the jury and he makes his opening remarks pointing out the irony of those who are sworn to uphold the law can sometimes be the ones to use their position to circumvent the law that they are sworn to uphold and by doing so they themselves create their own victims.

That is what we call when art imitates life (scene)… “We have a problem here, you know what it is? Both sides (Democratic Globalist – DG and the GOP) wanna win. We wanna win. We wanna win regardless of the truth, and we wanna win regardless of justice, regardless of whose guilty and innocent. Winning (world wide control) is everything.” “That man (DG) there wants to win that bad today that it means so much to him that he is carried away that he forgot something that is essential to today’s procedures…he forgot his case (integrity). There was one thing that stayed on my mind and I couldn’t get rid of it, it haunted me. Why? Why would she (GOP poll workers) lie? What was her motive for lying? If my client is innocent, she’s lying. Why? Was it blackmail? Was it jealousy? No! Yesterday, I found out why. She doesn’t have a motive. You know why? Because she’s not lying. Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution is not going to get that man today. No, because I’m (Divine justice and the legal team) going to get him. My client the Honorable (DG) should go right to F-ing jail. The son of a bitch is guilty. That man is a slim. If that man is allowed to go free (get elected) then something is really wrong here. You’re (the media and parts of the justice system) out of order, this whole trial (election process) is out of order.”


Let’s be real here, any honest and rational person when looking at the pre-election circumstances and saw former Vice-president Joe Biden and his chances of winning a free and fair election, many of them would likely have told you that he had two chances…slim and none, and slim just left town.

But yet, Biden is credited with leading in all of the key swing states but comparatively speaking he has under-performed both Clinton and Obama overall in their elections. In other words, if it weren’t for the mysterious miracle votes in the key swing states Biden would have likely lost in a landslide. Moreover, these are the same swing states that there’s currently ever mounting “evidence of systematic voter fraud,” leading to a series of legal court challenges.

I truly believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans want truth and justice because that’s the American way. Most Americans want to know that if they vote that their vote will count and the results of their votes will accurately determine the true candidate for the office in question. Most Americans want to know that the person that is voted into office and sits behind their sacred desks will support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and will morally do whatever it takes (within the law) to protect the rights and lives of their constituents that they represent. Most Americans want to know that they can trust their elected officials and that they will keep their pre-election promises so that they will say, “promises made, promises kept.”

But yet, we are seeing the greatest amount of corruption, lies, and acts of wrong doing from our same elected officials (mostly from the Democratic Left) who have violated our trust in them.

But yet, all of the evidence of irregularities in our elections and these irregularities are favoring Biden and the other Democrats…

But yet, it appears that in spite of all of the documented irregularities in our election being ignored by the mainline media, the state legislatures, and the state supreme courts and now even the highest court in the land the United States Supreme Court. The relevant question is why?

If your answer is, “because there’s not enough evidence to overturn the election,” then that response identifies you as being as much a part of the problem as those who were directly involved with the election fraud, yes fraud. My question to you would then be just how much cheating and fraud is permissible? What amount of cheating and fraud is okay? Can you tell us just what forms of cheating and fraud is allowable and which forms are not? In the Bible Paul said, “a little leaven leavens the entire lump, (Gal. 5:9 kjv).” In other words, even a little bit effects the entire loaf. Another example, if you are scrambling three eggs in a pan and one of them is rotten, would adding another good egg make the taste of the rest of the eggs taste better? No, because even one bad eggs spoils the entire thing. That’s nature, that’s science, that’s the truth. Point being is that once fraud has been detected, it voids (invalidates) the entire process. For officials to simply ignore the evidence and not insist on a remedy that will search out the source of the irregularities and to set it right for all who are depending upon the truth and accuracy of the elections, are officials who are demonstrating their own corrupt nature and disrespect for the US Constitution, the State’s Constitution and all of their citizens.


As Americans we’ve overall maintained our pride in the justice system of this country and we’ve for the most part believed that if we presented the facts of our case in a clear and concise manner in a court of law that we could expect justice. We may not always be happy with the outcome in every case, but when we are done we’d know for sure why we won or why we lost because the judge would make certain that the process would be totally within bounds of the law. We depend upon the integrity of our judicial officers to be fair and just regardless of our race color creed or financial station in life. That is why someone would want to become a judge; because they want to see justice according to the law and they want to make sure that they are doing their part to see that it is done. Therefore, if and when a judge is compromised in any way that is when justice has broken down and the people are in danger.


A current SCOTUS staffer whom you would think should know the justices when s/he sees and hears them has reportedly stated that s/he overheard Chief Justice John Roberts yell at his colleagues and insisted that they not accept this case. The result of the reported meeting appears to be consistent with the alleged report by the staffer…the court did not accept the case.

Is Chief Justice John Roberts legislating from the bench? Is his decision based upon his wife’s opinion about this case? Is he concerned about ANTIFA showing up at his door?

Cross Roads with Joshua Philipp discusses several items in this video one among which is a report (from L. Lin Wood) who reported that the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts allegedly in a phone conversation with another justice Stephen Breyer stated that he would make sure that the Mother F-cker (President Trump) would not be re-elected. This report is a very serious allegation and has not been officially confirmed but the “evidence” was stated to have been passed onto several third party persons by Lin Wood presumably for safe keeping. Now if these allegations are true then it’s understandable that there might be calls for both justices to step down or to recuse themselves when cases regarding the election challenge come before them.


With so many government officials now reportedly being outed or at the very least being accused of corruption we can only ask with these allegations have corruption come to the United States Supreme Court? Are there others on the court that the public should be concerned about and if so who? Justice based upon the law is like a plumb line, in other words when the law itself is made very clear but those who are sworn to uphold that law makes decisions that are not in line with that law then it becomes easy to see that the problem is with the one who is not upholding the law.

If the Texas et al case is technically and legally a case that is within the original jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court, then riots or no, the court is obligated to hear the case and to judge it cleanly and without prejudice according to the US Constitution.

The United States Supreme Court is “The” highest court in the land, and there is no other court outside of heaven that is higher. If we cannot expect the Supreme Court to do the right thing then may heaven help us. We as a nation should never be in this position where our Supreme Court becomes a political or legislative branch of our government because it was not designed by our forefathers to be political, the executive or legislative branches of the government. It is the judiciary and it makes Constitutional decisions according to the law. When a judge or justice can no longer through their own actions maintain the integrity of the Constitution and its laws then that judge or justice must step down in order for the office to regain the trust of its people.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

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