U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments

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If you ask the average native born American to tell you about the type of government that we have in this country, they are likely to tell you that it is a democratic form of government. They would technically be wrong, because America is a Republic (Democracy vs. Republic). America is governed by the Rule of Law which in short means that we are ultimately governed by the U.S. Constitution which structures everything that we do as a nation. It’s a rubric that functions like a river bank. It’s not the river but it gently guides the direction that the river flows.

This link will take you to the official US Constitution (Link) website. There you can read the full Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Amendments. It is vitally important that every American at least read the Constitution and keep a copy where you can have easy access for reference. There are some mobile apps that will give you this information to keep on your phone. Why? Because you need to know your rights under the law.

For those of us who do not know or quite understand, the Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments of the Constitution. Now please understand that the purpose of this post is not to give you the specific details of the Constitution, you should do that yourself, but it is to give you the Spirit and purpose of the Constitution. You need to know and understand what the Constitution is all about. It was developed for YOUR PROTECTION. You need to know when a politician is espousing and proposing changes to the law or policy that is contrary to the Constitution which would be a violation of your personal rights. You also need to know if some public servant proceeded to treat you in a manner that violates your rights. The person that knows and understands their rights under the Constitution is a dangerous threat to those who wish to violate you and your rights. Those who aren’t familiar with their legal rights are vulnerable and are unwitting victims of predators in high places, therefore, make certain that you know your rights. If you think that you don’t have time, think again. You need to make an investment in yourself.

This is a very short video that explains the Rule of Law as it relates to America. When you understand the Spirit of the Rule of Law then you will be able to appreciate even more so the Constitution itself. The Constitution is the foundation that governs your protections and responsibilities under the law. It is the one document that is designed to stop any government official from arbitrarily violating your civil rights. I hope to share with you soon the dangers of the Patriot Act which was quickly ushered in under the George W. Bush administration. It was designed to circumvent some of your rights that was guaranteed under the law in the name of protecting the country from terrorism.

In this short video, the professor discusses the Rule of Law as it relates to the United Kingdom. You will note that the principles and structures of it compares very strongly with the United States principles, but also note that we have a congress and they have a parliament. Near the end of the video the professor briefly notes that because of the UK’s membership in the European Union, there are some exceptions where an individuals’s human rights may be put aside. It’s these notable exceptions that should have the average American embracing the freedoms that they currently have without the exceptions and to be willing to fight to maintain those freedoms.

Having a copy of the Constitution is good but also understanding it is even better. This very short video summarizes some of the key points of the US Constitution.

Richard Dreyfuss, Actor and Civic Rights Activist, shares his thoughts on where America has been and where it’s going regarding the presence and the lack of presence of Civics within our American educational system. In the early days of our nation’s history, America was a nation that required its students to know the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and those things that gave America its identity. He believes (from another video) that we stopped teaching these things back in the 1970’s and as a result, the educational systems have “dumbed down” the knowledge that helps Americans to know who they are in relation to the world.

School House Rock’s Preamble of the Constitution was my absolute favorite. I remember watching it on Saturday morning’s along with the kids, and it caused me to go and take a closer look at the Preamble itself. When I actually read it and was looking at the founder’s intent to provide a document to establish and safeguard our nation’s personal freedoms I gained a whole new respect for each and every one of the signers of the Constitution. I heard it said, that after the Constitution was signed, someone asked Benjamin Franklin what sort of government do we have now? He reportedly said, “a Republic, if we can keep it.”

Now with the onset of the New World Order (also known as Globalist), and the powers that be within this nation and without that want to take it away these rights from us and turn America into a socialist state, it is up to us now to step up and fight to preserve our Republic. Our battlefront is not overseas, it is right here within our borders and the enemy is right here within our midst, hiding as fake news, Hollywood actors, and Left wing politicians. Don’t believe me? Do your homework and look at the laws that were passed under the previous administrations. Then look at what they’ve said and what they’ve done. Their actions have blatantly violated the spirit of the well-being of their constituents.

You don’t have to be a Christian to be an American (obviously), but you cannot deny that it is the Bible that is responsible for contributing to the DNA of our Constitution that provides the many freedoms that all Americans enjoy. This video gives us some insights into the Spirit of our Constitution.

A great resource to understand the Constitution, American history and all things regarding America that you would like to know, can be found on the website Wallbuilders.com with David Barton.

In my humble opinion…what do you think?