Blexit: Blacks Exiting The Democratic Party


Many of us know about the #WalkAway movement, which is the mass exodus of former Democrats that looked around and decided even if they may not become Republicans that they could not any longer support the Democratic Party. That number have now reached hundreds of thousands and growing.

Now we see a new movement called #Blexit which is a movement of Blacks who have done virtually the same thing as those of the #Walkaway movement. They looked around and noticed the party that they believed to be their supporter, only to see that their Democratic party have now openly shown what they truly are and have been since its inception, a party of racist, fascist, bigots, socialist, communist, Nazi’s, liars, scammers, treasonous traitors, xenophobes, atheists and people with no moral compass that allows them to harm innocent people without a conscious. These revelations have taken the shine off of their star.

Candace Owens is the founder of the #Blexit movement. This video shares some of her thinking centered on it. This Fox News article of October 29th, 2018 also shares more on the #Blexit movement.


The Left has promoted the narrative that Blacks should see themselves as victims and not victors. “You don’t have to work because we will give you welfare…you don’t have to excel because we will give you affirmative action.” This placates them in the victim roll and supports the beliefs that Blacks no longer have to think for themselves because White Democrats will do it for them. Blacks have put their unwarranted trust in the Democratic Party while not bothering to look into their racist and treacherous history. Blacks have been taught to believe that because President LBJ gave them welfare and promoted the War on Poverty that he and the Democrats cared about them when all he and the rest of the Democratic Party wanted was their votes while destroying the family unit and encouraging limited financial and social mobility.

It was contributed to Abraham Lincoln as once saying, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” In saying this, we know that many Blacks have been fooled by the Democrats machine for some many years. However, because not all Blacks will be fooled by the Democrats is the reason why the brilliant young minds such as Candace Owens and a number of other young up and coming Blacks are showing that they are not being fooled. They have decided to stand for truth, justice and yes, the American way. Therefore, in order to do that they had to leave the Democratic Plantation and accept the attacks of those from their own race and communities.

Many Blacks who have stepped away from the Democratic Left have also realized that they can now have a more prosperous future for themselves and their people if they leave the oppressive norms of the Democrats. In fact, history is proof that Black families and communities were doing very well (or at least better) before President LBJ and the Democratic Party’s implementation of the welfare system which have caused the Black family unit to implode.

Rapper Kanye West created T-shirts to urge Blacks to leave the Democratic Party. He was highly regarded by the young Black community until he made his support of President Trump known. Now he has been vilified and called mentally ill for leaving the plantation.

Not to be out done, the Left created a skit on Saturday Night Live to meme and make fun of Kanye West. This is a link of a Fox News article that shows their attack on the rapper. The message that you get from the Left Wing is a warning that makes it very clear, “IF YOU SPEAK OUT AGAINST US AND OUR POSITION THEN WE WILL ATTACK YOU BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!”

The Left has gotten their constituency to harass and physically threaten Conservatives and Blacks who support President Trump. In this video a former employee of the Cheesecake Factory speaks out on his experience of harassment towards him and his family by former co-workers.

A MUST MUST MUST WATCH: The #Blexit movement’s moniker is that it is a Black exit movement however; it also includes Latinos and members of the LBGTQIA and Whites at the very least who see the false narratives that the Left is espousing and how they’ve been lied to for so many years. Again, please note that many of these individuals are the young people who aren’t predisposed to believe that the Democrats are for us and they can compare apples with apples. It is the younger generation that is stepping out and making a concerted effort to save this nation from the horror of a pro-globalist, communist, socialist, freedom squashing Left winged movement. Why are they doing this? Because they long for the truth and secondly, they understand that they have to save a country that they are inheriting.

Another example of a young Black man who is intelligent and observant came to the conclusion that the Democratic Left was not working for the best interest of Blacks in America. He understood that former President Barack Obama was not working for Blacks and was a lie. He has #Blexited the Democratic Party. He represents millions of Blacks who have now had their eyes opened to the truth and left the Left and is now supporting President Trump because he is placing Americans, ALL Americans first. He also gives a nice message to Al Sharpton (aka) a race hustler.


There are many who are on the Left that have tried to find fault with the #Blexit movement and anyone Black who decided to leave the Democratic Party for any reason. Not only do they find fault, they have committed themselves to intimidate, attack and victimize any Black, Latino and anyone of the LBGTQUIA communities that would even dare to say that they are not in support of their Left Winged agenda. Their modus operandi is to win through intimidation and physical threats. What they are likely to find is that somewhere along the line, the Right particularly those of color will start to fight back, meeting power with power, and force with force. That would be unfortunate for things to get to that point but it appears that the Left has left everyone with no other choice.

This mass exodus along with the #WalkAway movement is growing exponentially. That is a big part (but not the only part) of the reason why the Democratic Party is for open borders and is pushing for those who are in this country illegally to have the ability to vote. That is why the Democrats are baiting those who are here illegally and have been illegally registered to vote with the promise of free healthcare and sanctuary status. They need the votes.

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