Religion: War Against Faith 2

This is a continuation on the series, “Religion: War Against Faith.” In this segment we will focus primarily on just a portion of the issues that has been brought up by Brigitte Gabriel, who is the founder and CEO of ACT for America. She was born in Lebanon and immigrated to America at an early age. She and her family had experienced the horrors of terrorist attacks against them because of their Christian faith. She is very passionate about what she perceives to be a threat against those who practice their Judeo-Christian faiths. She has dedicated her life to making Americans more aware of those activities both subtly and overtly that is being launched against our freedoms. I have included in the final video a presentation by a Muslim woman who gives a balance to subject that counters the narrative that Muslims are the problem. She tells the audience that Muslims are peaceful people and normal America loving citizens.

This is Brigitte Gabriel, Christian, author and Activist. She is the founder and CEO of ACT for America, an organization that promotes the security of American freedoms, and is a trumpet that alarms the American and Judeo-Christian communities to wake up and defend your rights and faiths. In this video, she speaks about her experience and discusses her understanding of Islamic ideology and how it effects them. Ms. Gabriel is a must watch.

The discussion of “Is Muslims the Problem?” There is one young Muslim woman that questions this issue with this panel and she receives responses from the panel expressing their concern. Ms. Gabriel in a spirited manner addressed the question that the young Muslim woman asked to the panel. In short Ms. Gabriel believed that even though the majority of that faith are peaceful and not radical it is the small majority that colors the image of the entire group. She give examples of the same principle with the Chinese and the Germans. It’s a must watch.

Brigitte Gabriel, Christian, Author, Speaker, and Activist. She was born and raised in Lebanon and she experienced a number of horrible attacks by extremist that threatened the life of her and her family. In the recounting of this particular story she points out a basic truth about the Godly nature of the Israeli people. The Jewish people in Israel even though they are surrounded by their enemies that are trying to kill them, they will still extend themselves to help others, even those who maybe their enemies.

Brigitte Gabriel, as a guest on the Huckabee show, discusses her understanding of attacks against Americans. She says that the Leftist and the radical Muslims have come together against America. Ms. Gabriel talks about illegal immigrants and the law. She also discusses her book RISE.

This video does not contain Ms. Gabriel, however, in the interest of balance, I am including this video by Dalia Mogahed, a Muslim woman. She tries to tell the audience that Muslims are “normal” Americans just like everyone else. She wanted to put Americans at ease about what the average Muslim is all about.

Final thoughts: It appears that there is a general agreement among the experts that at least 75% of Muslims in this world are gentle peace loving people. That means that approximately 15-25% are considered radicalized. It would be helpful to the Muslim community if the 75% spoke up and took a stand to defend their peaceful image and denounce terrorism. Because whether rightly or wrongly, good or bad regarding anything, we all run the risk of having our entire group to be judged by the actions of a small few. All of the Muslims that I know personally are wonderful peace loving people. There are Interfaith groups that include Muslims that are actively trying to build bridges between the faiths. What are your thoughts an opinion regarding this subject?