State of the Union: 2020

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(Start at the 35:00 minute mark for the actual speech). I like listening to the State of the Union address done by every president because it gives me an opportunity to hear the highlights of what each president is reporting about what they’ve done over the past twelve months. When they report “facts” it gives me a foundation upon which I can start to research these facts and see for myself how true they are. I compare these facts with their promises made during their run for this office to see how many they’ve actually kept or tried to keep and maybe those whom they’ve never even intended to keep. It gives me an insight into the personal and professional integrity of the person.

I can also get a sense of any potential future plans that I can keep my eyes on to see what to expect. In an election year it becomes the new promise to keep my eyes on.

I am also interested to see those whom the president presents a personal story of triumph out of tragedy; those individuals who are special guests of the president and they sit in the gallery and when their time comes they stand and the hall of congress out of courtesy stand and applaud for these individuals. I am also curious to watch those on the other side of the aisle of the president to see their reactions and even more the Speaker of the House since s/he is sitting directly behind the president. What caught my attention this time was that Speaker Pelosi did not stand or applaud for some of the guests who were being honored. I understand there are political differences but sometimes it is just polite to say “please” and “thank you” for some things in life. We say “good morning” when we greet someone not because you like them or even want to know if they’ve had a good morning but because it’s just common courtesy. Playing with the microphone while the president is speaking (things that my two year old would do), and ripping up the president’s speech afterward made me shake my head in disbelief. Things like this give us an insight into the quality of person and persons that are making life changing decisions regarding you and me.


It is the tradition that the party that is not occupying the White House after having heard the president’s State of the Union address is given the opportunity to address the nation with their response to that address as a matter of “equal time.” Usually, and it’s no surprise that the responding party almost always adopts the opposite position to the president, especially during an election year. No one wants to give the sitting president credit for accomplishments made. This response is no different.


The State of the Union Address (IMO) is always important to watch as I’ve mentioned above because you can undertake your own fact finding research to see if that president is an honorable leader or not. When you watch the response of the other party you can see the political game playing…and you can see it here.

IMHO!!! This is my opinion, please share yours below.

DISCLAIMER: This posting is to present one view point regarding the subject matter. It is to encourage you to continue your own research and please contribute to the conversation.