Religion: War Against Faith 3

In this continuous report on the subject, “Religion: War Against Faith,” we are bringing you the focus on the persecution of Muslims. We all know that there’s persecution of the Judeo-Christian faiths by other religious and state entities, however, this is to bring to your attention that there are indeed Muslims that are being systematically and institutionally persecuted. In this particular case it is the state of China. There are reportedly more than a million Muslims being persecuted in China. If nothing else this should remind us that whatever your faith, that there are likely members of that faith being persecuted somewhere in this world.

The Chinese government reportedly justifies this action by saying that it has to protect itself against terrorism. The government also says that it is trying to re-educate the people. There are those who interpret the government’s behavior against all religious groups as a form of control and heading off any form of potential insurrection against the government.

This Muslim woman speaks about the torture of Chinese Muslims and what they are experiencing under their government.

These are believed to be interment camps that is being used to imprison their Chinese Muslims. The reports are that China was trying to cover this up.

FINAL THOUGHT: There is so much more on this subject that you can research on your own. The Chinese government’s crack down on religion appears to be so that all of its citizens are loyal to the state and not one’s own particular deity. It is a matter of control. Faith is a very personal matter and should be respected no matter who or what you are. I have no doubt that there are other religious groups being persecuted not only in China but throughout the world. It is sad, that not only is there a war among faiths, it is apparent that there is a war against faith, yours included.

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